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How to get affordable Alaska auto insurance quotes?

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  • Xavier Sabastian
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There are a few items that are relevant to know about Alaska auto insurance quotes. First, while car insurance is required in developed regions of the state, there are areas excluded from registration and compulsory insurance. These are areas with few roads and restricted access to the rest of the country. And if you live in one of these places, you should consider buying an insurance policy to protect yourself in the event of an accident.

Alaska auto insurance quotes

At Way.com, we ranked the cheapest car insurance in Alaska based on average annual premiums for comprehensive and accident coverage. However, these car insurance quotes can differ depending on the particular factors involved. To find the most acceptable car insurance quotes, drivers will have to compare car insurance quotes from various best car insurance companies. Another essential aspect to remember is Alaska minimum car insurance quotes are applied. These caps are also written down as 50/100/25, which applies to the amount of liability insurance that you need to carry to drive legally.

Getting cheap car insurance in Alaska is not a very difficult experience. The best car insurance companies in Alaska offer very low premiums. Although the national average for minimum coverage policy is $563 a year, Alaska’s average is $340. A full-service policy with comprehensive coverage and collision coverage would cost an average of $1434. Our analysis of the top auto insurance providers in Alaska found that State Farm had the most competitive premiums. Drivers pay an average of $334 a year or $28 per month for minimum coverage.¬†

The best car insurance in Alaska might not be the cheapest option for you. Our analysis of the best car insurance companies in Alaska found that State Farm had the most competitive premiums. Drivers pay an average of $334 a year or $28 per month for minimum coverage.

Compare car insurance quotes from at least three of the best car insurance companies to make sure you get a fair offer. State Farm provided the best deals for minimum liability insurance to Alaska drivers. The national average for minimum liability is $491 a year, but State Farm has quoted our sample driver with an average annual premium of $334. This makes State Farm prices 32 percent cheaper than the average.

However, whether you’re in the military or part of a military family, you’re eligible for cheaper USAA auto insurance. Minimum USAA coverage costs only $6 more per year than the State Farm and 31 percent less than the state average.

Best car insurance companies in Alaska  

As a car owner, you’ve probably already been bombed by ads from several top car insurance firms. It can be challenging to select, or even to consider, how various all these organizations are. We selected the best car insurance companies in Alaska.

  • Allstate: Allstate provides its customers a comprehensive list of coverage plans and discounts. What sets Allstate apart is the company’s promotion of industry-wide automotive safety features.
  • State Farm: State Farm is recognized as one of the major insurance companies in the United States. With State Farm, you are likely to receive a wide range of compensation options, including injury forgiveness, ride-away coverage, and even medical payments.
  • Hartford: Hartford is known for its package insurance plans, where consumers can save up to 10% on car insurance by bundling their home insurance coverage.

Find the best Alaska auto insurance quotes  

Looking for auto insurance, seeking an affordable alternative is probably one of your top priorities. The cheapest car insurance Alaska has for you can vary based on your particular needs and your driver’s background. We searched through Alaska’s top auto insurance companies to show you how they can have the best car insurance in some particular cases.

Cheap Alaska auto insurance quotes for low-credit drivers: State Farm   

It is legal for businesses in Alaska to use your credit score to calculate prices, but you still need to be told in writing that your credit score is being used. State Farm had the lowest overall premium for drivers with a poor credit score of $891. 

Cheap Alaska auto insurance quotes for good drivers: State Farm   

If you haven’t had any injuries, insurance firms will give you a lower premium because you’re statistically a safer driver than someone who has had accidents while driving. State Farm has the lowest overall insurance rate for drivers with a clean record with an average premium of $905.

Cheap Alaska auto insurance for drivers with accident history: State Farm  

If you’ve been in several accidents, you may be considered a high-risk driver by auto insurance companies. Accidents that factor into this include anything that’s deemed your fault or situations of reckless driving. Unfortunately, this means that your options will usually be higher premium quotes. quotes vary depending on the type of accident or ticket that’s on your record: speeding, DUI, at-fault accidents, and racing all have different effects on your premium. With one accident, State Farm was the cheapest option with an average premium of $1069.

Alaska auto insurance quotes

Car insurance quotes vary widely from person to person and often vary by state. Compared to all other jurisdictions, Alaska’s automobile insurance premiums are more mid-level. They’re not going to break the bank, but they’re not the cheapest either.¬†


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