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How to get car insurance quotes

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Obtaining a car insurance quote that fits your budget can be quite an ordeal. However, knowing a few tips and tricks can help you find the best car insurance from top-rated insurance companies in your state. Read on to know more about how to get car insurance quotes. 

How to get car insurance quotes?

You can get car insurance quotes online or over the phone, or from an independent agent or insurance broker. You can also visit websites that provide comparison tools that show you different prices from different providers. 


Are car insurance quotes accurate?

These prices aren’t accurate, it just gives you an idea of a pricing range for your exact case. If you want precise information, then you have to go directly to an insurer’s website and make a request. The more information you’ll provide to the insurer, the more accurate the quotes will be. So don’t rush, take your time, be accurate with the information you provide, and your final price will be close to the quote you got.  

how to shop for car insurance

What Information do I need to provide to get an insurance quote? 

If you already have a car insurance policy, you may want to have the declarations page in front of you when you request a quote from another company. That page will likely include information you’ll need to provide to get a car insurance quote. For instance, you may be asked for: 

  • The make, model, and vehicle identification number for each car you need to insure. 
  • The names of the drivers covered by the policy. 
  • Your current coverages and limits. 
  • Personal information. This may include the dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and driver’s license numbers for each family member who will be on the policy. 
  • Driving history. This is an overview of any past tickets or auto accidents incurred by family members you want to cover on the policy. 
  • More background. Your agent may ask whether you rent or own your home, and a bit about your assets and income. This information can be helpful as you choose your liability coverage limits. 
  • Whether or not you own a home

auto insurance

How do insurers calculate car insurance quotes?

Typically, insurers have their own unique formula to calculate a car insurance quote, so even if you provide the same information to Progressive or any other company, no two quotes will be the same. The more auto insurance quotes you get, the better chance you’ll have of finding the cheapest car insurance company for your needs. 

The types of coverage you choose and the limits and deductibles you select for each type of coverage will play a role in the cost of an insurance policy. 

What should I look out for when searching for quotes?

  • Look into car insurance companies’ complaint records and customer satisfaction. Auto insurance reviews are a good place to start. 
  • Get at least three car insurance quotes online or from an agent so you can evaluate whether you’re getting a good price for the coverage you want. Every quote will require different information from you: some insurers might only ask a few main questions like age, accident history, and vehicle specifications, whereas others will be more meticulous. 
  • Understand coverage limits. When comparing quotes, check that each policy has comparable liability limits and deductibles.

Getting quotes online is the easiest way to get a free quote on auto insurance.

car insurance quotes

Pros of getting quotes on car insurance online include: 

  • Convenience and relaxed, no-pressure experience. 
  • Easy to compare the same quotes with different competitors 
  • Ability to see different quotes and policy details 

Cons of getting quotes on car insurance online include: 

  • The final quote might be different from the quote you’ll receive from the agent 
  • You won’t find the answers to all your questions, where the agent will provide you with the detailed insights

What do I need to know about insurance agents?

In general, there are two types of insurance agents that can help you obtain car insurance quotes. They are as follows: 

Captive agents

You can get a quote from a captive agent. Captive agents usually work with a specific insurance company like Allstate, State Farm, or Farmers Insurance. The agents provide you with the best quote, and in return, they earn a commission from a sale.  


  • They determine the best coverage you need 
  • Helping with complex needs like family coverage plans 


  • The satisfaction level is usually lower, based on experience 
  • Options regarding insurance providers are limited 
  • Captive agents try to upsell to get a higher commission

Independent agents/brokers

Independent agents work with multiple insurers and offer a variety of options and services. Those agents also work for a commission and tend to provide excellent customer service, which may obviously lead to more expensive policies.  


  • These agents explain in detail how the industry works and help to compare different companies 
  • You’ll receive a personalized advice 


  • Independent agents or brokers charge fees 
  • Won’t quote policies that use captive agents 


Will car insurance quotes affect your credit score? 

A better credit score is considered a lower risk, so the quotes for car insurance will be lower. A high credit score equals lower risk, and that means lower rates. When car insurance companies pull your credit score for a quote, it’s what’s known as a “soft inquiry.” “Soft inquiries” will show up on your personal credit report, but they won’t affect your credit score or show up to lenders. “Hard inquiries” are those which affect your credit score, which happens when you’re applying for a new credit card or a loan. So, no worries about getting car insurance quotes since they won’t affect your credit score in any way.  

Let’s summarize: here is what you need to do to get your car insurance quote:  

  1. Find out your state’s minimum insurance requirements.
  2. Consider your own financial situation in relation to the required insurance and consider whether you need to increase your limits to protect your assets.
  3. Review your driving record, and whether you have any outstanding tickets or points on your driver’s license.
  4. Learn how much you’re paying right now for your coverage.
  5. Get several quotes from insurance websites or companies to compare which one is the best for you.
  6. Ask for discounts.
  7. Evaluate the reliability of the insurance companies you’re considering: visit your state’s insurance department website, check the reviews about the company, ask your friends if they could recommend you to someone.
  8. Review the policy before finalizing it.
  9. Don’t forget to cancel your old policy.

car insurance quotes

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