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How to Get from Newark Airport to Manhattan

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So, you’re going to land at Newark Airport and need a quick and easy way to get to Manhattan. Is that right? Of course, it is -that’s why you just googled ‘how to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan. Well, aren’t you lucky – we can certainly help!

How do I get from Newark Airport to Manhattan?

Getting from Newark Airport to Manhattan can seem bewildering, especially if you aren’t familiar with New York. First things first – Newark Airport is not in New York! In fact, Newark Liberty International Airport, or EWR, is in New Jersey! However, the airport is a stone’s throw away from Manhattan across the Hudson River. You can get to most sections of the city just as quickly, if not quicker, than if you were flying into JFK or LaGuardia Airport.

Newark Airport

Let’s get down to giving you all the info you’ll need to help you figure out the best way to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan. You can compare all of the ways to get from Newark to New York City and choose the option that makes the most sense for you, your fellow travelers, and, more importantly, your budget.

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How far is Newark Airport from Manhattan?

Newark Airport is around 17-19 miles from Manhattan’s central business district, depending on the route you take.

How long does it take to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan?

Depending on the day and time you arrive and the mode of transportation you pick, the trip from EWR to Manhattan can take from half an hour to well over an hour.

How to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan

Choosing the best mode of transportation that suits your needs, travel style, and budget might make all the difference between arriving at your destination exhausted or not. So, make sure to choose wisely from the options below.

Hop on to a Newark Airport bus

You can find several express buses that go from EWR to Manhattan and the other way around. The Newark Airport Express is one such bus. It picks up passengers at each terminal and drops them off at Times Square, Bryant Park, or Grand Central Terminal. It is not the cheapest way to get to Manhattan (it’s more expensive than riding the train). Still, the several stops mean you can get dropped off pretty close to where you need to go in Manhattan. A one-way ticket on this Newark Airport Express costs around $18.50 for an adult.

Newark Airport Express bus to Manhattan

Buses run from 4 a.m. to 1 a.m. and leave every 15 minutes, except very early in the morning and late at night when it runs every 30 minutes. This makes these buses an easy option to get to the airport.   

 Midtown Manhattan stops

  •  Grand Central Terminal (41st Street between Park & Lexington Avenues) 
  • Port Authority Bus Terminal (42nd Street and 5th Avenue)  
  • Bryant Park (41st Street between 8th and 9th Avenues) 

Cost (one-way): Adults pay $16, kids ages 5 to 11 pay $5, and kids under five ride for free. 12–16-year-olds pay $10.   

Depending on traffic, an airport bus trip from Newark Airport to Manhattan will take 45–60 minutes.  


It’s cheap, so it’s a good idea for people on a tight budget. Especially helpful for people staying in Midtown. 


The buses often run late, and the trip into New York City could take up to or just over an hour due to traffic. 

Newark to Manhattan by Airtrain


New Yorkers will swear that this is the best and cheapest way to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan. We’re inclined to agree that the AirTrain is the cheapest way to travel from Newark Airport to Manhattan, but keep in mind that there’s a lot of walking and transfers. Not so ideal if you’re hauling a lot of luggage, traveling with small kids, or are a senior.

You can travel by train from Newark International Airport and Manhattan via the Airtrain and New Jersey Transit for as little as $12.50 per person. Take the Airtrain from your arrival port to Airtrain Station, where you can board a New Jersey Transit train to get down at New York’s Penn Station 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please remember that the NJ Transit train does not run between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. every night.

Depending on the location of your hotel, you can take a cab, Uber, subway, bus, or even walk there.

Cost: Adults pay $15.50; children, seniors, and people with disabilities pay $11.50. 

A trip from EWR Airport to Manhattan by AirTrain usually takes 30 minutes 


Trains come often, and this is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to get there.  The train will take you to Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan, which is at 32nd Street and 7th Avenue. From there, you can take a taxi or switch to the subway to get to your destination.   


You will have to carry or drag your bags around quite a bit, which can be hard for people with a lot of luggage. 

Travel from Newark to Manhattan by shuttle

If you want to save money but don’t want to deal with the trouble of figuring out the bus or train, the Go Airlink NYC shuttle is an easy way to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan. Go Airlink NYC is an approved partner of the New York and New Jersey Port Authorities. Shuttles can be reserved in advance, and your driver will track your flight and wait if it is delayed.

Cost: The Airlink NYC shuttle costs it costs $21 one-way.

The travel time on a shuttle from EWR to Manhattan varies. For example, if there are 11 people in a full van, you could be the first or last person dropped off. 


It is more convenient than a taxi and costs much less. 


It could be time-consuming. Expect to wait for a while at the airport until there are enough passengers for a mostly full van. 

Get a taxi or book an Uber/Lyft

If this is your first trip to the Big Apple, a taxi, private car, or rideshare is indisputably the most convenient method to get from Newark Airport to NYC. All EWR terminals feature a taxi stand.

A taxi from Newark to Manhattan can cost between $50 and $75, not including tolls and other extra costs. Uber/Lyft prices vary according to the time of day, demand, and type of ride you choose.

Uber or Lyft from EWR to Manhattan

Another option is pre-arranging a car service, which can help you avoid long lines at taxi stands. This could be a convenient option if you’re traveling with a family or a group of more than four individuals and require a larger vehicle. However, this is also the most expensive mode of transport.


You can get dropped off close to your destination, and you won’t need to wait around for too long.


You may have to pay more than anticipated thanks to surge pricing and NYC’s infamous traffic snarls.

Book an EWR Airport parking spot and drive down

This one is for native New Yorkers. If you own a car, the best option is to book an affordable parking spot near Newark Airport and park your car there. When you return from your travels, your car will be waiting to take you back to Manhattan. No waiting around for cabs or shuddering at surge pricing. We recommend this option if you’re traveling with loads of luggage or with small children. Book your EWR parking spot online, and you’ll find spots as low as $10/day.


You can travel with as much luggage as you want and at your convenience. Ideal if you are traveling as a large group, with children and senior citizens. The only cost factors are parking costs and gas.


You may end up paying pretty steep EWR parking fees if you don’t book ahead.

If you’re driving to Newark Airport, here are 5 ideas for hassle-free EWR Airport parking

So, there you have it – all your options for getting from Newark Airport o Manhattan. Make your choice wisely based on your travel budget and your preferences.

How much does it cost to get from EWR Airport to Manhattan?

Trainfrom $1540-45 minutes
Busfrom $2040–60 minutes
Carfrom $5530–50 minutes
Shuttlefrom $2845–60 minutes

What is the fastest way to get from EWR Airport to Manhattan?

The fastest way to get from EWR Airport to Manhattan is by car. So hiring a private car or a taxi is the fastest and easiest way to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan.

What is the cheapest way to get from EWR Airport to Manhattan?

The cheapest way to reach New York City is by taking an AirTrain from Newark Airport to Midtown. They run frequently and get you to your destination pretty quickly. Therefore, they are more convenient than public transportation from JFK or LaGuardia airports.

The AirTrain may pick you up at the terminal and drop you off at the Newark Airport rail station, all located within 10 minutes. Less than half an hour later, you’ll arrive at Penn Station in New York City after taking an NJ Transit train from that station.

How long is the subway ride from Newark to Manhattan? 

The subway ride from Newark to Manhattan takes around 22-30 minutes.  

Are there shuttles from Newark Airport to Manhattan? 

Several companies offer shuttles from Newark Airport to Manhattan. These include Airlink New York, Carmel Super Saver, and ETS Air Shuttle.  

Is Newark or JFK better for Manhattan? 

If you want to go to the west side of Manhattan, it will be much easier to get there from Newark Airport than from JFK. But if you drive into Manhattan, you must pay a toll to use the bridges. 

How much do you tip a cab from Newark to Manhattan? 

Tipping the cab driver 15–20 percent of the total fee is standard for a trip from Newark to Manhattan.  

Can I Uber from Newark Airport to Manhattan? 

Yes, you can. It will cost you approximately $55, excluding toll fees and surcharges.  

Is there a flat rate from EWR Airport to Manhattan?

There is no flat rate to or from Newark. The meter fare from Newark to Midtown Manhattan is over $50. Remember, you’ll need to pay a $17.50 premium for a trip to EWR.

What part of Manhattan has the best nightlife?

The East Village probably has the best nightlife in not just Manhattan but all of NYC. The pubs and restaurants here are pretty awesome. You’ll also find cocktail lounges, speakeasies, dive bars, and unique karaoke bars. Not just that, the crowds are pretty eclectic, and you’ll be sure to have a good time.

The Lower East Side is also a pretty cool hangout area. It offers plenty of shopping, dining, and partying. The area also has several pubs and taverns, late-night comedy clubs, tattoo parlors, and a handful of art galleries.

When’s the best time to travel to Manhattan?

It’s best to avoid driving or taking a cab into the city during weekday mornings and early nights when hundreds of thousands of New Jersey residents are making their way into and out of the city. Since fares for taxis leaving the airport are metered, getting caught in rush-hour traffic will increase your fare.

There is an additional fare for taking a cab from New Jersey into New York City between the hours of 12 and 8 p.m. on weekdays, weeknights, and weekends. However, under new suggestions for congestion pricing, you may have to pay more whenever you drive.

How can I stay in Manhattan for cheap?

There are hotels to suit every traveler’s needs and price range in the Midtown Manhattan area of New York City, making it the ideal location for first-time tourists.

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