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How to get great Williamsburg parking spots

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 3 minutes

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If you want to eat at some hip cafes and visit some artsy places, Williamsburg hits all the right spots! However, it’s not easy getting Williamsburg parking. Let us do all the work for you – just go online and book a contactless NYC parking spot using Way.com! 

Located in Brooklyn, the Williamsburg neighborhood is pretty much where the cool and happening events take place in New York city. Whether you’re a high-culture connoisseur or just a visiting tourist, Williamsburg is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. While you can satisfy your artsy tastes by going through the contemporary art scene, music fans can vibe in the indie music scene that has long thrived here. 

williamsburg parking

Over the years, Williamsburg has created a vibrant nightlife culture where anyone can come and enjoy its offerings. In fact, it is known internationally as ‘Little Berlin’ because of its similarity to the cosmopolitan culture of the German capital. Now comes the hard part – in the midst of all this chaos, it’s hard to find convenient Williamsburg parking. Don’t worry though – you can find easy NYC parking using Way.com. But before that, let’s tell you why we’re the best choice! 

Is there on-site Williamsburg parking? 

There’s a lot of hustle and bustle to find an NYC parking garage in Williamsburg. Most establishments and restaurants here will have their own parking garages. However, it isn’t guaranteed that you’ll get a Williamsburg parking spot when you go on an outing. Given the huge number of visitors to the area, it’s likely that you may end up driving around in circles for quite some time before you park! 

You can avoid this hassle by planning a bit beforehand. Using the Way.com website or the Way app, you can pre-book a contactless parking spot for a very affordable rate. 

Is there street parking in Williamsburg? 

williamsburg parking

The easiest places to get Williamsburg parking are along Kent Avenue and Union Avenue. However, you’re more likely to get a spot during daytime. Come night time, when party-goers flock to the neighborhood, parking spots start getting scarce. You could also be unlucky at times because alternate side parking would be implemented, meaning even fewer spots to go around. You can also find free street parking in Williamsburg along certain streets. 

Where can I find off-site Williamsburg parking? 

You needn’t go through all the trouble we mentioned above. We have a simple solution for you – simply pre-book an NYC parking spot in a safe, indoor garage using Way.com. With an extensive network of NYC parking garages, Way.com is your safest bet for finding an easy Williamsburg parking spot. The garages we recommend are all indoor garages, which pass stringent quality and affordability checks. They are also very safe, with 24×7 camera and security. That means you no longer need to come back to your car broken-in, scratched, or dented! Once you use Way.com, it’s likely you won’t feel like using street parking ever again! 

williamsburg parking

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