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How to get the best parking Philadelphia Airport can offer 

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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Anyone who’s taken a flight out of Philadelphia Airport knows how busy it can get. As one of the most important airports on the eastern coast, it serves nearly 30 million passengers annually. It is the airport of choice for flights to Europe, and also serves as an important cargo handling point. No wonder it is easily in the top 20 busiest airports in the country! However, if you’re looking for convenient parking Philadelphia Airport is likely to disappoint you.  

parking philadelphia airport

As a major tourist and commercial hub, many travelers use their own vehicles or rented cars to drive themselves to and from the airport. That is where their parking woes begin. Parking at Philadelphia Airport means a race again time. With many competitors for limited parking spots, you will have to spend quite some time driving around the official lots to find a good spot. Even if you did find one to your liking, it might be expensive!  

Don’t write off finding PHL Airport parking as a lost cause, however. With some simple rules and bits of information, you can find the best parking Philadelphia Airport can offer. Read on to know more! 

1. Know where to find parking at Philadelphia Airport 

Philadelphia Airport parking can be found at three major lots: 

  • Short-term (ground level) 
  • Garage (Upper Level) lot; and  
  • Credit Card lot – Aadvantage® Aviator® Mastercard® cards 

The facilities and rates change based on where you want to park, though in the short-term they are more or less the same. Daily parking at the Garage Lot is the cheapest at $16/day, while daily parking at the Short-term lot is the costliest at $44/day.  

2. Research the rates for parking at Philadelphia Airport 

Rates for parking differ based on whether you want short-term PHL parking of long-term PHL parking.  

 Short-term parking Philadelphia Airport 

Some trips don’t take that long – they typically last within 24 hours. Those are what we call short-term trips.  If you need to park for just a few hours, PHL International Airport has the following short-term lots. 

PHL Airport Parking Lot   PHL Airport Parking Rate 
Short-term Lot  0-0.5 hours – $4 

0.5-1 hours – $6 

1-1.5 hours – $8 

1.5-2 hours – $10 

2-2.5 hours -$12 

2.5 – 3 hours – $15 

3 – 3.5 hours -$17 

3.5 – 4 hours -$24 

Garage Lot  0-0.5 hours – $4 

0.5-1 hours – $6 

1-1.5 hours – $8 

1.5-2 hours – $10 

2-2.5 hours -$12 

2.5 – 3 hours – $15 

3 – 3.5 hours -$17 

3.5 – 4 hours -$24 

Credit Card lot  0-0.5 hours – $3 

0.5-1 hour – $5 

1 – 1.5 hours – $6 

1.5 – 2 hours – $8 

2 – 2.5 hours – $10 

2.5 – 3 hours – $12 

3 – 3.5 hours – $14 

3.5 – 4 hours – $19 


parking philadelphia airport

Long-term parking Philadelphia Airport 

Some trips require you to be away for longer. It could last anywhere between 3 days to a week. In that case, we suggest researching long-term PHL parking spots.  

PHL Parking Lot   PHL Parking Rate 
Short-term lot  $44/day 
Garage Lot  $24/day 
Credit Card lot 



3. Check for cheaper off-site options for
parking near Philadelphia Airport 

On-site parking at Philadelphia Airport comes with a price. Often, this high price can leave your wallet pretty light. Wouldn’t it be better if you could get the same convenience at cheaper rates? 

Off-site parking near Philadelphia Airport is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only can you access 60% discounted rates, but also take advantage of added benefits like complimentary shuttle, car wash and more! Just look at how much money you will be saving. While PHL on-site parking rates start at $24/day, off-site PHL lots have rates as low as $5/day!  

Using Way.com or the Way app, you can get access to these cheap parking lots in minutes and make a contactless booking. Parking at Philadelphia Airport will be an absolute steal! 

How early should I leave to reach Philadelphia Airport in time? 

Philadelphia Airport is 11 miles from downtown Philadelphia. Without any delays, the journey will likely take you 20-30 minutes. However, always factor in some time for possible delays like traffic diversions or rush hour traffic. Leave for the airport a good one before check-in time to be safe. 

Philadelphia Airport Travel Tips 

  • Philadelphia Airport address: 8000 Essington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153, United States 
  • You can get parking coupons for parking at PHL Airport through sites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Ebates. 
  • Customers may call the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) Airport Operations Division at 215-683-9840 for any parking-related issues. 

Book your airport parking ahead of time with Way online or use our iOS and Android apps now!

parking philadelphia airport

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