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How to get the best spots for Oracle Park parking in San Francisco 

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  • Renee Martin
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Tired of driving up to Oracle Park in San Francisco and seeing ‘Parking Full’ signs? What about driving in circles looking for those elusive street parking spots? Well, there’s an easier way of knocking it out of the park with Oracle Park parking! Here are our simple pointers to nab affordable spots near your favorite baseball stadium.

Home to the San Francisco (SF) Giants, every game at Oracle Park is an exciting affair. It’s easily one of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) most iconic locations where the SF Giants have played some of their most memorable and electrifying games. A day at Oracle Park is a trip for the entire family, and it would be best if your mood wasn’t spoilt by the lack of convenient Oracle Park parking. As any true fan has the experience, it’s not an easy affair to get parking at the stadium – unless you’re really, really early!

Despite many on-site Oracle Park parking lots, you might hit a few niggles here and there. In the event that you don’t get a spot, there are other easy alternatives nearby – some that offer more value than official parking. Here’s everything you need to know about parking at Oracle Park with backup plans to boot!


Is there on-site Oracle Park parking?

Yes, Oracle Park has several designated garages just across the ballpark and along the Embarcadero. Put together, they have nearly 3500 parking spaces. We’ve listed them below:

  • Lot A/Pier 48 is the closest, located south of Oracle Park at Third Street and Terry A. Francois Street. The lot usually opens three hours before scheduled games and closes an hour after the game.  It has a capacity of 2500, and oversized vehicles and tailgating are allowed. Rate: $40
  • Lot C is located in the Mission Bay neighborhood, just south of Lot A/Pier 48. It has a considerably lesser number of spots, numbering 160. While tailgating is allowed, oversized vehicles cannot be parked here. Parking hours are the same as the other official Oracle Park parking lots. Rate: $40

  • Pier 30/32 is near the intersection of Bryant Street and the Embarcadero, north of the stadium. This lot has 750 parking spots. It opens three hours before the first pitch and closes at 11 p.m. after day games and 2 a.m. after night games. Rate: $35
  • One Bryant/Lot 26 is just across the Embarcadero from Pier 30/32 and has 250 parking spots. Tailgating is allowed in this lot. It opens three hours before the game and closes at 2 a.m. Rate: $35

Some fans feel that paying up to $40 in parking fees for each game is a considerable wallop to the wallet. There are also other issues relating to crowd control you’ll have to deal with at these lots – such as long delays during exiting. If you’d rather avoid such issues, you’d be better off at a nearby off-site garage too.

oracle park parking

Where can you find street parking near Oracle Park?

You can find metered parking near Oracle Park along King Street, Townsend Street, 3rd Street, and most other streets surrounding the ballpark. It will cost you between $1-3 dollars for every two hours of parking, depending on where you park. During special events, the rates can go up to $7 an hour. You can also find free parking nearby with time restrictions. Always check nearby the parking signs near an on-street spot for time limits and parking rates before you leave your vehicle there.

On the other hand, finding on-street Oracle Park parking is easier said than done, because most spots will be snapped up quickly by early visitors. Also, it’s not worth the hassle of time limits and parking regulations – at least not when you’re visiting Oracle Park to have a good time!

Where can you find more affordable parking near Oracle Park?

The good thing is that there’s no dearth of off-site parking garages and lots where you can get better deals! The easiest option is to use a parking app like Way.com to pre-book a spot at a garage of your choice. You’ll find reliable parking for just $2 per hour, with daily parking rates as low as $15.

While you get the advantage of a smooth booking and contactless entry, an added benefit is the savings you’ll make. Off-site parking offers several early-bird discounts and vouchers that can slash your parking rates by up to 50%. You can get 12-hour parking vouchers that cost just $14 – perfect for a day at Oracle Park!

So the next time it’s game night at Oracle Park and you’re looking for reliable parking, don’t make the mistake of street parking or crowded on-site parking. Have a night out to remember by pre-booking off-site, affordable parking near Oracle Park even before you leave home!

oracle park parking

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