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How to get wax off your car windshield

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Are you looking to get rid of the wax that’s deposited on your car’s windshield? Here are different methods you can use to get wax off your car windshield.   

Wax deposits on your car’s windshield are always a headache. It could be because of following improper DIY techniques, or your local car detailer ended up doing a shoddy job. Whatever be the reason, never take them lightly. The wax on your windshield can ruin your visibility and spoil your driving experience. Also, when it comes in contact with your car wipers, it can cause damage. That’s why you should never try to clear it off using the windshield wipers. So, how do you clean it?  We’re letting you know how to get wax off your car windshield in this post. Keep reading to know more.

Wax deposits on car windshield

Use rubbing alcohol  

Rubbing alcohol, also known as isopropyl alcohol, is a strong solution and can help loosen the wax residue off your car. But ensure that you don’t spill on the paint or other car components.   

  1. Fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. You can also dip cotton balls or microfiber cloth into the solution and use it.  
  2. Spray the alcohol on the area you’re going to clean.  
  3. Now, clean the area circular using a dry paper towel. The strong solution would have now loosened the wax.   
  4. Use a glass cleaner to remove the contaminants completely.  
  5. To clean the wiper blades, use the cotton balls dipped in alcohol.  

Use white vinegar 

White vinegar is a great household item you can use to clear off the car wax from your windshield. Follow the steps given below for the best results:   

  1. You can pour the vinegar onto a spray bottle or clean it using vinegar and microfiber towels.
  2. Spray the vinegar onto the area that you want to clean   
  3. Allow it to sit for some time, and wipe to off using paper towels  
  4. Clean the windshield wipers using cotton balls and vinegar  
  5.  Finally, finish cleaning the windshield with a wet towel and rinsing the blades.

Use acetone nail polish remover  

This is the perfect remedy to use if the wax is smeared all over the windshield. It is stronger than vinegar and rubbing alcohol, so don’t spill it on the paint.   

  1. Dip a cotton ball with the polish remover. Don’t soak it.   
  2. Now, use the ball and wipe it over contaminated areas.   
  3. Repeat the process till all wax is dissolved  
  4. Use a glass cleaner to clear off the area.  

Note: Don’t clean the wiper blades with nail polish remover.  

Use Coco-Cola  

Yes, you read that right. Many car owners have tasted (pun totally intended!) success using Coco-Cola because it is a great degreaser. Here’s how you can remove the wax using coke:   

  1. Pour Coco-Cola into a container  
  2. Dip a microfiber cloth into the container  
  3. Using the microfiber cloth, wipe the windshield. Wipe it in a circular motion.   
  4. Once you’re done cleaning the spot. Wipe it off immediately with a dry towel. The glass will turn sticky if you let the coke stay a bit long.  
  5. Now clean the wiper blades using cotton and rubbing alcohol.  
  6. Finally, clean the windshield with the blades and the wiper fluid. 

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