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Expert Advice on How to Get Weed Smell Out of Car

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It’s not a good idea to use marijuana while driving your car, but it doesn’t mean you won’t ever light up when it’s parked. Perhaps you don’t smoke indoors, or the weather prevents smoking outside. Everyone loves a hotbox until you get pulled over, and the cop asks, “Have you been smoking marijuana?” Also, be aware that weed has a persistent smell that could get you in big trouble! 

Weed smoke can embed into car interiors, including the seats, carpet, dashboards, cloth ceilings, and air conditioning units. So, getting high in a car can be exciting but bothersome, ultimately! So, have you used your car to smoke marijuana or stored part of it?  

Before we start, we want to clarify that we absolutely do not encourage you to drive after getting stoned.

But if someone has smoked pot in your car,  and you don’t want to drive around with that smell, you should know how to get the weed smell out of your car! Here’s what you need to do!  

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Why does cannabis have such a strong odor? 

Each cannabis strain has a distinct odor because of the aromatic chemicals called terpenes found in marijuana flowers, the component of the plant you smoke. We use them for various health advantages, yet their primary role is to defend the plants from predators. Terpenes consist of limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene, etc.  

Cannabis can have an odor that is fruity, heavy, calming, earthy, overwhelming, strong, or foul, depending on the major terpenes present. And when you smoke in your car, that stink fills the cabin. 

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How to get weed smell out of your car 


There are many types of weed odor. It depends on how many smoked in the car, how much you used, and what strain you were smoking. Even if you haven’t used it but are simply driving someone who has or has had a stash in your car for a long time, people may still odor it in the car.  

Follow these steps to eliminate the weed smell from your car! 

Open the windows while driving 

At times, opening the windows and leaving them open for as long as you can help when the marijuana smell is very weak. You can test whether the odor will go away by driving about with the windows open if you haven’t been smoking but are simply carrying it in your car. 

Use something more strong to cover the cannabis odor 

The next step is applying a stronger scent to mask the smell of cannabis. Some common methods include car fresheners, strong perfumes, essential oil car diffusers, and spicy foods. However, the perfume and food odors will weaken soon. The weed molecules embed in your car’s upholstery, carpet, dashboard, and air conditioner can last longer. As a result, you may experience the weed odor after a few hours. 

Use a spray to remove the odor 

Try an odor-removing spray when food, perfume, and other methods fail to remove the weed smell. It should eliminate the smell of marijuana. But most sprays contain hazardous chemicals, which is a problem. Many people use Ozium to remove the smell, but it is very toxic and strong. If you decide to use it, it is best to spray it around the car’s interior while wearing gloves, leave the car to let the chemicals work, and then let the car air out for a few hours. 

Because of the toxicity of chemical sprays, some producers have developed plant-based, natural products like Veil and Cannabolish Wintergreen. Although they are not as strong as Ozium, they are simple to use so you can try them. Spray it all over the car’s interior, including the floor mats, air vents, and seats.  

Use odor-absorbing products to eliminate the weed smell 

Some stoners say coffee grounds and baking soda can absorb the weed odor. Sprinkle them on the floors and chairs, let them absorb the odor overnight, then vacuum them up the next day. Since vinegar has a similar ability to absorb odors, you can also spray a solution of vinegar and water over the carpet, dashboard, and seat cushions. Another popular product to remove the cannabis smell is active charcoal. It has no odor, is non-toxic, and may be used in the same way as baking soda to clean the car.  

Thoroughly clean the car’s interior  

Weed odor can stick to the fabric of seats and other surfaces. Natural odor absorbers might be unable to eliminate a strong marijuana odor. Then try these to get rid of the smell from your car! 

  • Clean out the car to clear all trash 
  • Vacuum your car 
  • Use foam upholstery shampoo to clean the cushions, the fabric ceiling, and the floor mats 
  • Use a mixture of half-and-half vinegar and water to clean the dashboard, steering wheel, windows, doors, and other hard surfaces 
  • Take out the air filter, clean it, and place it back  
  • Keep the windows open when parked overnight 
  • Place a fresh air freshener in the car, such as a vent stick, gel freshener, or oil diffuser 

Do you have enough budget to get your car cleaned? Then get a professional’s help! 

Carry or store only tightly sealed weed buds 

Your car will have a weed smell even if you only carry or store it. Always transport the weed buds in bags, jars, or other airtight containers to prevent this. But there isn’t a surety that your car will be free from weed odor.  

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How can you prevent weed smell in your car? 

Prevention is better than cure! So rather than learning how to get the weed smell out of your car, try preventing the smell from sticking to your car’s seats, cushions, or vents. But, as we’re not sure you will stop smoking weed in the car, try these to prevent the odor.  

What to do 

  • The ideal way to achieve this is to refrain from using marijuana while driving. That doesnt mean you cant consume cannabis there; you can do so by vaping or eating edibles. 
  • If you’re a regular pothead, open your car’s windows when you smoke. But it won’t always be practical. 
  • Replace the air filter in your car periodically, at least once every six months, to help keep foul odors of all kinds at bay. 
  • Keep dryer sheets in your car and place them in the specific areas that weed odors typically cling to, such as the gaps in the car cushions. 
  • Use a smell-proof stash box to store weed if you’re transporting it. 
  • Before smoking, use one of the specialized anti-weed-smell sprays as a cautionary measure. Traditional air fresheners don’t work well in eliminating weed odors and are bad for your health as they contain volatile organic chemicals. 

Here’s the info on the best car interior cleaners!

How long does weed smell last in a car? 

Ideally, it can remain up to 30 minutes after you smoke. If you open the windows and provide proper ventilation, the odor will get eliminated in around 40 minutes. But be mindful that the weed smell will stick to your car’s vents, seats, and cushions if you smoke regularly. You will need a thorough cleaning to remove the intense odor it creates. 

The bottom line  

Don’t get stoned in the car unless you are parked and won’t be driving after that. It may be entertaining, but it’s also risky and illegal. Ensure you have everything you need to avoid the weed smell from the car before it gets you into trouble if you plan to get stoned in your car!  

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