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How to Join AAA? Everything You Should Know

  • Auto Insurance
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 5 minutes

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 How to join AAA? Is there a process to follow? Is AAA a good auto insurance provider? What are the benefits of joining AAA? It is always best to know everything about your auto insurance company before opting for their services and coverages. 

If you are planning to join AAA, take time and understand the benefits of joining the company. Often, customers don’t go through their auto insurance company’s list of services and coverages. As a result, they end up paying higher premiums and discontinuing the services too soon. Here’s everything you should know about how to join AAA. 

How to join AAA

The process to join AAA 

AAA is one of the best auto insurance providers. The company is popular for its coverage and the benefits it offers. But what is the process to join AAA? What are the types of memberships you can choose? 

Here’s the process to join AAA: 

Find the nearest branch

Before you join, ensure there is a AAA branch in your area. You can do this by running a search on the official website. The website link will accordingly show you the closest offices in your area. Remember to call the office and inquire about the details you’ll need to produce to take a membership. 

Read through the website

To save some time in finding out how to join AAA, take some time and read through the website. You may find details on ”how to join AAA” by following the link on the official website. Also, get to know the membership types, fees, renewal charges, and how to close the membership. 

Choose your plan wisely

While joining AAA, select the best plan that fits you. Understand each plan’s uniqueness and go for the one most beneficial. Compare each plan or consider taking suggestions from one of your friends to make the right decision. The membership charges may vary from $38 to $164, depending upon your branch and plan. 

Preplan your renewals

Before joining AAA, check out when your policy expires. Consequently, you may upgrade, move to a lower premium plan or close your membership. Nevertheless, make sure to start your new policy only after closing the existing one so that you utilize all its benefits. 

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Which are the best AAA plans? 

Here are the AAA plans and their benefits. Again, the premiums may differ depending on your location and plan. 

Classic plan 

The classic plan costs around $35 to $60 annually and is best if you often need roadside assistance. The best part of choosing this plan is that you only need to pay the fuel and towing charges (depending on the travel distance). The other benefit of joining AAA with a classic plan is getting a fuel refill or battery boost free of cost. You may also go for the lockout services and get spare keys free of cost. 

Plus plan 

Like it sounds, plus plan offers extra benefits at $60 to $124 per year. In addition, when you join AAA with a plus plan, you get reimbursements on incomplete drives, immediate locksmith services, and legal assistance free of cost. Another advantage you get through upgrading is free towing services for every 100 miles or a free repair at your mechanic’s. 

Premier plan 

If you’re looking forward to joining AAA with the best benefits, you should go for the premium plan, which costs around $7 to $164. The best part of choosing a premium plan is getting the towing benefits every 200 miles and free fuel delivery for every service. Moreover, you don’t have to pay extra charges to replace your car parts anytime. If you look forward to hiring a rental car, you also get a complimentary one-day use. 

States and AAA membership premiums 

If you’re planning to join AAA, it is important to know the membership premium in your state. Here’s the average membership premium across the USA:

State  Average AAA membership premium 
Alabama  $50-$54 
Alaska  $60-$64 
Arizona  $55-$59 
Arkansas  $55-$59 
California  $55-$59 
Colorado  $70 or more 
Connecticut  $70 or more 
Delaware  $70 or more 
Florida  $55-$59 
Georgia  $55-$59 
Hawaii  $55-$59 
Idaho  $65-$69 
Illinois  $50-$54 
Indiana  $50-$54 
Iowa  $50-$54 
Kansas  $$55-$59 
Kentucky  $50-$54 
Louisiana  $$55-$59 
Maine  $$50-$54 
Maryland  $70 or more 
Massachusetts  $50-$54 
Michigan  $50-$54 
Minnesota  $50-$54 
Mississippi  $55-$59 
Missouri  $55-$59 
Montana  $50-$54 
Nebraska  $50-$54 
Nevada  $55-$59 
New Hampshire  $50-$54 
New Jersey  $70 or more 
New Mexico  $50-$54 
New York  $50-$54 
North Carolina  $$55-$59 
North Dakota  $$50-$54 
Ohio  $70 or more 
Oklahoma  $$55-$59 
Oregon  $65-$69 
Pennsylvania  $50-$54 
Rhode Island  $50-$54 
South Carolina  $55-$59 
South Dakota  $55-$59 
Tennessee  $55-$59 
Texas  $50-$54 
Utah  $55-$59 
Vermont  $50-$54 
Virginia  $70 or more 
Washington, D.C.  $55-$59 
West Virginia  $$65-$69 
Wisconsin  $50-$54 
Wyoming  $50-$54 


How to join AAA for free

To join AAA, you’ll need to pay a nominal fee. However, if you’re looking forward to saving on cutting down on your membership costs, here are a few tips that can help you: 

  • Look for promo codes or coupons you can use. 
  • Check with your local branch about cost-saving methods. 
  • If you are a student or have a family member who is already a AAA member, you can ask them to add you to their plan. 
  • You may also get a modest member discount if you join AAA with a referral. 
  • Often, corporate organizations offer auto insurance through AAA for free, with special discounts or additional coverages. Hence, check with your organizations for any perks. 

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