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How to land the best airport parking spot

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Renee Martin
  • 6 minutes

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Ensuring an airport parking spot in a crowded lot can be a painful experience, especially if you’re running late to catch the plane. Whether you’re new to airport parking, are still musing on the idea, or have some experience, one thing is for sure— there is nothing like flying out with a peaceful mind, knowing your car is safe and sound.

How to land the best airport parking spot

Instead of going through the uncomfortable requests of asking your neighbors or friends to look after your vehicle, take the matter into your own hands. Without question, your car is the most expensive and valuable asset in your life. Only after experiencing the exhaustion in a public bus and patiently waiting at a public stop until dark, do we realize the value of owning a car.

Whether it’s going to work, or rushing through the traffic to reach the airport on time, the convenience of having your own vehicle is unmatched. And this is why the facility of long-term airport parking is the best thing to have happened to travelers.

Why long-term airport parking is the safest option

Many people argue that airport parking is just another travel luxury and a costly option that they don’t need. However, for anyone who has flown back after a trip and found their car safe and ready, waiting for them at the lot, will know that this clearly isn’t a luxury.

Long-term airport parking reflects the needs of the modern man. People are flying in and out for business trips, family weddings, and sometimes, unexpected funerals. Young people travel together to explore the world and families go on vacation. Not everyone has the luxury of leaving their car at home or with reliable friends and family.

How to land the best airport parking spot

Life is incredibly fast-paced and everyone seeks to be independent. Long-term airport parking increases independence and ensures an unmatched vehicular peace of mind. Of course, when it comes to choosing an airport parking spot, three things concern travelers the most: the cost, distance, and security of the vehicle.

For this reason, let us spell out the ultimate qualities of an ideal airport parking spot that saves both money and time.

Defining the qualities of the perfect airport parking spot

Instead of settling for just any spot in the long queue of cars at the airport, give yourself some standards. As convenient and travel-friendly long-term airport parking seems to be, it still requires vigilance and a smart approach.

Knowing the standard requirements will help you set a benchmark on how to find the best airport parking spot. There are exactly four major traits to help you decide on an appropriate airport parking spot. Even when, for some reason, you’re unable to find an ideal parking spot at the airport, this checklist can help you choose a relatively better spot, instead of settling for a closed-off dark place in the lot.

·Physical Safety

Two things come under physical safety: your own vehicle and the physical conditions of the parking lot. Even when lots that are specifically made for long-term airport parking are secure and spacious, you have to stay vigilant. Ask yourself, “is this spot too far away from my terminal?”, or “is this parking space too dark and closed off?”.

Do your bit of the work and choose a spot where both your vehicle and the external conditions, including the weather, are optimal for your car. As long as your car is physically safe, you will make peace with the cost of long-term airport parking.

·Reliability and Practicality

Reliability is not the same as safety. A reliable parking spot for your car should be quickly and practically located and easy to access after you return. Your car may be safe from a winter storm, but if the surrounding area is blocked, then that parking spot isn’t reliable.

·Satellite Security

Satellite security will help you monitor your vehicle when you’re not in the country. Choose a spot that is surrounded by security cameras for added safety.

Now that you know what you’re looking for in an airport parking lot, with the following smart and efficient tips, you can make the experience worthwhile.

How to land the best airport parking spot

1.Using an airport parking app

Long-term airport parking is one of those crucial times when you must make the best out of your smartphone technology. Parking apps like Panda Parking, Cheap Airport Parking, Park Whiz, and Best Parking are wonderful apps to find a cheap spot. You can also track your vehicle through satellite signals.

2.Making the reservation beforehand

Booking your spot beforehand either through an app or calling the airport service is a good way to kick-start your traveling schedule.

3.Coupons to the rescue

If you’re worried about the cost, then try to make the best use of coupons and discounts. Many airport parking websites offer memberships and early bird discounts. You can look into comparison websites to find the best airport parking rates. In fact, you can do a Google search on coupons for weekend-long or short-term airport parking.

4.Monthly airport parking options

Many airports have a monthly program for airport parking. So if you frequently travel, then get in touch with your city’s airport and inquire about their monthly packages. With pre-booking services, you are bound to find a good airport parking spot.

5. Pick a spot close to the terminal

Even when this option applies to short-term parking, if you do get your hands on a good pre-booking service, pick a spot that is near your terminal. That way, when you return, you won’t have to waste time looking for your vehicle through unending rows. A spot near the terminal will naturally be bright and well-lit, and that is another advantage of its own.

When your vehicle is visible and near the terminal, it will stay under careful vigilance. And if you’re tracking it through a satellite app, then the well-lit area will allow greater visibility.

Now, you won’t have to worry about where to leave your car when going on a vacation. Use these tips and standards to make the best out of long-term airport parking.

Here is some best airport parking options:

1. SFO parking
2. JFK parking
3. LGA parking
4. LAX parking
5. BOS parking


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