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How to prep your car before an automatic car wash

  • Car Care Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 3 minutes

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You can drive your car directly into an automatic car wash bay without prepping it ? ? ? ?? 

Yes, you can just drive in, get your car washed, and drive out from an automatic car wash near you that’s all it takes. However, a little pre-wash preparation can make your car cleaning experience hassle-free.  

Automatic car washes are quick, affordable, and make your favorite driving partner squeaky clean. What’s more, regular visits to automatic car washes can help improve your vehicle’s on-road performance and increase its resale value when you decide to part with it in the future – a win-win situation, right! However, to make the most of these visits, we have a list of things you can do to prepare your vehicle for an automatic car wash. Read on to know more.   

1. Declutter your car interior  

The automatic car wash will wash your car’s exterior, but don’t you think this is the right time to clear the mess inside your vehicle too. Before visiting the car wash, make sure you toss out the trash, dust your car seats and carpet, and clean your dashboard spotlessly. Remember, a clean car interior is as important as the exterior.   

2. Roll up the windows and fold the side mirrors  

Although this is the most obvious thing to do, some car owners drive into the tunnel without the windows rolled up and end up with water inside the car! Before you enter the car wash bay, roll up your windows, close the sunroof, retract your antenna, and, most importantly, fold your side mirrors. And if you’ve children inside the car, don’t forget to activate the child lock.    

Rolling up the windows

3. Inspect your brakes before visiting an automatic car wash

Before you visit an automatic car wash, make sure your car brakes are working fine. You will often be asked to stop, start, and move your car, and a faulty car brake can put you and others at risk. If you have problems with the brakes, visit a car mechanic before you hit the car wash.   

4. Check the headlights and windshield   

Equipment inside the car wash bay will spray water with great force and pressure on your vehicle, and if you have faulty headlights or windshields, the chances of further damage will be high. Also, think of the money you will be spending on getting it repaired or replaced. We recommend checking the vehicle’s parts completely before visiting the car wash center to avoid all these hassles. 

5. Switch off automatic modes in your car

It’s best to turn off the automatic functions in your car before you enter the car wash bay. For example, windshield wipers can automatically get activated in some cars – inside the car wash tunnel – if you don’t switch them off. We recommend electric car owners or Tesla owners follow this step without fail while visiting an automatic car wash.   

All this prepping is of no use if the car wash center ends up doing a shoddy job! To avoid that, use trusted websites and apps like Way.com to book the best car washes near you. On Way.com, you can find top-rated and award-winning car washes for the lowest possible prices. To book the best car wash near you, follow the steps given below: 

  1. Download the Way.com app or open the website 
  2. Type in your location and choose a car wash near you from the list 
  3. Enter your vehicle details and pay to book 

access to unlimited car washes

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