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How to protect your car from rodents

  • Car Care Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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They live in the darkness. They attack when you least expect it. They’re intelligent and act stealthily. No, it’s not the Ninjas. We’re talking about rats! You could be the safest driver in the world, but rodents can still get the better of you. Rodent attacks are a nightmare for every vehicle owner. And when they invade your vehicle, they can cause considerable harm to it. From chewing up wires and electrical components to causing fluid leaks, rats and other rodents can damage your car without any mercy. But you don’t have to worry – we’ve got your back. Use our top tips and protect your car from rodents.   

How to protect your car from rodents – Follow these simple steps

Clean the area around your vehicle   

Ensure the area where you park your car is clean and free of clutter. Don’t park your car near a trash bin or other food sources that attract rodents. Keep the area free of litter and waste. If possible, park in a garage.  

Clear the food waste inside your car 

Never let food waste accumulate inside your car. Also, accidentally dropped food materials or food stored in the car can attract rodents. Of course, they’re not going to stop with just eating your food – your wires, circuits, and pipes are their next targets. While parking your vehicle, make sure it’s free of food waste. If you do notice anything, clear it as soon as possible. 

Block the entry points  

The obvious thing to do is close your windows and sunroof properly to prevent the entry of rodents. They are very sneaky, and sometimes even a small gap is enough for them to get inside your car. Also, make sure you close other potential entry points through which rodents can enter your car.    

How to protect your car from rodents

Use light to prevent nesting   

Rodents don’t like light, and they prefer to nest in dark places. To prevent them from nesting, you can keep your garage light switched on or park in a place that’s not too dark. If you’re wondering how to keep rodents out of your car engine, keeping the hood open is the easiest way. By keeping the hood open, you allow the light to enter the nooks and crannies of your car. This is a great way to prevent rodents from entering your car during the daytime.   

Use peppermint oil as a repellent   

Rodents like mice, rats, and squirrels don’t like certain smells and fragrances. One such item is peppermint oil. This oil is a great mouse repellent, and you can use it to protect your car from rodents. Apply the oil to cotton balls and place them inside the vehicle where the mice often visit. Also, remember to reapply the oil every few days. Other items that can be used as repellents are laundry dryer sheets, Pine-Sol, and cayenne pepper.   

Invest in an ultrasonic pest deterrent 

You can use an ultrasonic pest repellant to prevent the entry of rodents. The device will emit sound waves that can affect the rodents. These waves don’t cause any harm to humans, cats, and dogs; however, they can affect your pet rodents like rabbits and hamsters. The ultrasonic pest repellant has a very short range, so make sure you use it close to your car. Other electronic deterrents use flashing strobe lights and vibrations to deter rodents – choose the one that best suits you.   

Use your car regularly   

If you leave your car idle and unused for a long time, the rodents will use this opportunity and make your vehicle their breeding ground. Even if you’re not going out for a drive, start your engine and roar it for a while every day. 

Trap them 

We know it doesn’t sound like a modern technique, but it still gets done. Set the trap where you often spot them. If nothing seems to work, you can use poison to have them dead, but be very careful while using it.   

A clean car interior and exterior will reduce the chances of rodents attacking your car. If you’re looking to get your car cleaned for the best possible prices, look no further than Way.com. Use the Way.com app (available on iOS and Android) to book a top-rated car wash near you in no time!

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