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How to remove a decal from a car without damaging it

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Looking to take the decals off your vehicle? You could ruin your car’s appearance if you remove the decal using the wrong techniques. Don’t fret – here’s our ultimate guide on how to remove decal from a car without causing any damage 

The decals or stickers on your car tell a lot about you. Some drivers have the logo of their favorite sports team, the candidate they voted for, or the name of the school they attended. Over time, your allegiance could change, or the decals simply become faded, and you need to remove them. Remember, if you’re planning to sell your vehicle, the decals or stickers on your car will negatively affect the resale value. The decal removal process is simple if you follow the right techniques. That’s why, in this post, we’re breaking down the process of removing a decal from a car without damaging your vehicle.    

How to remove a decal from a car - stickers on ca

How to remove a decal from a car window? 

Here’s how you can remove the sticker or decal from your car’s windows and windshields.  

Things you’ll need   

  • Razorblade or plastic scraper  
  • Window cleaner  
  • Microfiber towel   
  • Water

Step 1: Don’t try to scratch the decal using the blade when it’s dry. You can damage the glass, and the process can get complicated. Instead, clean the windshield or window using a glass cleaner. Apply the glass cleaner around the decal and wipe it off with a microfiber towel. Clean the area surrounding the decal spotlessly without any dirt or dust.  

Step 2: Now, use a razor or plastic scraper to remove the decal. We recommend a razor since you can get the job done with minimal effort. However, the razor you use should be fresh and rust-free.  

Step 3: Locate a loose corner, hold the razor at a 45-degree angle and slowly work your way inwards. While doing, apply gentle pressure, don’t rush the process.   

Step 4: You should now notice the decal coming off the glass. Continue the process till you remove it completely.  

Step 5: After removing it, clean the area again with a glass cleaner if the adhesive is still stuck to the glass. Finally, wash and dry the spot.  

How to take stickers off car paint?   

Removing the decal or sticker from your car’s paint is a tad bit difficult compared to glass. Also, the chances of paint damage are high in this process if not done properly.  

Step 1: First clean the decal or sticker and the area around it using a car wash solution and a microfiber towel. There should be no grime and dirt surrounding the decal.   

Step 2: To remove the sticker, you first need to warm it up. Use a hairdryer to loosen the sticker. Some use the heat gun, but it can sometimes damage the car’s paint. It’s best to use a hairdryer to prevent any paint damage.   

Step 3: Use a plastic card to scrape under the sticker. Don’t use a razor blade to remove the sticker from the paint since it can cause scratches. Continue scarping till you remove it.   

Step 4: To remove the adhesive, use glue removal products. Apply the product on the spot and let it sit for a minute. Now clean the spot with a cleaning product. Once you’re happy with the result, rinse and dry the area.   

What items can be used to remove stickers from a car? 

If you don’t find success with a glass cleaner, here are the items that can help remove the sticker off your car:  

  • Window cleaner 
  • WD-40 
  • Rubbing alcohol 
  • Ice  
  • Goo Gone 

After removing the decal or sticker, you must wash the spot to remove its traces. It would be best to leave that job to the experts. Drive up to a car wash near you and get your vehicle washed. Start using the Way.com app (available on iOS and Android) and website to find top-rated car washes in your area.  

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