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How to Rent a Car for a Driving Test

  • Things To Know
  • Melanie Barrett
  • 4 minutes

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Are you planning to rent a car for a driving test? You’ll need a car for the test but follow the rules and regulations. If you’re planning to rent a car, check the requirements and know the other options if you can’t. There are many other quick options you can go for to make your driving test easy. The rules regarding the car you bring for your driving test vary in different states. 

If you’re all set to go for a driving test yet don’t own a car, wait! You’ll need to know a few things before proceeding with the test. If you’re in the queue for your driving test, here are some things you’ll need to know about your car. 

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Can you rent a car for a driving test? 

Are you nearing the due date for your driving test? If you plan to rent a car for a test, you may have to rethink your decision. However, there are some other options that you get. 

According to the rules, you’ll have to be 21 years to rent a car legally. The legal age to get a credit card in the US is 21 years. Only then do the credit card companies consider you a capable customer to repay the credit amount. Also, the DMV rules in the US mention that you need to be financially independent or have 25 years to rent a car. 

Can you rent a car for driving test?

What if you can’t rent a car for a driving test? 

Don’t worry. Even if you can’t rent a car for a driving test, there are plenty of other options. Here are some of the alternatives you can try: 

Approach a driving school 

Most driving schools help young drivers to rent a car for driving tests, which is mostly a one-day affair. Asking a driving school means you get the benefits of picking up, dropping off, and using the car. In some cases, the driving school which gives you the training also allows you to use their car for the test. In other cases, you can use the car by paying some extra money. 

However, the usage fees vary depending on your location, the hours you take to complete the test, and your pick-and-drop. 

Ask a friend or family member to help 

Try to rent a car to ask a relative or a friend whom you know well. Also, before you get the car, make sure that the car has all the necessary coverages. Also, ensure that the family member is not your immediate relation (such as husband, wife, parents, or siblings). In this case, the provider may deny the coverage as you belong to the same family. 

Finally, before you start using the acquaintance’s car, ensure that the car is in good condition, all the parts are functioning, and has all the safety certifications. For confirmation, you can check your state’s licensing website by entering your car’s license number. 

Connect with a rental car agency

There are plenty of agencies that lend you a car for rent for your test. However, the agency may check your driving record before renting you a car. And if there are any negative impressions of your driving history, they may deny your rental request.  

Checklist to rent a car for driving test 

Now that you’ve made up your mind to rent a car for a driving test, make sure that you have the following things handy: 

  • A passport photo. 
  • A registered mobile number. 
  • A certificate of completion of the driver’s course. 
  • A valid debit or credit card. 

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Checklist for the car you rent for the driving test 

Before you rent a car for a driving test, make sure that your car has the following: 

  • Brakes 
  • Lights 
  • Seatbelts 
  • Tires 
  • Mirrors 
  • License plates 
  • Insurance 
  • Necessary certifications 

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