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How to Report Reckless Driving? Things You Must Know

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Report reckless driving as soon as you see it. That’s what makes you a responsible person. You’ll spot careless driving at any time, any day. Carelessness in driving can cost a lot, and not every driver is aware of this. The DMV reports 1000 cases under this category. However, there are simple and easy ways to avoid and act against it.

When you fail to report cases of reckless driving, it may worsen the situation. Also, the driver is more likely to commit such accidents, which may cost many lives. Hence it is important to act immediately without a second thought.

How to Report Reckless Driving? Things You Must Know

Difference between Reckless and Dangerous Driving

Dangerous and reckless driving are two terms that often confuse people. Here’s the difference between the two:

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving happens when the driver is not fully aware of the safety standards. It also happens when the driver doesn’t ensure the safety of pedestrians and passengers. Some major instances are wrong-side overtaking, jumping signals, and tailgating. Distractions in driving too come under reckless driving. Therefore, you must report reckless driving as soon as you witness such an incident.

The fines for reckless driving are three penalty points and 100 $. Being charged with too many penalty points is also a serious offense. Getting nine penalty points and a fine of  5000 $ means disqualification as a driver.

Dangerous Driving

If a driver falls below the basic safety standards he needs to follow, it comes under dangerous driving. Rash driving, overtaking, and Driving under the Influence (DUI) can also be called unsafe. Driving a faulty car also comes under dangerous driving. To stop this, you must make sure that you keep all your certificates of your car and license handy. Also, remember to report reckless driving cases like these when you see them.

If the DMV charges you with dangerous driving, they first check for a valid driver’s license. Then, they ensure that you aren’t driving a faulty car. Thirdly, they verify the validity of the certificates of your car. Finally, there are several penalties you need to pay in case of non-renewal.

You may have to go through 12 months of disqualification to about 2 years of ban or penalty. Similar to when the DMV reports reckless driving, you may also have to pay the penalty of 3 to 11 points or a lumpsum fine.

How to Report Reckless Driving? Things You Must Know

How to Report Reckless Driving

‘How to report dangerous driving?’ is one of many questions when such a situation comes. This can be done in a number of ways, quite easily.

Keep a record of evidence.

This is the first thing you should do while you report reckless driving. However, check for any elements of risk before you make the confirmation. For example, speeding, racing, missing traffic signals, and rash driving can all come under reckless driving.

List down the details of the vehicle. Look for the minutest details. These may include registration number, color, model, details about the driver, and the number of passengers.

Another way to get the details right is by fixing a camera to the car dashboard. This can help you record the minutest information and produce the same proof before the DMV.

Call the Cops Immediately

Make sure to report dangerous driving as soon as the situation gets out of hand. If you are one of the passengers, do it as soon as possible. Again, if you are a witness, make sure you park safely and then report the issue.

Using the details you get, send a mail to with the vehicle’s details. Otherwise, dial 911 and share the inputs with the DMV. Also, add details on whether the vehicle you report has a ‘how’s my driving’ sticker. If so, it becomes much easier to report reckless driving with the details on the sticker.¬†

File a Complaint Online

All you need to file a complaint online is to log on to https://reportdangerousdrivers.com and fill in all the details. Then, check the DMV website of the city where the vehicle is registered. You may also need to put an email supporting the complaint. Secondly, you may visit the DMV office and fill out the form directly. Again, make sure you provide all the necessary details.

Another way is to direct mail the details to the Government if a Government vehicle is at fault. To spot them easily, all Government vehicles have a ‘G’ on their license plate.


What happens when you report a reckless driver?

As you report a reckless driver, the police first examine your statements and the footage of proof. They then carry the complaint forward to the Road Policing Unit. You may need to mention that the complaint is ‘serious’ in case of dangerous driving. Accordingly, the RPU sends a letter following the complaints they receive to the owner of the car.

The information regarding the claimant is kept confidential other than their email and phone number.

Penalties for Reckless Driving

You may be charged a fine of $1000 or one year of imprisonment, or both. This depends on your degree of reckless driving and the damage caused. The traffic management system follows its own rules of verifying and imposing penalties.

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