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How to Reset a Honda Accord Oil Light: Follow These Easy Steps!

  • Car Care Tips
  • Silas Smith
  • 4 minutes

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If you’ve put a lot of miles on a Honda Accord, you may have experienced a situation where the oil life lamp needs to be reset. Today, we’ll see in detail how to reset a Honda accord oil light. 

The Honda Accord is equipped with a Maintenance Minder System which, through sensors equipped across the vehicle, determines and indicates to the owner the time to service the vehicle. In addition, it also shows a wrench indication with a maintenance code signifying the area that needs attention.  

The maintenance code usually comes up with the main code accompanied by a subcode. So, for example, if an A2 code is indicated on your Honda Accord, you must change the oil and the air filter before resetting it. Usually, the dealer would do it after they’ve performed the service (oil change, In this case). However, if you’ve done the oil change on your own or in a situation where the dealer has forgotten to reset the code, you could reset the oil light yourself by following these steps: 

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How to reset a Honda Accord oil light? (For 2017-2022 models) 

If you intend to reset the oil light of your Honda Accord using the steering controls, Follow these steps: 

  1. Turn the ignition to the ‘ON’ position without starting the engine.
    Make sure the car is in Park by pressing the power button twice while your foot is off the brake. This is the Accessory Mode. 
  2. Press the ‘HOME’ button to enter the main menu 
  3. Use the Left Selector Wheel on the steering to navigate the menu and locate the ‘MAINTENANCE’ option. 
  4. Press the Left Selector Wheel to enter the ‘MAINTENANCE’ menu. 
  5.  You’ll be able to find a remaining oil life screen’; now press the Selector Wheel once again to toggle the reset mode.  
  6. To reset oil life, highlight “Item A Only” using the selector wheel 
  7. If you wish to reset all maintenance items, select “All Due Items” using the selector wheel. 
  8. You’ll need to press and hold and then release the selector wheel. After this, your Oil Life will reset to 100%. 

How to reset a Honda Accord oil light using a touchscreen 

If you happen to own a Honda Accord with a GPS system equipped, you can make use of the touchscreen to reset the oil life maintenance light,

  1. Turn on your Honda Accord 
  2. Select the ‘HOME’ button on the main screen 
  3. Now select ‘SETTINGS.’ 
  4. Next, select ‘VEHICLE.’ 
  5. Navigate to the bottom and select ‘MAINTENANCE INFO.’ 
  6. This will display the pending maintenance items. Now tap ‘SELECT RESET ITEMS.’ 
  7. Select the maintenance item you’ve worked on and hit the reset button to make it 100%

    WARNING: The process for manually resetting the oil maintenance light may differ depending on your vehicle’s model. Do refer to your car owner’s manual for exact instructions depending on the model and specific year of manufacture.

How long will my motor oil last? 

Engine load, Engine temperature, miles driven on the car, duration of the trip, vehicle speed, and engine speed are the key elements influencing the life of the engine oil. If your engine maintenance light has been illuminated prior to the recommended 5,000-mile oil change, the Maintenance Minder system has indicated that the oil’s additives may have degraded prematurely due to use and engine conditions. 

Recommended engine oils for the Honda Accord

According to the owner’s manual, SAE 0w-20 oil is ideal for the new Honda Accord. However, you may also use the SAE 5w-20 oil. When shopping for motor oil, be on the lookout for the API certification logo, which shows that the oil is safe for use in Honda automobiles. Also, be careful not to mix different oils and make sure to completely drain the engine before adding new oil. 

how to reset a Honda accord oil light

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