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How to Reverse Park a Car Like a Pro Driver 

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Don’t trust your driving skills enough to back into a parking spot? Guess what’s riskier – backing out into street traffic or parking lot feeder lanes! Once you figure out how to reverse park a car quickly, it’ll be easier to safely get in and out of your spot. Here are a few quick tips to ace the reverse parking skill. 

No one is naturally good at driving – it is a learned skill, honed by tons of practice. Some pick it up quickly, and there’s nothing to worry about if you don’t. Keep at it till you master essential driving and parking skills to get the most out of your car.  

Be it perpendicular or parallel parking, squeezing into a tight spot can be stressful for new drivers. It’s quite tempting to park head-on to avoid the panic. But it could be a bigger challenge when you have to back out later to exit the parking spot. Worst case scenario, you’ll spend a little too long looking over your shoulders and checking the mirrors to make sure it’s clear reverse into the street or parking lot lane. No doubt, it is easier to back into an empty parking spot. So, here’s how to reverse into a parking space on-street or at a parking lot.  

How to Reverse Park a Car – A Step-by-Step Guide  

  • Once you pick your parking spot, drive past it till your car’s rear end covers at least half of the entry space.  
  • Put the car in reverse and turn your wheels all the way towards the parking spot. Turn the wheels to the right if the spot is on your right. 
  • As the car begins to turn, gently push the gas pedal to keep it going. Keep your eyes on the mirrors to check the edges. 
  • Once the car is parallel to the parking spot, apply brakes and turn the wheels back straight.  
  • After checking there are no obstructions behind the car, release the brakes and gently accelerate as the vehicle backs into the space.  
  • Keep checking both mirrors and adjust the wheels to reverse straight without getting too close to the sides. You can switch between forward and reverse gears to align the car properly.  
  • Once the car is in place, put it in park and switch off the engine.  

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How to Choose the Right Spot  

If you are parking on the street, make sure to pick a spot on your right. Never try to cross the street in reverse. If you do not have a designated spot at parking lots, look for an empty space with good clearance on either side. Trying to park between two large vehicles could make it difficult to maneuver the car and open the doors to exit. There’s no standard size to perpendicular or angled parking spaces; so, you must gauge whether your car will fit in the available space before reverse parking.  

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Reverse Parking Pro-Tips 

Even when you have mastered reverse parking, there’s no time to show your skills while ignoring safety precautions. Keep this essential checklist in mind when learning how to reverse park a car and continue following it every time you back into a parking spot.  


  • Before reversing your car in, make sure the parking spot is clear. Look for objects and people – pedestrians in parking lots pose a big safety concern.  
  • Turn the turn signal on to indicate the direction your car will be moving towards. 
  • Stay alert and check all sides of the car while reversing into the parking spot.  
  • Take it slow, and apart from checking the mirrors, look over your shoulders too.  
  • Make sure to align your car carefully to have enough space to open the doors.  
  • Don’t forget to engage the parking brake before exiting the vehicle. 
  • Open the doors gently to avoid hitting the car parked next to yours.  

Once you learn the basics of how to reverse park a car, practice well in an empty parking lot or anywhere off the street with less traffic. Being familiar with your car is as important as finding the right parking spot and reverse parking successfully.  

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