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How to Rock October in Orlando

  • Airport Parking
  • Renee Martin
  • 3 minutes

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October is upon us, and that means autumn! While we’re excited about the cooler weather and change of season, it can be a little hard to keep the fall spirit if you have to travel. It might even be more challenging to get in the Halloween mood if you aren’t traveling because Florida doesn’t experience fall the way more northern states do. But have no fear – we have a few tips up our sleeves to help you stay in the fall mood while in Orlando, whether you’re staying in town, or heading out.

Halloween at the Airport

We know, airports are not the most fun places to be when it comes to celebrating any holiday, let alone Halloween. However, if you want to remind everyone that October is the month for ghosts, ghouls, and witches, there is a way.

It may surprise you to know, but Orlando International Airport officials are actually okay with passengers traveling in costume! Each year, they tweet out a few reminders of what is appropriate and what you should stay away from when you’re passing through. So if you want to celebrate the holiday, whether you’re flying out on Halloween itself or simply want to keep in the spirit of All Hallows Eve throughout the month, go ahead and throw on your costume. We recommend a comfy onesie with a character theme. It’ll keep you warm on cold airplanes, and it’s incredibly comfortable to lounge in if you’re stuck in the airport for an hour or so before your flight.

While MCO airport is alright with most costumes, they do prohibit any kind of face-covering, so keep your masks and face paint at home or in your luggage. This will prevent any issues as you go through security. Remember – it’s all about safety!


Airport Parking Lot Fun

If you’re traveling with kids, you know that any place can become a magical setting with a little imagination, and surprisingly, airport parking lots are no different! To keep your little ones entertained while you struggle to find a decent spot in the Orlando Airport parking lots, play some spooky ambient music, their favorite Halloween tunes, or a soundtrack from a chilling scary kids’ movie. The darkness of the airport parking garages will help create a ghostly atmosphere that will send chills down your children’s backs – in the most fun way possible!

If you want to spread the fall joy, decorate your car with a few fake spiderwebs in the inner windows, and use car paints to draw on spiders, black cats, and full moons. Let everyone know in the MCO airport parking lot that you’re ready for Halloween!

Disney Halloween

Don’t let the warm, muggy weather of Florida bring you down. If you’re not flying out and have to stick out the southern autumn in-state, there are lots of options to keep you in the spooky holiday spirit. Perhaps the most famous and available event to families looking to celebrate Halloween in Orlando It’s called Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and takes place at Disney World. It’s open to all ages, so Disney lovers of all types can enjoy the holiday together with a little fright and a lot of fun!

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