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How to Safely Park Your Cars during the Lockdown 

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 5 minutes

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While mitigation methods like social distancing, shelter at home, and other lockdown measures have slowed the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), rates of car break-ins and robbery have spiked to an all-time high across the United States. In towns like Brookline, Massachusetts, and Taylorsville, North Carolina, to name a few, have seen car break-in cases flare-up by more than 200% in the last few weeks. A possible reason for such a rise in the number of theft cases comes down to the fact that those involved in robberies know the current vulnerability of the judicial system. Cops have been instructed to reduce the number of arrests to ensure that prisons do not increase the number of inmates. It is impossible to even consider the following social distancing in prisons due to the sheer number of prisoners serving time. Some prisons have even released several inmates that have short sentences or were incarcerated for non-violent crimes. In such a scenarioensuring you find a safe parking spot for your car becomes crucial by all means. We present to you some easy safety tips to consider while parking your vehicle. 

Remember and Follow the Basics of Car Parking at all Times 

Parallel Parking


Avoiding a car break-in is 75% possible by making sure that we follow the basic guidelines of safely parking a car – Roll up the windows, lock all doors, and don’t leave any valuables like wallets, jewelry, smartphones, or laptops. Don’t even put away your things when you are parked there. It is also best to put valuables away before you get to your parking spot. Someone who notices you arriving at the parking spot from the outside or sees you putting things away could break into your carDo remember that your car windows are breakable, and they will be if a random thief passes by and notices easy pickings. Also, be wise in choosing the parking spot. Do not park wherever you want to, and leave without care – you’ll increase the chances of getting car jacked or being towed away to the impound yard by authorities when you return.  

Things to Keep in Mind While Parking 

Safe Parking

As of late, there have been numerous cases of series car break-ins being reported. While some cases had valuables plundered from cars, there have also been cases where entire cars went missing altogether. In many of the cases, robbers were successful not because of their hot-wiring skills – but because they had access to a spare key that was kept inside the cars. It would be wise to have the spare key safely kept in your wallet or purse that you carry around instead of leaving it on your car’s dashboard. Always double check before entering and leaving your vehicle, whether the doors are locked. If you have some valuables that need to be left behind in the car, try shifting them into the trunk if it fits. Make sure you lock the trunk afterward. Another thing to keep in mind is where you park the vehicle. It is always best to park next to other similar-sized cars, instead of oversized vehicles! Why? Because if you park next to a trailer truck, you are providing more than enough cover for people to hide and jack your ride. It is also best to leave your car under well-lit parking spaces to avoid being jumped on by an unexpected guest. If you are parallel parking, try to park your vehicle in such a way that there is ample space between your car and the one next to you. We want both drivers to open doors without causing dents or scratches on both vehicles.  

Consider Parking Your Car at Secure Parking Lots 

Parking Lot

If you really love and care for your car, you wouldn’t mind spending some time checking up easy and convenient parking lots in your neighborhood and city. There are plenty of affordable parking lots in all of the cities. Plan ahead of leaving your home, reserve a guaranteed spot, and park without worries. There are also parking lots that provide extra security services like around the clock surveillance, lot assistance, and valet parking to help save time plus avoid possible parking dents. You can also find parking spots based on preference, and choose from different options like short term parking, long term parking, covered, or uncovered parking, and so on when you reserve the spots in advance 

Reserve Parking Spots in Advance 

Parking 1

Booking your parking spots in advance helps you confirm a safe parking spot alongside similarly sized vehicles, and in lots which are usually well-lit. You also get parking spots for much lower price online than directly visiting the parking lot for onsite parking. Discounts range between parking lots but definitely save you anywhere between 20%-35%. For busy cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, you can opt for the WayPass, which lets your park at multiple parking lots in all three cities, multiple times for the entire paid duration. Subscription rates for WayPass start at $7 for Downtown Los Angeles, and $12 for New York City and San Francisco. 

Can’t decide where to park? Reserve your parking spot online or via our iOS and Android apps.


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