How to Save Money on Airport Parking at Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport (DEN) is the largest airport North America. It is located in the beautiful metropolis of Colorado.  Being the 20th busiest airfield of the world, it caters to non-stop flights in and out from major continents like Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

According to the Visual Capitalist, this grand airport is the most extensive and largest employer in Colorado. Having hired more than 35,000 employees, DEN is only second to Walmart, which has 1.5 million workers in the United States.

Hosting more than 61 million passengers in the past year, Denver Airport continues to expand and plans to become the largest airport of the world. With giant crowds present at departure, awaiting the shuttle services, staying in at hotels, and scurrying into humongous airport parking lots, there is no doubt that the entire place feels like a “great human knot”.

According to recent news, Denver Airport is planning on launching a gate expansion project. This groundbreaking extension will help reduce the overwhelming congestion day in and out and drastically multiply the flight capacity of the airport. With the air traffic that continues to climb, this is a much-anticipated project to allow greater airport parking lots and expansive terminals.

With such grand future prospects, Denver Airport is yet to see its best years. For frequent travelers, who use the airport at least twice a week, the importance of airport parking is monumental. It is a convenient option to leave your car in the lot, peacefully fly out, and return without any hassle or worries.

While most trips are short-term, passengers can greatly benefit from long-term airport parking at Denver airport as the lots are highly secured and fortified. For such a huge airport, passenger and vehicle safety are an absolute given. Airport parking is an unquestioned necessity and is utilized by thousands of travelers throughout the day.

Travelling is defined by practicality and utility. You have to make sure to get all your documents ready, get the stamp, and find your seat in the plane as soon as possible. Nobody likes to waste time and most importantly, their money. Airports, however, are quite popular for being expensive, even when it comes to buying yourself a bag of chips, let alone booking a parking space.

At Denver, the parking garages and lots can cost you around $25-$30 dollars per day, on average. If you’re spending such a hefty amount just to make a trip to the airport, then you’ll probably lose a huge chunk of your money just on a parking lot.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to forego this convenient service just because you’re tight on expenses. There are many great ways to save money when you’re at the Denver airport and make sure that your car is in safe hands.

But before we get into that, let’s first understand what factors influence DEN parking rates. Knowing this will help you make the best of seasonal discounts and get cheap prices in no time.

Factors Influencing Parking Charges at Denver International Airport

It’s true that some parking lots at Denver Airport offer nothing short of sky-high prices. And, that can be a major reservation as to why you may not want to book a slot. But, what causes parking rates to fluctuate and why do you end up with a huge bill at the end of the trip?

1.Seasonal Demand

The basics of Economics teaches us that price is directly related to demand. Hence, the parking lots that are closest to, for example, the Jepessen Terminal, automatically become high in demand, hugely crowded, and the most expensive.

The holiday season is a prime time when parking charges shoot. If you end up utilizing long-term airport at Denver, you could potentially lose all your holiday money.


The distance from the terminal to the parking lot are the main reasons behind rocketing parking charges. It is for this reason that short-term parking is always more expensive because it is the most convenient in most of the world’s airports.

At the Denver Airport, short-term airport parking lots like the Short-term East is extremely secure and practical. This is the reason why most passengers at Denver airport prefer it, instead of booking a valet service. Although the rates are high, the short trip only lasts for a day or two, which is feasible for most people.


Convenience is not only about the distance. True, parking lots close to the terminal can be quickly accessed, but passengers look for convenience the most in the case of long term parking at Denver Airport.

The Garage East, for example, maybe a little far from the main terminal, but it offers terrific parking spaces for both covered and uncovered purposes. You will see gazillion parked cars in the lot, all because it offers the convenience of long-term security and shuttle services.


Overnight protection, weather safety, satellite security, and the maintenance of the whole parking lot will also determine parking rates. Using a covered parking space during the winters will automatically cost you more than an open-air parking spot. At Canopy Airport Parking, the rate of open-air self-park is $6 as compared to covered self-parking, which is up to $12.5.

All these factors will directly influence your airport-parking bill at the end of the day. However, these factors keep changing and the benefits of discounts, coupons, and early-bird parking services can greatly cut down parking expenses.

Let us now have a detailed look at each parking service and how you can specifically save money when you’re down in the lot.

Different Parking Services at Denver International Airport

There is no doubt that parking safely at Denver International Airport is a top-priority of not only the passengers but also the airport staff. Not everyone can abandon this service because sometimes passengers are flying solo or book spontaneous flights due to unexpected events.

They will not always have the option to leave their car with a friend or family. Hence, for some people, airport parking really is the only option. Let’s explore the various parking services, their benefits, and how you can save money on each of them.

1.Short-term Parking

Short-term parking is primarily located near the airport terminals— in Denver’s case, the east and west sides of Jeppesen terminal. With a total of 138 gates, the terminal is then further divided into A, B, and C entrances.

The two parking lots, Short term East and Short term West for arrival and departure, are near the Jeppesen Terminal. Overnight parking isn’t allowed, so you’re likely to leave your car for only a few hours in the lot. The Garage clearance is usually eight-feet, so you have plenty of space to find a spot.

Short-term lots can charge you up to $96 per day and only $3 per hour. For most people, this can be fairly high for spending only a few hours at the airport.

Who Should Be Using This Option?

Short-term parking is an ideal option for people who plan for short stays at the airport or are simply going to see-off their friends and family. It is also a viable option for parents who can’t stay at the airport for long because of their little children. Instead of risking your child getting lost at the large airport while you’re waiting for a cab, simply use short-term parking route to access your vehicle once you’re done.

Short-term airport parking is also wise if an elderly or a disabled person has accompanied you. They won’t be able to wait or stand that long. Short-term airport parking is extremely convenient, practical, and quick to access, especially when your trip is short.

How to Save Money

These are some smart ways to save money when you find short-term parking rates out of your league.

·Pay for a Ride

Instead of booking a short-term parking slot, simply ditch the option and go for a cab. If you only want to get dropped at the airport, it doesn’t make sense to use short-term parking, even if your trip lasts for a day. You could get a pick and drop cab ride for a lesser cost.


If you don’t want to opt for a cab service like Uber, simply carpool with your friends. If you have people accompanying you, you can use a single car and park it at an off-site region until you get back.

·Get Parking Discounts

Look for early bird airport parking discount codes, promo codes, or simply get in touch with Denver Airport and ask them if they have any ongoing discount packages. Canopy Airport parking allows you to save up to 30% if you’re early.

·Find a Cheap Online Airport Parking

You can either contact the local airport staff for the cheapest service or get on websites like Parking Panda and Park Whiz to find offers and deals that suit your budget.

·Use Economy Parking Slots

Economy parking slots located in the East and West Garages are extremely economical for short trips. The charges are only up to $8, like Pikes Peak Shuttle Parking, which is quite feasible if you’re only staying out for a day.

·Look for Monthly Options

If you’re frequently availing short-term trips within and out of USA, then simply look for monthly discount packages that can save you money on parking charges. If you pick open air parking in Canopy airport, their monthly package can get you a rate as low as $5 per day. This means you’ll be saving $300 in your trip.

2.Long-term Airport Parking

Long-term airport parking mostly takes place at Canopy Airport Parking, Pike’s Peak Shuttle Parking, Park DIA, or the Parking Spot. These places are near the terminal and offer secure parking spaces if the main airport parking lot is full. The Garage at the Denver Airport usually charges $25 per day, which can be minimized with coupon codes and discounts.

Who Should Be Using This Option?

Long-term airport parking at Denver is ideally for people leaving for vacations. Since they are usually located far from the main terminal, they use a shuttle service to get to the airport. During the holiday season and Christmas festivities, people tend to use long term parking at Denver. You can leave your car for weeks under satellite-security.

How to Save Money:

While the parking rates are understandably high, there are still many ways to save money on long-term parking.

·Make the Best of Parking Apps

Use parking apps like Way can help you pre-book your slot, and avail discount offers for affordable parking. The benefit of using apps is that they can quickly tell you rates, schedules, and ideal parking spots.

Instead of searching the parking lot yourself, simply use a guiding app to ease long term parking at Denver airport.

·Use a Parking Fee Estimator

When you’re travelling abroad for a long vacation, always search the DEN parking rates on an online parking fee estimator. It can inform you about heavy traffic routes and cost-saving parking lots. Additionally, you can also check comparison websites like Parkwhiz and Gocompare. Even during the busy holiday seasons, there are many discount coupons and vouchers that can easily cut down a few bucks.

·Use Hotel Shuttle Services

If you’re already going for a vacation, you could greatly benefit from hotel bundles. Add in a hotel stay-in package into your holidays and park your car at the hotel. The West-in Denver International Airport, Day Inn and Suites, and Embassy Suites by Hilton Denver International Airport offer free shuttle services and minimal parking charges.

Simply park your car at one of these hotels and get to the terminal using a free shuttle.

·Pay with a Credit Card

Some parking lots do offer points or discounts to frequent travelers on their Visa and Master cards. Park DIA and ParkRideFly USA offer DEN airport parking coupons and a frequent flyer program, which can earn you 10-15 points on your first day. Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Sapphire Reserve are the two credit cards that can get you the most points on your mileage and discounts on parking lots and garages.

A Final Word

Using these smart ways will greatly help you avail coupons, discounts, and save you from wasting money on high parking rates. Make sure to browse for cheap parking rates beforehand, contact the airport directly, and pre-book your parking space for utmost convenience.

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