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How to save money on airport parking at Midway

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Renee Martin
  • 3 minutes

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If you travel frequently, you are probably aware that airport parking is one of the most expensive and troublesome aspects of your trip. More so, if you are traveling through busy airports such as the Chicago Midway International Airport. What if we told you that you could take all the pain out of airport parking at Midway and save you a bunch of money?  Hold on tight because here are some Midway airport parking hacks that will make your travel out of Chicago easy-peasy.

How to save money on airport parking at Midway

1.    Don’t book airport parking at Midway

Yes, you read that right – the easiest way to save money on airport parking at Midway is not to park at the airport. Instead, you can find plenty of MDW Airport parking spots at lots near the airport. This is true for both Midway long-term parking and Midway short-term parking. Offsite parking at Midway Airport is usually provided a little further away from the airport and, consequently, cheaper. For instance – the cheapest onsite long-term airport parking at Midway, which is available at the Economy Garage, will set you back by $15/day! The Midway Daily Garage will cost you a whopping $40/day. Compare this with the offsite lots that offer pretty much the same parking facilities plus a free Midway airport shuttle for around $8/day! Here’s the fact – airport parking garages at Midway run out of spots during peak times. Also, airport parking in Midway has only limited parking options and amenities.

How to save money on airport parking at Midway

On the other hand, offsite Midway Airport parking lots have more parking spaces and are much less crowded. This means you won’t end up waiting for hours in a queue either before or after landing. Some offsite Midway parking lots offer valet parking, a handy option, especially if you are in a hurry.

2.    Reserve your MDW parking spot online

This is the simplest and most efficient method of obtaining cheap airport parking at Midway. During peak travel seasons, Midway Airport parking will be in high demand. Midway Airport parking prices will rise as demand increases, rendering airport parking in Midway a rather expensive proposition. If you need to leave Midway for a few days, irrespective of whether it’s 5 or 30 days, you should book your Midway Airport parking spot online as soon as you buy your plane tickets. Many parking lots near Midway Airport have bulk booking and early booking discounts that will help you save money if you book early enough. Online airport parking websites and apps will also help you figure out what kind of service/amenities you need. You’ll also be able to compare the rates offered by MDW Airport parking lots, their distance from the Chicago Midway Airport, and check if they provide free shuttle service to the airport. You can also check reviews by other users, so you’ll know what kind of customer service to expect, whether they assist you with your luggage, and if their shuttle bus runs 24 hours a day.

3.    Search for Midway Airport parking discounts

How to save money on airport parking at Midway

Look for MDW airport parking discount codes, early bird offers, or simply contact Midway Airport and inquire about ongoing discounts. You can also subscribe to Way.com emails to get Midway Airport parking promo codes straight into your inbox! Coupon sites like Groupon, Savings.com, and RetailMeNot are good resources to unearth an MDW Airport parking coupon or two

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