How to Save on Parking When You Travel?

Save on airport parking and city parking

I believe there’s no such thing as full-priced anything and there’s always a way to cut down costs! Even the most mundane services and items have deals! You just need to know how and where to look for it. So, how to save on parking when you travel?

Where can I save on travels?

I had asked myself the same questions once, “Where can I save on travels?” and parking is the main thing you could definitely compromise on. Cause, let’s be honest, parking is important in terms of safety, but as long as your car is safe and sound, reasonably distanced from where you need to go, you could care less about anything else! For me personally, I am not traveling to have some kind of once in a lifetime experience with airport parking or any other kind of parking for that matter while on vacation or a business trip! If it’s some kind of crazy robotic and ai services with flashy lights or so, then maybe consider spending a bit extra for an hourly or one-day parking experience. Other than that, airport parking and everyday parking is where you’d want to know, “How do I save on parking when I travel”.

How do I save on parking when I travel

Then the second question that usually comes up with airport parking is, “How do I save on parking when I travel?” and “How can I save money on parking, period?”. For most people, this is the bottleneck! How the heck do you cut down on costs parking at airports and parking at hotels, etc.? Like most people, myself included, turn to their handy dandy internet only to find out that, sadly, there are typically no deals at airports for airport parking. The cheap airport parking search continues! Once you’ve done a decent amount of searching and reading, you’d find out that although you can’t save on airport parking at the airport, but you could definitely save money at close-by airport parking lots around the airport. Voila! A whole new world of parking opened up.

Save on airport parking

Save on airport parking when you book or reserve your parking from a local off-site airport parking lot that’s around the airport. Off-site airport parking lots are cheap compared to on-site airport parking. Off-site airport parking is up to 70% cheaper than on-site airport parking, with numerous choices such as Park N’ Fly and WallyPark! Although parking at the airport parking lots is more convenient in terms of distance, off-site airport parking garages do offer free shuttle services that run 7 days a week from the airport parking lot to the airport terminals. Not all airports offer their own free shuttle services so it is definitely convenient to have free shuttle services.

As I looked around more, I found out that these off-site airport parking lots and garages are offered through other companies such as Way. Companies like Way offer better airport parking prices than going direct. Weird, I know! If you sign up for Way’s emails, you’d often get special airport parking deals that could add up if you’re traveling for multiple days! They have an app for extra convenience. Hooray for huge airport parking savings! Now onto the next problem, “How do I save on parking in general when I travel?”

How to save on city parking

For your regular parking around the city you’re traveling in, these companies also have city parking deals as well. What’s best is that you could also get coupons or freebies if you sign up to receive their emails and your parking space is reserved! Save on money and time when you reserve your parking space! Check back with Way for city parking coming to a city near you!


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