How to Start Packing Light and Travel Lighter

Start traveling light by packing light! It all starts and ends by playing tetris with your belongings and your luggage.

For many years, I’ve often traveled immensely heavy! I had about 1 large check-in bag, sometimes a carry-on bag, and then a personal item or 2. This was purely all of my belongings. Years after getting tired of lugging around so much luggage, I decided it is time for me to start traveling light! So how do I cut down on luggage and start traveling lighter?

How to pack clothes

The first thing that usually everyone brings while traveling would have to be clothes. Clothes makes up of at least 30% of your luggage space up to maybe 70%. It would depend on the type of traveler you are, where you’re going, and the duration of your trip. So let’s start with traveling lighter with clothes!

The first thing to do to travel light is to know where you’re going, the environment, itinerary, and weather. For instance, if you’re going to a place that’s experiencing a cold winter, chances are you won’t be bringing any shorts and the same is true vice versa! If you’ll be in a facility that offers relatively safe and cheap laundry options, you can cut down on some shirts, underclothes, and socks. Think about your situation in terms of clothes! Start packing by laying out all the items you’re considering on bringing. After having a good look at everything you want to pack, go through your clothes one by one and pick out what you actually want to bring. Whatever clothes item you are bringing, if you can army roll your clothes instead of regular folding, you can save on so much space! If you can’t army roll, just by folding your clothes to where you can comfortably tightly roll the item would save you so much space! After all of that, play tetris with your clothes to have your clothes all snugged and tightly, but nicely, packed. Phase 1 is done!

How to pack Toiletries

Second way to travel light is your toiletries. It’s pretty simple with a few hacks along the way! Check out what toiletries you have that can be travel-sized. There’s a good chance you won’t be needing or using a full-size toiletry item so get your toiletry in travel size. If your item absolutely can not be found in travel size or it’s way too expensive, then the next best option is to buy travel-sized empty bottles. Fill your bottles up with your personal toiletries and voila! Your toiletries are now travel-sized!

There are 2 hacks for traveling light with toiletries while being pretty budget-friendly. The first travel light with toiletries tip is to get samples whenever possible. Sephora and Department stores can offer some really nice face wash samples that can last you through at least 4 washes. The next travel light with toiletries tip is to call your hotel and see what they have available for free or that is complimentary. Most hotels offer your basic body soap, shampoo, and conditioner, but they also offer complimentary toothpaste, toothbrush, and makeup remover! Some hotels offer way more complimentary and free toiletries so call ahead and take advantage of it!

How to pack and stay organized

Lastly, organization is key! Being organized will definitely help you travel lighter. By playing tetris with your clothes, you’re already two steps there! Organize and place all your belongings strategically to travel light is key! For the lazy birds, I’d highly recommend buying a suitcase or luggage organizer! It definitely helps keep things in one place and organized, with very minimal work. If you don’t want to do anything else, at least do this step!

Start traveling lighter!

By traveling light, you are able to have so much freedom in terms of movement. Such as after you use airport parking, it can be a huge hassle to lug tons of luggage from your car to the shuttle, then onto the shuttle, off the shuttle, and to your airport terminal. You get the idea! The only bright side is at least some companies, such as Way, are implementing shuttle tracking on their app to save travelers from luggage lugging hassles! Happy parking and happy travels!


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