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How to steam clean an engine

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Do you wash and detail your car regularly? But, what about your vehicle’s engine? Do you clean it regularly? If not, now is the time to pay the much-needed attention to it. Use our detailed guide on ‘how to steam clean an engine’ to make it look spotless.    

Why should you clean your engine?    

Like your car’s exterior, you need to regularly clean your vehicle’s engine bay. If you don’t pay enough attention to your car’s engine, dirt and grease can accumulate and affect the components inside it. These components play an important role in your car’s performance, and if they are covered with dirt and gunk, your car’s health will deteriorate. Also, if they are not cleaned properly, they can be damaged beyond repair. Remember, replacing the components with new ones can cost you a lot of money! That’s why we recommend you clean your engine at least once every three months.       

Why should you steam clean an engine?   

Steam cleaning is a great option if you’re looking for the best results while cleaning your engine. In this method, steam is applied at the right temperature and angle to remove the deeply embedded dirt inside the engine. The steam can also reach the nooks and crannies of the engine and clean it effectively. Another advantage of steam is it is safe to use and will not affect the sensitive parts and electrical components. 

How to steam clean an engine - steam cleaning an engine

How to steam clean an engine 

Step 1  

Before you begin the cleaning process, wear gloves, glasses, and safe clothes to protect you from dirt and grease. You will need a brush, leaf blower, water, degreaser, and steam cleaner for the process.  

Step 2  

Never clean your vehicle’s engine when it is still hot. Switch off your engine, wait for at least two hours, and begin the steaming process. It’s best to cover electrical components and connections using aluminum foil to protect them.  

Step 3  

You can remove the loose dirt and debris using a leaf blower or pick the bigger ones manually.   

Step 4  

In most cases, you can loosen the engine bay’s dirt using the steam cleaner’s heat and pressure. However, to remove the stubborn and deeply embedded dirt, you can apply an engine degreaser (non-petroleum) to loosen them up.   

Step 5  

Now use the steam cleaner and begin the cleaning process. Adjust the setting at an appropriate level and angle to get the best results. Make sure to use the right nozzle setting and brush to remove the dirt and gunk completely. Don’t forget to clean the hard-to-reach places in the engine.   

Step 6   

After finishing the cleaning process, use the steam to give a final rinse. Next, use a rag or cloth to wipe off the surfaces. The cleaning process ends here. However, if you’ve time, you can use a spray-on engine dressing to give an added shine to your engine, or you can wax the metallic components to protect them from corrosion. 

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