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How to Tie a Christmas Tree to a Car – Handy and Useful Tips

  • Car Care Tips
  • Samuel Green
  • 3 minutes

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The holiday season is finally here, and a Christmas tree is an integral part of it. Finding the right Christmas tree is a difficult task. But, safely transporting a Christmas tree on your car’s roof is harder than that. Don’t worry – in this post, we’re letting you know how to tie a Christmas tree to a car and safely transport it.   

According to AAA, 44% of Americans who plan to purchase a real Christmas tree will transport it using unsafe methods – don’t be one of them! Transporting a Christmas tree is an arduous task if you don’t follow the essential instructions.  

Not just that, by following wrong techniques, you can cause damage to your car, the one behind and before yours. What’s worse, it can even cause a fatal road accident! To avoid all this, use our tips on tying a Christmas tree to a car for a safe and wonderful holiday.  

Car carrying a Christmas tree on roof

Choose the right vehicle   

Before you head out to buy the tree, pick the right vehicle. We recommend you use a vehicle with a roof rack or use a pickup truck or an SUV that can fit the tree.    

Plan and gather equipment   

Make sure you have all the necessary items to tie a Christmas tree on your car. You will need blankets, tarps or plastic sheeting, rope, bungee cording, or straps to transport the tree without causing any damage to your vehicle.    

Wrap the Christmas tree and load it   

Wrap the Christmas tree in netting before you load it. By netting it, you can stop any damage it could cause. Before placing the tree, spread a tarp or blanket on the roof to avoid scratches or damage. Now, load the Christmas tree on the car roof, with the trunk facing the car’s front. If you’re transporting the tree in a pickup truck, spread an old blanket and place the tree on top of it.   

Tie-down the tree   

Using a rope or nylon ratchet, tie the bottom, center, and top. Many tree lots offer twine but avoid using them. Next, use fixed vehicle tie-down points and loop the rope or strap around the tree trunk and above a branch to arrest any side-to-side or front-to-rear movement. Before exiting from the lot, give the tree a once-over and check if it’s tied properly.   

Important tips to follow while transporting a Christmas tree on top of a car   

  • It’s good to drive slowly while transporting the Christmas tree. It’s safe for you and helps prevent any damage or mishap.    
  • Buy a tree that will fit inside of your vehicle or on your car’s roof rack. You can transport it without any hassle.    
  • Another great way to protect your vehicle’s paint is by getting a car wax. It will add a protective layer to the paint and prevents any damage.  
  • If you buy a tree that extends beyond your car’s bumpers, it’s best to tie a reflective flag at the end to alert other vehicles.  
  • If you are loading the tree inside the vehicle or in the bed of a truck, make sure you have a view of your windows and rearview mirror.  
  • The sap and other stains from the tree can dirty your car. Therefore, it’s best to wash your car afterward to remove any contaminants that might cause damage to your vehicle. Use Way.com to find top-rated and affordable car washes and save big! 

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