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How to Turn off the ESP Bas Light on Your Jeep

  • Car Services
  • Nova Kainen
  • 4 minutes

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ESP BAS light on a jeep gives the driver better control over the vehicle. But have you ever come across a situation where you lost the owner’s manual and have no idea how you should turn off the ESP BAS light? Continue reading to know why the ESP BAS light turns on and how you can fix it. 

esp bas light Jeep

What does the ESP BAS light mean on a Jeep?

ESP BAS light provides better control over the vehicle, especially when you are driving under adverse conditions. The light will briefly flash and turn off if it is in good working condition. You can identify an issue with the light if it continuously stays on without turning off.  

Can I drive with the ESP BAS light on?

If your Jeep’s ESP BAS light has turned on while driving, you should not ignore it. If the ESP BAS light stays on for a prolonged time, it indicates issues with your Jeep. You must immediately check the issue and solve it to avoid any danger. Ignoring it for a temporary reason can result in greater permanent damage.  

Why does the ESP BAS light on my Jeep turn on?

There are many warning lights on the control panel of the Jeep, and ESP BAS is one such light. ESP BAS light generally indicates trouble in your Jeep’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP) or the Brake Assist Program (BAS).  Failure in the electric panel or with the brake assist will adversely affect the car’s performance. If ignored, this can have a great effect on your car, and hence it is mandatory to fix the issue.   

The specific reasons for the turning on of the ESP BAS warning light are: 

Defective brake switch 

While driving on the road, the brake switch activates the brake lights, thus warning other vehicles that your vehicle will slow down. Failure to the brake switch can lead to many accidents. To avoid this, ESP BAS lights notify you about the defect, avoiding greater damage. 

Defective wheel speed sensors 

Wheel speed sensors help to track the spinning rate of the wheels, and once the wheels move at different speeds, these sensors recalibrate the spinning rate. The illuminated ESP BAS lights indicate any damage to these sensors, thus avoiding great damage. 

Defective steering angle sensors 

Using the steering angle sensors, the steering moves the wheels to the left and right. If there is any damage to the steering angle sensors, the ESP BAS lights stay on for a long time. A timely fix of the steering angle sensor prevents any damage to the car’s performance. 

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How do you turn off the ESP BAS light on my Jeep?

Turning off the ESP BAS light on your Jeep is not complicated. First, you need to identify whether the problem is with the steering wheel sensor or with, the wheel speed sensor, or the brake switch.  

Steps to fix the defective steering angle sensors

To fix the defective steering angle sensors, follow the guidelines given below: 

(i) Turn on the engine of the Jeep. 

(ii) Now, turn the steering wheel twice to the right and then two times to the left. 

(iii) Finally, return the steering wheel to the center so the tire will face forward. 

The steering wheel will get back to normal working condition. Once it returns to work, the ESP BAS light will normally turn off, thus allowing you to drive without difficulty. 

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How to fix the defective wheel speed sensors and defective brake switch

It is very easy to solve if the ESP BAS light turns on due to an issue with the wheel speed sensors or the brake switch. All that you should do is replace them with new ones. The cost of wheel speed sensors and brake switches is affordable.     

Bottom line

ESP BAS light is a warning light informing you of an issue with the electronic stability system or your Brake Assist system. Through regular maintenance of your vehicle, you will easily identify defective parts. You can easily solve this issue by following all the guidelines mentioned above. But if the issue persists, you can get help from a professional. Way.com offers you the best insurance quotes with the best interest rates. Keep your vehicle insured with Way.com. 

esp bas light Jeep

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