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How to Update Driver’s License in a New State: Things to Know

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You must update your driver’s license as soon as you move into a new state. Having the latest information on your license is as important as carrying your request with you. In addition, you must see to it that it has all your details verifying your identity. However, this is a time taking process. Also, the state laws consider it a critical step if you are planning to relocate. However, it is pretty easy to update your license if you do it at the right time, in the right way. It is pretty easy to update your license if you do it at the right time, in the right way.

Not updating your driver’s license can also become a problem once you settle in a new state. Again, taking this as the most compelling evidence, the DMV imposes heavy fines and penalties on you. In addition, you may have to undergo imprisonment for about a year. Therefore, ensure you hold a valid license in your new state to avoid hefty fines and penalties.

How to update driver's license in a new state? Things to know

When do you have to update your driver’s license?

There are notably two situations when you need to revise your driver’s license. First, it happens either on an in-state move or an out-of-state move.

In-state relocation

If you relocate within the state, the time you take to update your driver’s license becomes comparatively less. You can also do the renewal online in a much more straightforward manner. However, you may have to visit the DMV office too for verification. In addition, remember to visit the DMV website of your location and confirm the working hours before you go. Also, don’t forget to share your auto insurance and vehicle details at the office.

Out-of-state relocation

The first thing to consider is if you plan to move out of your state. Also, if you update your license out-of-state, make sure you do it from your current residence. Then, you may finish off your request and registration process. Nevertheless, updating your driver’s license to your current condition may take between 10 days to two months.

Steps to update driver’s license

Here are the steps in detail you usually need to follow to update your driver’s license easily.

Cross check at the DMV website

The DMV website chiefly helps you with all the details you need to modify your driver’s license. Therefore, double-check the requirements, time limit, and rules before you update your license. Also, look for prerequisites like forms or applications you must fill in advance.

Keep the time limit.

Each state keeps a deadline by when you can update your driver’s license. The average time limit is markedly between 30 to 90 working days. If you are unsure when the last date to update is, you may check with your state’s website again.

Keep a checklist of documents.

Firstly, understand the most important documents while altering your driver’s license. Secondly, download the proper forms and fill them with the appropriate details. Thirdly, crosscheck if the elements in your state are correct. If they are, you may also proceed towards making the payments and going for the necessary tests.

How to update driver's license in a new state? Things to know

Know the right time to update your license

StateDMV websiteTime to renew license in-state?Time to renew the license in a new state Fees
AlabamaDepartment of Public Safety30 days30 days$40
AlaskaDivision of Motor VehiclesImmediately10 days$20
ArizonaDepartment of Transportation10 daysRequired Immediately$10-$20
ArkansasDepartment of Motor VehiclesNo limit30 days$40
CaliforniaDepartment of Motor Vehicles10 days10 days$36
ColoradoDivision of Motor Vehicles30 days30 days$28
ConnecticutDepartment of Motor Vehicles2 days60 days$112
DelawareDivision of Motor Vehicles30 days30 days$40
FloridaDepartment of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles30 days60 days$48
GeorgiaDepartment of Driver Services60 days10 days$32
HawaiiDepartment of Transportation30 days30 days$10-$40
IdahoDivision of Motor Vehicles30 daysVaries$10-$55
IllinoisOffice of the Secretary of State30 days90 days$0-$30
IndianaBureau of Motor Vehicles30 days90 days$11-$17.50
IowaDepartment of Transportation30 days60 days$4-$32
KansasDivision of Motor VehiclesImmediately90 days$23-$29
KentuckyDriver Licensing Division10 days90 days$43
LouisianaOffice of Motor Vehicles10 days30 days$32
MaineBureau of Motor Vehicles10 days30 days$65
MarylandMotor Vehicle Administration30 days30 days$72
MassachusettsRegistry of Motor Vehicles30 days60 days$115
MichiganOffice of the Secretary of StateImmediately30 days$25
MinnesotaDivision of Driver and Vehicle Services30 daysRequired Immediately$32
MississippiDepartment of Public Safety30 days60 days$24-$47
MissouriMissouri Department of RevenueImmediately60 days$22.50-$25
MontanaDepartment of Justice’s Motor Vehicle Division10 days30 days$42
NebraskaDepartment of Motor Vehicles60 days60 days$7.50-$26.50
NevadaDepartment of Motor Vehicles30 days30 days$42
New HampshireDivision of Motor Vehicles30 days30 days$50
New JerseyMotor Vehicle Commission7 days60 days$24
New MexicoMotor Vehicle Division10 days60 days$18-$34
New YorkDepartment of Motor Vehicles10 daysRequired Immediately$65-$105
North CarolinaDepartment of Motor Vehicles60 days30 days$33
North DakotaDepartment of Transportation10 days60 days$15
OhioBureau of Motor VehiclesNo limit60 days$30.75
OklahomaDepartment of Public Safety10 days30 days$27
OregonDepartment of Motor Vehicles30 daysNo limit$60
PennsylvaniaDepartment of Transportation15 days30 days$20-$30.50
Rhode IslandDivision of Motor Vehicles10 days60 days$39.50
South CarolinaDepartment of Motor Vehicles10 days30 days$12.50-$25
South DakotaDepartment of Public SafetyNo limit90 days$28
TennesseeDriver Services Division10 days90 days$28
TexasDepartment of Public Safety30 days30 days$50+
UtahDepartment of Public Safety10 days90 days$32
VermontOffice of the Secretary of State30 days60 days$32-$51
VirginiaDepartment of Motor Vehicles30 days60 days$32
WashingtonDepartment of Licensing10 days60 days$89
Washington, D.C.Department of Motor Vehicles60 days30 days$47
West VirginiaDivision of Motor Vehicles20 days30 days$5.50 per year
WisconsinDivision of Motor Vehicles10 days60 days$34
WyomingDepartment of Transportation10 daysRequired Immediately$40

How to get your Nevada license- Things to keep in mind

Proofs you need to produce to update your driver’s license.

If you plan to update your driver’s license, you should produce the following documents.

  • Firstly, you can have a valid rent agreement to produce.
  • Similarly, a utility, rent, or mortgage bill can also be considered proof.
  • Likewise, medical bills or documents with your current addresses can also benefit.

To sum up:

In conclusion, you must update your driver’s license whenever you plan to move to a new state. However, upgrading your auto insurance before your license is always best since you may want to use the car for longer. Hence, complete the necessary tests, pay the fees, and complete the process before the deadline.

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