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How to Use a Self-Car Wash Near Me

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  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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A self-car wash is an ideal method to wash your car if you don’t have the right equipment at your disposal or if you live in an apartment and don’t have a proper place to wash your car effectively. What’s more, a self-car wash is your best bet if you want to give your car a proper wash with professional equipment – especially if you’re skeptical about automatic car washes.   

This blog has been updated on June 6, 2021.


A simple search of “self-car wash near me” on your phone can help you locate a self-car wash in your locality. However, if you’ve never been to a self-car wash, do not worry. This post is your answer to “how to use a self-car wash near me”. Read on to know more.    

A step-by-step guide to use a self-car wash    

Step 1  

A self-car wash station usually has multiple car wash bays where you need to park and clean your car. Drive your car to an empty bay and park it in the center. If you notice a marked spot on the floor, you can park on it. Make sure you have enough space to walk around the car. Also, see if the sprayer can reach both sides of your car. If the sprayer does not reach both sides of the car comfortably, then park accordingly.   

How to Use a Self-Car Wash Near Me

Step 2  

Once you have parked your vehicle, remove your floor mats and set them aside. You can clean them using the sprayer. If you think your floor mats are clean or if your floor mats are made of carpet or cloth fiber material, you can skip this step.  

Step 3  

Next, familiarize yourself with the sprayer settings on the self-wash machine. Almost all self-wash machines offer three basic settings: wash, soap, and rinse to clean your car. However, you can also find pre-soaks, high-pressure rinses, and other options in advanced machines. Choose the setting you want to use and pay for it. You can insert coins or use a credit card, depending on the machine. Some car wash locations that offer monthly plans also offer an RFID tag that you can stick on your windshield for a contactless car wash process. Your car wash time will begin immediately after you pay the wash fee.    

Step 4  

First, choose the wash or pre-wash setting. Stand 3-5 feet away from the vehicle and point the sprayer towards your car. The high-pressure water from the sprayer should remove dirt and debris stuck onto your car’s exterior. Make sure you walk around and clean all sides of your car. Point the sprayer at the wheels and clear off the debris stuck in the wheel wells. Go around the vehicle and check for missed spots, if any. 

How to Use a Self-Car Wash Near Me

Step 5  

Now, set the desired soap option in the machine. A soapy stream will flow from the sprayer instead of water. Go around the car and spray the soap onto the car’s body. Now use a foam brush – you can find it near the self-car wash machine or in your wash area – and scrub the car’s exterior. Scrub thoroughly to remove all the deeply embedded dirt on the car’s body.   

Step 6 

After completing the previous step, use the rinse setting to wash down the soap. Use the sprayer to give your car a thorough wash. Check your car for any soap residue; clean it off if you find any. Finally, give your car a once-over to check the result. 

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