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Will washing your car in rain stop global warming?

  • Car Care Tips
  • Natasha Young
  • 6 minutes

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Years of neglect on a car’s exterior can impact its resale value because of the resulting deterioration. The more you wash your car, the more water you use. And the more paint damage you do to your car, the less value it will have when you resell it. A clean car is said to have psychological benefits and even fuel efficiency. But you may be still wondering about some major benefits to justify the extra time and effort required to keep your car spotless? Now let’s just take a look at a far more environmentally friendly car wash. Yes, you guessed it right! This blog is all about how to wash your car in the rain.  

A black Audi after rain

Should you wash your car during the rain, before or after? 

Rainwater will unquestionably clean your car to some degree. It will definitely wash away the light impurities like pollen and dirt accumulated on your car’s surface. However, rainwater will not wash away tough impurities like bugs, tar, or heavy dirt that have adhered to surfaces. Because it lacks power and doesn’t include any washing supplies. 

When your car gets dirty, you should wash it. A cold day, a place away from direct sunshine or in a shaded wash bay, calls for a car wash. Give in to the car’s plea and stop procrastinating. Because you’ll never wash your car if you wait for the ideal conditions. 

Washing before the rain 

Most days, rain may be predicted, depending on where you live. If you use this as an excuse, it’s understandable why you’d go months without washing your car. Even if you washed your car only moments before it rained, it will still be much cleaner after the rain.  

Certainly, rain can get your car dirty, but this shouldn’t be a problem with proper final-stage protection. There are a few things you may do if a rain shower has left streaks and wet stains on your car. To eliminate grime and prevent etching, use a waterless wash or rapid detailer. Both will leave your vehicle exceptionally shiny.  

Even if your car is spotless, it will only last a short time. To maintain it clean, you’ll constantly have to put in some effort. But if you have a rain-proof garage or car cover, you may rest assured that your vehicle will remain spotless. 

Washing during rain 

While car washing in the rain has possible benefits, it also has significant drawbacks. So, even if it’s raining, you can still wash your car. The alternative is to not wash it at all. If you wash your car in the rain, you can skip the pre-wash step. 

Light pollutants will be washed away by the rain, and some hard filth may even be loosened up. Even though it isn’t a snow foam stage, it will still help. Also, if you want to dry your car properly, you’ll need to find a shady spot.  

It’s critical to thoroughly dry your automobile after washing it to remove any remaining product residue and to avoid any further water spots. If you don’t work in a covered area, the extra rainwater may complicate things.  

Car wash in rain meme

Most importantly, don’t be this guy unless you wanna end up as a meme template, that is.

Washing after the rain 

The optimum time to wash your car is just after heavy rainfall or within a day of it. If it rains, your car naturally cleans off minor impurities, but it may have water spots. Despite this, the car will appear cleaner and washing it will require less effort. 

The mineral deposits on your automobile will come right off if you wash your car after it has rained. Doing so will prevent them from scratching the paint and forcing you to go through several steps of paint correction on your car. If you live in a polluted area, it’s important to wash your car after rain.  

Pros of washing your car in the rain 

  • There is no need to pre-rinse your car: A good car wash starts with a pre-rinse of your car’s exterior. And making sure it’s smooth before you use your wash mitt on it. Rain removes dust from the air within the first few minutes of falling. As a result, it becomes “soft” and mineral-free (not applicable for polluted areas). When you get this soft water all over your car, it’s much easier and safer to start washing because you’ll have a nice slick surface to work on. 
  • It helps to rinse off shampoo:  The mild rain will assist in rinsing off the shampoo as you work your way around the car with your wash mitt and shampoo. When the shampooing process is complete, you’ll have less hand rinsing to do. If rainwater is naturally soft and mineral-free, it works wonders. 

Cons of washing your car in the rain 

  • You can’t dry your car properly: Since you can’t use a microfiber towel to dry your car while it’s raining, you’ll have to wait till it stops. There’s nothing more important than the look of your clean car when it’s been well dried, so you have to wait till the rain stops. 
  • Acid rain: Acid rain-derived substances can chip into your car’s clear finish over time, making restoration more difficult. However, in locations with clean air, rain’s impacts may be less of a concern. But since rainfall is mineral-rich, you may see fewer hard water spots now that the rain has rinsed them away. While it’s true that some people prefer to wash their cars in the rain, it’s most likely owing to the hard water spots. It’s not a long-term solution, but cleaner rain can help reduce water spots. 

Final Verdict 

Washing your car in the rain might seem more environment-friendly and effortless. But it’s certainly not effective. Regular professional washes are the simplest way to safeguard your car and save money on paint and maintenance work. 

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