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Huntsville International Airport (HSV) Parking Guide

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 11 minutes

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If you’re planning to fly out of Huntsville, it would be good to book a parking spot as soon you book a ticket to fly out from Huntsville International Airport‚ÄĮ(HSV). Located midway between Birmingham, Nashville, and Atlanta, many passengers opt to fly out from HSV Airport to avoid the hassle of bigger airports. And a few miles away from downtown, it’s not a bad idea to drive to the airport. But, the onsite parking lots tend to be busy. The odds are high that you’ll miss out on a parking spot during peak hours! How can you solve the onsite parking dilemma? That‚Äôs where our Huntsville Airport parking guide can help you! With non-stop flights to many international destinations, HSV Airport remains one of the busiest in Alabama! So, how can you get HSV Airport parking, and what are the rates? Keep reading this Huntsville Airport parking guide!¬†

HSV Airport parking options 

A five-storeyed parking deck and the Economy Parking lots offer onsite HSV parking. You can locate the short-term parking spots at Level 1and long-term parking spots at levels 2-6 of the garage. The garage is within walking distance from the terminal, with two covered skywalks connecting directly to the terminal’s second level. The top floor of the garage offers uncovered parking spots only.  You can locate the Economy Parking lots behind the parking deck. These lots also offer an easy connection to the terminal via skywalks. All these onsite parking spaces offer complimentary parking for the first 30 minutes. The onsite lots have a SmartPark system that lets you pay for the parking while exiting via automated lanes for credit cards. Continue reading our Huntsville Airport parking guide to know in detail about parking at HSV Airport and HSV parking rates.  

Where can I park at Huntsville Airport?

Onsite parking is available via a parking deck and the Economy Parking lots. You can get long-term parking at the Economy Parking lots and levels 2-6 of the parking deck. For hourly parking, you can use the Level 1 of the parking garage.  

How much is parking at Huntsville Airport?

The HSV parking rates depend on the lot you choose for parking and the duration taken. All onsite lots offer free parking for the first 30 minutes. After that, Huntsville International Airport parking starts at $2 per hour and can go up to a maximum of $24 for a day’s parking. 

How much does long-term parking cost at Huntsville Airport?

The HSV Airport long-term parking rates vary based on the lot you choose for parking your car. Long-term parking is available at the parking deck and the Economy Parking lots. Getting a long-term parking spot can cost you between $8 and $24. Economy Parking lots offer the most affordable daily parking spots costing you $8 per day. The next option is to park at levels 2-6 of the parking deck. Using a long-term parking spot in these levels costs you $12 for a day. You can also get a parking spot at the hourly parking deck, which costs you $24 for a day’s parking. Do you want to have cheaper long-term parking? Then it is best to get a parking spot at the nearby offsite garages or hotel parking lots. Most of these offsite lots have long-term parking spots at affordable rates when compared to the onsite ones.  

Lot  Duration  HSV parking rate 
Economy  Per Day   $8 
Parking Deck Levels 2-6:  Per Day  $12 
Parking Deck Level 1  Per Day  $24 
Offsite parking near HSV Airport  Per Day  $3 

How much does short-term parking cost at Huntsville Airport?

Level 1 of the parking deck offers hourly parking spots at the airport. Using a short-term parking spot costs you $2 per hour. The short-term parking rate increases by $2 until it reaches the daily maximum limit of $24. Are you looking for cheaper hourly parking spots? Then have a check on the nearby offsite garages and hotel parking lots while you book the flight ticket. Most of these garages and lots provide hourly parking spots at lower rates. Do you wish to know more about the airport and its facilities? Continue reading our Huntsville Airport parking guide.  

Lot  Duration  HSV parking rate 
Parking Deck Level 1  Per Hour  $2 

About¬†Huntsville International Airport‚ÄĮ

The airport has annual passenger traffic or more than a million every year. Located around 10 miles southwest of Downtown Huntsville, HSV Airport is also the biggest commercial airport in North Alabama. Sprawling around 6,000 acres, the airport features a terminal having two levels, one concourse, and 12 gates. HSV Airport has two asphalt runways. The runway at the west is the second-longest commercial runway in southeastern USA. Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Charlotte are the major domestic destinations served by this airport. HSV airport also serves as a diversion airport due to the long runways. In 1969-80, Huntsville Airport operated non-stop flights to Los Angeles, Florida, and Texas for the U.S. space program. Do you want to know about getting to the airport and how to spend your waiting period? This Huntsville Airport parking guide has that covered!  

Getting to Huntsville Airport

Driving to HSV Airport is always a good option as Downtown is just a few miles away. Ideally, it takes around 15-20 minutes for you to reach the airport while driving. The fastest way to reach the airport is by taking the I-565 W route. But always ensure to find out a parking spot prior if you’re planning to fly out for a few days. Also, driving from Downtown can get difficult if you’re traveling at peak hours and seasons. So, what are the other ways by which you can get to the airport? Find out via our Huntsville Airport parking guide. 

Traveling via taxi/rideshare services

It is the fastest way by which you can travel to the airport from Downtown. Typically it takes around 15-20 to reach the airport while traveling in a taxi. AAAA Cab Company and Rocket City Cab are the main taxi services that serve the airport. Hiring a taxi can cost you between $35 and $45 for a ride to HSV Airport.  

Uber and Lyft are the main rideshare services that connect you to the airport. The rideshare fare depends on the ride type and the time of your travel. Hiring an Uber can cost you anything between $34 and $56 for a ride to the airport. At the same time, using a Lyft service charges you between $30 and $49. Be mindful that the rideshare fares can surge during peak hours and seasons. So, always check the fare before booking a ride to HSV Airport! 

Get parking at HSV Airport for $3/day

Things to do at Huntsville Airport

The waiting period before your boarding can be boring if there are no options at the airport to entertain you. HSV Airport doesn’t have any lounges, but many restaurants and gift shops keep you equipped before boarding. What are the dining and shopping options at the airport? Find it out through our Huntsville Airport parking guide. 

Dining and shopping at HSV Airport

The public area features The Grille Restaurant & Lounge restaurant by Four Points by Sheraton. If you‚Äôre craving to have some pizzas, head to the¬†Arrezzio¬†Pizza located on the concourse. Or even you could try out some exotic cuisines from McAlister‚Äôs Deli, which is also on the concourse. How do you feel about getting relaxed before the flight? Gevalia Coffee Shop on the concourse can serve you some delicious coffees. Or do you wish to try some exotic local brews? Then visit the Beer‚ÄĮGarden on the concourse, which features beer by some local breweries.¬†¬†

Rocket City News & Gift Shops and Explore Huntsville News & Gift Shop are the two gift shops you can explore to buy souvenirs or other gift items. Explore Huntsville News & Gift Shop is located in the public area, and the other gift shop is on the concourse.  

Other amenities at the airport

The airport is sure to give you thrills if you‚Äôre an art lover. ‚ÄėAirport¬†Artway,‚Äô the quarterly exhibit on the terminal‚Äôs second level, features art and artists from the region. The artworks created by promising artists in the North Alabama community can be seen on both sides of the breezeway connecting the airport and parking deck. There is a¬†Mamava¬†nursing station for nursing mothers that you can locate between gates 2A/B and gate 4 on the concourse. The terminal also features free Wi-Fi that you can use while waiting for your boarding. You can locate HSV‚Äôs Pet Park outside the terminal front. There is also a pet relief area that you can access from the concourse between gates 11 and 12.¬†¬†

Where is Huntsville Airport?

HSV Airport is located at 1000 Glenn Hearn Blvd SW, Huntsville, AL 35824. 

How early to arrive at Huntsville Airport?

It is always better to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before the scheduled departure time.  

What airport is close to Huntsville Airport?

Northwest Alabama Regional Airport (MSL) is the nearest Alabama airport to HSV. MSL Airport is around 58 miles away from Huntsville Airport.  

Does HSV Airport have a Cell Phone Lot?

No. The airport doesn’t have a Cell Phone Lot.  

Is there free parking at Huntsville Airport?

You can get free parking at all onsite lots for the first 30 minutes. Also,¬†there are 10-minute ‚Äėwaiting spaces‚Äô in front of the terminal. You can use these spaces for free up to a¬†maximum of 10 minutes while you‚Äôre picking up or dropping off a passenger. However, ensure that you never leave the vehicle unattended.¬†¬†

How can I get cheap parking at HSV Airport?‚ÄĮ

Reserve a parking spot at any offsite garages or lots if you want to have cheap airport parking. Most of these lots offer hourly and long-term parking at cheaper rates when compared to the onsite lots. ‚ÄĮ‚ÄĮ¬†

How can you locate parking spots easily at the onsite lots?

The parking deck features the SmartPark system. SmartSigns are available at each level of the parking deck that shows how many parking spots are available.  

Are there covered parking spaces at HSV Airport?

Yes. You can find covered parking spots at the first five levels of the parking deck. 

What airlines serve‚ÄĮHuntsville Airport?

Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection, American Eagle, Breeze Airways, Frontier Airlines, United Express, and Silver Airways.  

Are there EV charging stations at HSV Airport?

Yes. Two EV charging stations each are available at the first and fifth levels of the parking deck.  

Where can you find accessible parking spots at HSV Airport?

There are accessible parking spots located at Level 1 of the parking deck. For long-term accessible parking, you can locate parking spots in the Economy Parking lot and levels 2 and 3 of the parking deck.  

Huntsville International Airport parking map

Here‚Äôs the airport map where you can find the best onsite parking spots, including¬†HSV Airport long-term parking¬†and cheap¬†Huntsville International Airport parking.‚ÄĮ¬†

Huntsville Airport parking map
Image courtesy: https://www.flyhuntsville.com/parking/

Huntsville Airport parking guide

A five-storeyed parking deck and Economy Parking lot offer onsite parking at Huntsville Airport. Level 1 of the parking deck offers short-term parking spots at $2 per hour. You can get long-term airport parking at levels 2-6 of the parking deck and the Economy Parking lot. The Economy Parking lot offers the most economical onsite long-term parking for $8 per day. The parking deck also has four EV charging stations. There are also designated accessible parking spots at levels 1-3 and the Economy Parking lot. Do you want to get cheaper long-term parking at Huntsville Airport? Our Huntsville Airport parking guide has that covered!  

Huntsville Airport parking information, coupons, and discounts 

HSV Airport has non-stop flights to Europe, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, and Sao Paulo. It makes the airport one of the busiest airports in Alabama. So, the airport lots may fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons. With a parking spot never guaranteed, it is always safe to check for parking at nearby offsite garages and hotel parking lots. Use the Way.com app or website to get a secure parking spot near HSV Airport. Reserving via Way guarantees a parking spot for rates starting as low as $3 for a day. So, always book via Way to get cheap HSV Airport parking. 

Huntsville Airport parking guide tips

  • HSV Airport is located around 10 miles southwest of Downtown.¬†
  • The airport features a five-storeyed¬†parking deck that has short-term and long-term parking spots.¬†
  • The Economy Parking lot at the airport offers the cheapest long-term parking spots.¬†
  • Parking is free for the first 30 minutes in all onsite lots.¬†¬†
  • SmartSigns¬†helps you easily find available parking spots at the parking deck.¬†¬†

HSV parking starts at $3 for a day from Way.com

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