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George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) Airport Parking Guide

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Brandon Thamara
  • 14 minutes

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Don’t want to spend time searching for IAH Airport parking just before having to board your flight? Our comprehensive IAH Airport parking guide has all the info you need about IAH Airport parking, IAH parking rates, and cheap parking near IAH Airport.


Rates and Options for Parking at IAH Houston Airport

At the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, you have plenty of parking options which includes daily and hourly parking options. Both are located near the terminals. You will also notice that the South and North hourly parking lots are located at the entrance of the domestic terminals to ensure greater ease for all drivers and travelers. People that are visiting the airport for a short duration can choose to park at the hourly parking lot, especially if they are coming to pick someone up or drop them at the airport.

However, there are times when you need to leave your car parked at the airport for an entire day or even more. The economy parking or daily parking lots at IAH are ideal for such situations. There are numerous George Bush Intercontinental Airport parking options, that range from $5 for an hour of short-term parking to more than $26 a day for long-term valet parking. There are also plenty of offsite lots that offer airport parking IAH onsite lots can’t even hope to match. To start with though, we are going to provide you with all the best parking rates for both long-term and short-term parking at the airport below.

Houston Airport Long-Term Parking Rates and Options

If you’re parking your vehicle for the long-term, then the George Bush Intercontinental Airport parking lots have has several options for you. There are different parking options offered which include the Ecopark, SurePark, and valet parking programs. The prices for the uncovered EcoPark start at $5.54 a day. However, there are other offsite parking garages and lots which only charge $4 a day with advanced reservations and a complimentary shuttle service.

Long-Term IAH Parking Rates

Garage  Time  Covered Rate  Uncovered Rate 
Terminal Garages:  5 hours to Daily  $24  N/A 
Valet Parking:  2 hours to Daily  $28  N/A 
Ecopark:  3 hours to Daily  $7.39  $5.54 
Ecopark2:  3 hours to Daily  $6.47  N/A 

Valet Parking

If you’re craving some VIP treatment, then there is the valet parking option offered in all the garages at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport parking. All you need to do is follow the Valet signs to acquire this special service. You can avail it with other great amenities, including a bottle of water and a free USA Today newspaper.

There is also the option of having your car dropped off at the terminal and have it arranged to be picked up at another terminal when you return from your trip. The great thing about using the valet parking service is that the car will be parked in a covered lot, and the charges for the IAH Airpot Valet Parking is around $26 a day.

Short-Term IAH Parking Options and Rates

George Bush Intercontinental Airport has an abundance of short-term parking lots which are placed near the entrance of all terminals. They also feature special programs including corporate parking, valet parking, and SurePark. These parking lots are ideal for short trips and you can park your vehicle at the terminal parking garage at the following rates:

Short-Term IAH Parking Rates 

Garage  Time  Covered Rate  Uncovered Rate 
Terminal Garages:  0 – 1 hour  $5  N/A 
  1 – 2 hours  $6  N/A 
  2 – 3 hours  $8  N/A 
  3 – 5 hours  $10  N/A 
Valet Parking:  0 – 2 hours  $14  N/A 
Ecopark:  0 – 3 hours  $5.54  $4.62 
Ecopark2:  0 – 3 hours  $4.62  N/A 

airport parking iah

Corporate Parking Program

Those passengers that want to save their expenses and acquire a special corporate rate can choose the corporate parking program. The membership program offers an extensive range of benefits like the chance to earn free parking as well as ticketless access cards.

SurePark Program

Frequent flyers can choose the members-only program called SurePark which guarantees them a parking space near the terminals. They have a designated parking area in Terminal C Level 3 and members of this program will always find a parking space at the airport.

SurePark Program Rates

Up to 3 hours $9.00
3-5 hours $12.00
5-24 hours $24.00


Serving the people in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area, George Bush Intercontinental Airport is a major international airport that is classed under B airspace. It is located some 23 miles towards the northern side of downtown Houston and is one of the most prominent airports in that area.

The airport is named after the 41st President of the United States, George H. W. Bush, and serves more than 40 million passengers on average. It is among the busiest airports in the world, coming in at number 48 on the list. The number of travelers that visit the airport means that it comes in at number 15 among the busiest airports in the United States as well. The airport has a lot of facilities available to travelers that are coming to visit, ensuring that everyone has a pleasant time over here.

The George Bush Intercontinental Airport has an abundance of parking options available for travelers that come to the airport. It is the also home to United Airlines and comes in second place after O’Hare International Airport. The airport serves as the focus city for Spirit Airlines and has operations for Skywest Airlines, Expressjet Airlines, and United Express.

About George Bush International Airport

George Bush International Airport is renowned for being among the busiest airports in Northern America and is also considered to be one of the fastest-growing as well. It serves as a focus city for Spirit and is the biggest hub for United. The airport has more than 5 terminals. The newest terminal is the E terminal which is mainly used as a base for United’s international operations. People can move freely across the terminals through Skyway which is known for transporting people across the airport.

The airport is located a few miles towards the northern side of downtown Houston, and you can take public bus service or shuttles to the airport. However, a lot of people choose to use taxi services or rent a car to get to the many terminals of the airport. All the terminals have complimentary Wi-Fi so that you can remain connected with the outside world during your stay at the airport. There are also lanes that are cleared for people at the terminals so that people can rush through security and get to their flight on time without experiencing any delays.

Eating Options

One of the best things about airports is that there is an extensive range of eating options available to visitors. The George Bush Intercontinental Airport has an abundance of dining options that will meet the approval of all travelers. The massive variety of food options includes street-inspired food that they can have at the Urban Crave (located at terminal C), raw seafood at the 3rd Bar Oyster (located at terminal B), and Eating House. These are the food choices that you won’t find at any other airport in the United States. However, the eateries at this airport will leave you spoilt for choices.

You are bound to get hungry on your travels and this includes the time you spend at the airport. For this reason, the extensive range of dining options at the airport means that you won’t have any issues with hunger pangs. There is something for everyone at the airport, and you will not go hungry on any flight. Every terminal has a restaurant with a dining option that will fulfill their taste buds. Terminal B is home to a wide range of eateries and one of the most popular spots over here is The Fruteria which offers Tex-Mex to travelers.

If you want more variety in dining options, you could head over to terminal C to have some French cuisine at Barcuterie which will tantalize your taste buds. Then you can head over to terminal B and be served with culinary delights that emphasize on charcuterie and cheese. Terminal C also has other popular dining options and one of the best ones over here is the Mango Taco Truck. The food at this eatery will take you down memory lane as you dine on their scrumptious tacos. The clear standout as far as dining options at the terminals are concerned is the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. Located at terminal E, Pappadeaux serves some of the best airport seafood that you are bound to find in any airport restaurant.

You can also opt for local dining options by heading on over to terminal A, where you find the amazing Cadillac Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar. For those of you that love Mexican food and are craving authentic flavors, the best option is to head over to terminal D for Hugo’s Cocina. This restaurant is renowned for its great tasting Mexican food. Terminal C also has a local seafood joint that goes by the name of Landry’s Seafood and is a great option for weary travelers that are craving some local seafood.

Drinking Options

One of the best things about the George Bush Intercontinental Airport is that there is an abundance of drinking options that are available for people. There are plenty of airport bars around and some of the restaurants here also offer drinking options. One of the best places to grab a drink at the airport is at Cat Cora’s Kitchen. Cat Cora features a full drink menu that includes custom cocktails such as the signature cocktail Ouzo Pomegranate Martini, which is sure to be a hit with most travelers.

If it is a wine that you are after, then you should go check out the Le Grand Comptoir. They have an impressive wine collection that you won’t find at any other airport. There are more than 100 wines offered here which includes an extensive list of vintage wines that are only available by the glass. There is something for beer lovers here as well. They can visit the Urban Crave for an extensive selecting of beers and other drinks like the Cross-Eyed Mary, which is a hit with visitors at the airport.

There is also a small airport bar in terminal C known as the Center Bar that offers a cocktail menu, along with an extensive range of spirits, wine, and beers. If you prefer visiting local spots, you should head over to the Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar where you are sure to grab a drink. Hubcap Grill & Beer Yard is another option at terminal A. You can grab some of the best burgers in Houston here. Wash them down with a local beer or a boozy milkshake.

george bush intercontinental airport parking

Things to Do

The George Bush Intercontinental Airport has an extensive range of local and designer shops, like other major airports operating in the United States. There are a lot of things to do for passengers and travelers alike, which include shopping at western-themed retailer Stelzig Ranch and the NASA-inspired shop Space Trader.

The airport has a number of art exhibits due to its partnership with the Civic Art Program in Houston. The rotating art exhibits are spread out across the terminals, and most of them revolve around the theme of space exploration in the USA. This is because Houston is the location where the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is residing. There is also something for weary travelers since there are a number of spas that are conveniently placed across the numerous terminals. Whatever the occasion or the season, you are bound to have a fun time at the airport because there is no shortage of things you can do over here.

Airport Lounges

The George Bush Intercontinental Airport is the biggest hub of United Airlines and therefore, you are bound to come across several United Clubs over here. There are lounges in terminal A and B, and E, while there are two lounges in Terminal C. Terminal D is served by international airlines. Here you will find the lounges of KLM Crown and British Airways. Besides this, there is a newly opened lounge in terminal D, known as the American Express Centurion Lounge.

A Brief Guide to George Bush Intercontinental Airport Parking

The George Bush Intercontinental Airport has an abundance of parking spots with multiple locations for drivers to choose from. The airport has around 3 parking options inside the premises itself and multiple parking options in off-site lots and garages located near and around the airport.

Since most travelers are in a hurry and are preoccupied when they visit the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, they are guilty of neglecting the importance of parking in the overall package. Parking your car in designated spots not only saves you from tickets down the line but also ensures that your car is safe and sound. You can also park your car in a long-term parking spot, as you travel outside the country. Your car can then be picked on the way back.

The abundance of parking options available to travelers at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport means that they will not have to wait around to park their vehicles. There are massive IAH parking lots situated close to the airport which is among the fastest-growing airports in the United States. The massive number of passengers that the airport sees regularly means that there are times when things can get a bit chaotic and tricky when it comes to parking your vehicle. That is the reason why we have created this George Bush Intercontinental Airport parking guide. It will assist all travelers and passengers coming to the airport and help them park their cars without experiencing any problems.

This guide is designed to provide you with all the basic parking options that are available onsite as well as provide you with offsite parking options as well. The airport parking guide will consist of important information about parking reservation services, as well as long-term and short-term parking options.

Contactless Airport Parking IAH

Houston Airport Parking: On-Airport vs. Off-Airport

When starting your search to find the best parking spots at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, it is imperative that you understand the difference between the off-airport parking and on-airport parking options. To help you better understand their differences, we have a brief description of each:

On-Airport Parking

The parking space is directly linked with the airport and travelers can park their cars on airport property. The parking options available here include the short-term and long-term terminal parking options, the economy parking option, the Corporate Parking Program, and the SurePark Program.

Off-Airport Parking

These parking spaces are not located on the airport property but are close by. Travelers don’t need to worry about getting to the airport because these parking lots and garages run complimentary free shuttles to and from the airport for free. A lot of them also offer parking reservations which allow you to make reservations for parking spots well before you arrive at the airport.

Mobile Parking Apps for Convenient Airport Parking at IAH


This parking reservation app is simple to use and ensures that you can search and compare the different parking rates for various offsite lots that offer George Bush Intercontinental Airport parking. You also have the chance to reserve your spots in advance and bag prices on airport parking IAH onsite lots can’t match.  Way app is available for download on both Android and iPhone.

IAH Valet:

Ever wanted your own airport parking assistant? This app is perfect for the job as it allows you to make valet parking reservations, save flight information, and schedule reservations. The only downside is that this app is only available for iPhone.

IAH Airport Parking Online Resources

Apart from mobile apps, there are also online airport parking IAH resources that will help make parking easy and convenient for you at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. These options include the following:

Airport Parking Search Engines


This website is simple to use and is a great parking reservation website that lets you search and compare the different parking rates for various garages and lots that offer airport parking at IAH. The great thing about the website is that you can make reservations as well without any problems.

airport parking at IAH


Find official airport information on airport parking IAH including rates and news. The airport site links to information on the airport, flights, and passengers.

Check out IAH Airport Parking Map to get more details about the parking spots.

Book your airport parking ahead of time with Way online or use our iOS and Android apps now!

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