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All You Need to Know About Idaho Vehicle Registration!

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Are you moving to the ‘Gem State’? So many national parks, monuments, and historical sites await you in Idaho. Of course, it will be an exciting experience to drive to these places. But for that, you need to complete your Idaho vehicle registration.  


There’s nothing to worry about vehicle registration in Idaho if you start the process on time. After moving to Idaho, you’ll get a maximum of 90 days to register your car and transfer the title. However, ensure that you get an Idaho title and update your auto insurance before doing vehicle registration in Idaho. 

So, what do you need to do for Idaho vehicle registration? How much does Idaho vehicle registration cost? How can you renew your vehicle registration in Idaho? Continue reading to know in detail about Idaho vehicle registration and its cost!  

Idaho vehicle registration: What to do? 

If you’re new to Idaho, you must register your car with the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within 90 days. The residents need to get a title before starting the Idaho vehicle registration process. Idaho residents can get a title and register their car in one visit.  

Idaho residents must register at a county assessor’s motor vehicle office. Before applying for license plates, they must first provide proof of a valid Idaho auto insurance policy from an insurer permitted to do business in Idaho. 

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Update your auto insurance  

Ensure to update your auto insurance to meet Idaho’s minimum requirements. The minimum requirements are $25,000 for bodily injury or death of one person, $50,000 for injury or death of multiple persons, and $15,000 for property damage.  

You can apply for an Idaho car registration certificate once you have auto insurance coverage that matches the above insurance requirements. You will also have to produce a filled-out Form ITD 3337, which lets you transfer your out-of-state title to Gem State. 

Visit the DMV 

After updating the auto insurance policy, residents can apply for an Idaho vehicle registration certificate at any local county assessor’s motor vehicle office by submitting the following documents.  

  • Their current out-of-state registration 
  • A legal driver’s license and Social Security number 
  • Proof of address 
  • The payment for completing the registration process. Residents can opt to register their car for 1-2 years. However, you need to pay double the annual amount if you opt for a 2-year registration.  

Do the title transfer 

If you have the necessary documents and can pay the $14 transfer fee, you should be good to go with your new title. In addition, you may transfer your title and register your vehicle simultaneously to get your car registered as soon as you get an Idaho title! 

Go for a car inspection 

Upon completing the title transfer, you’ll need to do a vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection. An inspection is required for all out-of-state vehicles registering for the first time in Idaho. Do you want to conduct the VIN inspection before completing Idaho vehicle registration? Then present a Vehicle or Hull Identification Number Inspection Certificate (Form ITD 3403) to any law enforcement officer or Transportation Department. The inspection will cost you $5.  

Idaho conducts vehicle emission tests on a limited basis. These tests look for improper exhaust emissions from vehicles that could harm the state’s air quality. You should go for an emission test every two years if you live in the following areas.  

  • City of Kuna 
  • Ada County 
  • Canyon County 

Pay the registration fees 

The registration fees depend on the age of your car. But, expect to pay anything between $45 and $69 for Idaho vehicle registration. Your vehicle registration in Idaho will be complete by this step! 

How much does Idaho vehicle registration cost? 

car registration plate in Idaho

You need to pay the Idaho vehicle registration fees every year if your vehicle weighs 8,000 pounds or less. The age of the car and your county of residency are additional factors that determine the registration fees. You have to pay anything between $45 and $69 to get a car registered in Idaho. Below listed are the cost of vehicle registration in Idaho based on the age of the vehicle.  

Age of the vehicle  Registration fee 
1-2 years $69 
3-6 years $57 
7 years and above $45 

How to renew vehicle registration in Idaho 

Renewing Idaho vehicle registration is as important as registering it. You have to renew the vehicle registration every year in Idaho. Expect to pay a heavy penalty if caught driving with an expired vehicle registration in Gem State! Failing to renew the registration can result in a penalty of around $44.50. You may even be held in jail for up to 72 hours until you pay the renewal fees.  

Ways to renew it 


It is the easiest method as you need to fill out a form on Idaho DMV’s website. But it comes with a $2 processing fee and a 3% renewal fee. 

Over the phone

You can contact any Idaho DMV during normal business hours (8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.). The clerk can handle credit card payments over the phone. 

By mail

You can also choose to have a renewal form mailed each year. Mail the filled-out form to the DMV with a cheque or money order for the renewal fee. 

QR code scanning

The Idaho DMV has QR codes on renewal letters. If you have a smartphone, you can capture a photo and direct you to the online payment page. 


Visit any Idaho DMV on weekdays if you don’t have any other options. Making an advance appointment will help you avoid long lines. Since Idaho lacks a centralized DMV system, you’ll have to mail your application to the county clerk’s office. Many drivers may be perplexed about where they should send their applications, especially if they have resided in multiple places! 

They will mail your new tags for most renewal procedures. However, this could take up to ten days, providing that all the information on the form is correct! In addition, the renewal form may get rejected if you make a mistake on it or if the clerk can’t read your handwriting. Furthermore, Idaho’s DMVs are famous for having significant backlogs of mail-in vehicle registrations. 

Visiting the DMV yourself may appear the simplest alternative to avoid post office delays and internet expenses. However, be ready to encounter long wait periods.  

What all do I need to have for Idaho vehicle registration renewal? 

You’ll need three things to renew your vehicle registration, regardless of how you do it.  

  • A current Idaho residence address
  • Your vehicle’s license plate number
  • The last six characters or digits of your vehicle identification number (VIN)

Renewal applications send via mail need to have a  stamp. If you visit the DMV in person, you have to produce your driver’s license and a renewal postcard. 

How much is vehicle registration renewal in Idaho? 

You need to pay your vehicle’s registration cost to complete the renewal process. Several factors determine the cost of a passenger vehicle.  

Age of the vehicle  Registration renewal fee 
1-2 years $48 
3-6 years $36 
7 years and above $24 

Renewal fees will be extra for electric and hybrid vehicles. In addition, for personalized plates, you need to pay an extra cost of $15.  

How long is Idaho vehicle registration good for? 

Idaho residents can register their vehicle for 1 or 2 years. Failing to renew the registration on time will earn you a hefty penalty.  

How do I get a copy of my vehicle registration in Idaho? 

You must go to your local county assessor’s office and pay a small replacement charge if you need a new one. Additionally, you must display your Idaho identification or driver’s license and enter your license plate number to verify your car registration status. 

Are Idaho vehicle registration fees tax deductible? 

Registration fees for vehicles registered in Idaho don’t qualify for the federal itemized deduction. The vehicle’s worth must be the base for a vehicle’s registration, which is not the case in Idaho. 

Getting auto insurance in Idaho 

You have to update your auto insurance policy if you want to register your vehicle in Idaho. The insurance policy needs to meet the state’s minimum requirements for you to drive the car on the roads. Also, you may receive a penalty of $75 to $1,000 if caught driving without auto insurance in Idaho.

So, the challenge is always to find affordable auto insurance in Idaho that covers your car properly. That’s where Way.com becomes your savior. Visit Way to get cheap Idaho insurance quotes, compare, and buy! So what are you waiting for? Insure your car with the cheapest insurance provider in Idaho via Way!  

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