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Illinois Catalytic Converter Laws: Everything You Should Know

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Illinois catalytic converter laws aim at reducing catalytic converter thefts in the state. The state ranks third in the US regarding the number of thefts yearly. This is because catalytic converters are costly, and their resale value is also high. Hence, there has been strict law enforcement to prevent increasing thefts shortly.

The state has announced a new law to reduce the theft rate in Illinois. According to House Bill 107, the sellers of catalytic converters need to keep a record of second-hand catalytic converters in stock. Also, according to the law, the buyer and seller must sign an agreement before the sale.

Illinois Catalytic Converter Laws

Catalytic Converter Laws in Illinois

A long time after House Bill 107 came into being, law 4734 was also introduced. According to law 4734, you should sign an agreement with the seller before buying one. In addition, it should have the details of the catalytic converter and the license plate details of the vehicle using it. You will also need to have the seller’s details, such as their name, photographs, or a video of the seller as proof in case of a mishap.

This aims to prevent the converter’s loss or resale and legal use. The agreement also acts as proof that the converter is a fresh one and not a resale.

In addition, the law clearly states that any payments you make towards a catalytic converter should not be in cash. So if you are a recyclable metal dealer, make sure you don’t buy converters worth more than $100 in cash.

Catalytic Converter laws Illinois

Other catalytic converter rules you need to follow in Illinois


You must not remove any part of a catalytic converter unless they are dysfunctional. However, if necessary, you may replace the part under expert advice. Also, since removing a catalytic converter is not as easy as you think, you may have to pay the mechanic around $10000.


Ensure you don’t tamper with or misplace any parts of your catalytic converter. If you feel your catalytic convert needs a replacement, you may visit a smog testing firm and get it checked.


With all the rules remaining permanent, you cannot be fined for faulty catalytic converters when inspected. Motorcycles, farm vehicles, off-road vehicles, non-hybrid EVs, boats, and vehicles older than 25 years are exempted from the inspection. Also, off-road and racing vehicles need to have a junking certificate

Records needed while buying catalytic converters in Illinois

While buying catalytic converters in Illinois, make sure to have the following records:

  • Date of purchase of each catalytic converter.
  • ¬†Details such as the name and address of the actual owners of the converter.
  • License number and other sources support the dealer’s credibility (if out-of-state).
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • An invoice number
  • The stock number
  • Details of the buyers of catalytic converters.

Get insurance coverage for catalytic converter theft

How to prevent theft of catalytic converters in Illinois?

  • Park in a bright space
  • Keep the sensor security lights on for safety.
  • Get an auto insurance policy that covers the theft of automobile parts with the help of comprehensive coverage.

What happens if your car in Illinois doesn’t have a catalytic converter?

Be it in Illinois or any other state, catalytic converters play an important role in your car. If you don’t have a catalytic converter in your car, the chances of accumulation of toxins are more. Also, this offense comes under Class 4 felony in Illinois. It includes charges such as DUI, driving with an invalid license, or automobile theft.

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