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Importance of Air Conditioning Cleaning in Your Car

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You’ll need to frequently do air conditioning cleaning in your car to make sure you’re safe. It is not easy to understand if your car AC is dirty and needs a thorough cleaning. Also, knowing how to clean your air conditioner properly is important. Wrong cleaning methods can affect your air conditioning system in the long run. 

You’re likely to face long-term health issues when you don’t go for proper and timely air conditioning cleaning in your car. In addition, keeping your car air conditioners unclean for longer can affect your car’s performance. Here’s all you need to know about maintaining your car AC properly. 

Importance of Air Conditioning Cleaning in Your Car

Problems you face when you don’t do air conditioning cleaning in your car 

Here are some problems you may face by skipping regular cleaning. 

Warm air or less cooling 

When your car ac is dirty, you may experience warm or less cold air circulation inside your car. Your car ac functions only with an adequate amount of coolant. A problem with the hose, condenser, compressor, or evaporator can accumulate dirt inside the AC. Hence, when you’re unsure which of these parts have damage, seek the help of a technician to resolve this issue. 

Blockages in the air vents 

When you don’t clean your car’s ac regularly, it can block your car’s air vents. As a result, the air conditioner can suddenly stop working. Also, there can be blockages in air vents if you have been using the same motors for a long. Similarly, check for any available windshields from where air enters your car.  

The fungal smell inside the car 

Fungus accumulation happens when excess moisture accumulates inside the air conditioning unit. The longer you postpone cleaning your ac, the more the smell becomes unbearable and slowly becomes an odor. 

Whirring sounds when the car is on 

It’s time for an air conditioner cleaning in your car if your ac makes whirring sounds when you switch it on. Such sounds can also mean technical damage, for which you’ll need expert assistance. The whirring sounds can also indicate loose or worn-out bearings.  

Wet Floorboards 

If you find your floorboards damp, it’s time for air conditioner cleaning in your car. The moisture can enter the coils of the air conditioner and can damage it. This moisture can cause slime to accumulate on the floorboards, making them even moister. Once the floorboards are wet, water begins to jam the drain lines. If this happens, clean your car’s air conditioner immediately. 

Importance of Air Conditioning Cleaning in Your Car

How do you do air conditioning cleaning in your car?  

Looking for the easiest ways to do air conditioning cleaning in your car? Here’s what you’ll need to do: 

Take the preventive measures 

Before you begin cleaning the air conditioning system, please make sure to take the necessary measures. First, please make sure that your engine cools down before you start the cleaning. Then, be very careful while looking into the engine. Also, be careful enough not to damage any internal parts. 

Take the bumper off

Every car’s ac differs by its make and model. Hence, start the air conditioning cleaning in your car by taking off the bumper. This cleaning process should take time as there will be a lot of screws, clips, and bolts you’ll have to remove. Once you do this, you should be able to take the AC’s condenser. 

Clean the AC’s condenser 

Now that you’ve taken the AC’s condenser, you should start cleaning it. You may start brushing the condenser slowly using a small old brush. Try to be slow and gentle as possible, so you don’t damage any internal parts. You can use a mild coil cleaner and spray it inside the condenser.  

Wash the condenser thoroughly 

The condenser foams up after a while once you spray it. If the foam appears, wait for a while before washing it. After a while, you can see the grease and dirt from inside your car AC. This dirt means that the air conditioner cleaning is happening the right way. Do this with both parts of the air conditioner. 

Remove the trash bags and clean the area around AC 

Once you finish the air condition cleaning in your car, remove the trash bags and clean the area. Removing trash can keep your engine and the AC more protected. 

Replace the bumper 

Now that the cleaning is complete, you can put the bumper back. Make sure to fix it with all the screws, bolts, and clips. 

Importance of Air Conditioning Cleaning in Your Car

How often should you do air conditioning cleaning in your car? 

It is always best to go for the air conditioning cleaning in your car every two years. You should also buy a new condenser every six months and change the cabin filter yearly. 

Tips for maintaining your car air conditioners 

  • Do not switch on the ac as soon as you enter the car. Wait for a few minutes for fresh air to circulate within the car, and then switch the ac on. 
  • Set the temperature low and adjust the fan speed accordingly. 
  • Do not go for the recirculation mode. 
  • Clean the ac filters often. Go for professional air condition cleaning in your car. 
  • Turn off the auto start and stop modes. These modes exert the engine more and can affect the car’s working. 

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