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Inside the Sweet World of Museum of Ice Cream New York

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You are in New York, love ice cream, and are sightseeing. One of the best places for you to visit is the Museum of Ice Cream in the SoHo neighborhood. It is one of the six branches of the Museum of Ice cream all around the globe. You can find the best backdrops for selfies at these candy and ice cream themed museums. 


The New York Museum of Ice Cream is the first of its kind in interactive retail experiences. It is very different from traditional museums and is among the range of ‘selfie museums’ where you can take as many photos as you want. It is technically a real-life Willy Wonka chocolate factory, except for its ice cream and loads of it. Learn more about the features and even parking near the Museum of Ice Cream.Save ore on city parking with Way.com

Museum features 

Apart from all the ice cream you can eat, you can get the best selfie spots at the museum. The exhibits are arranged across three floors of the building, and you can enjoy the pleasing colors. Kids who visit can take part in workshops to create their own flavors with help from the staff at the museum. 


You should spend an hour and a half completely taking in the experience at the museum. Another highlight is playing in the massive sprinkle pool, which is every kid’s dream. So, take in the multi-sensory installations, learn about the history of ice cream, and take part in activities along with eating some of the best ice creams in NYC.¬†

Museum of Ice Cream location 

The Museum of Ice Cream is at 558 Broadway, New York, NY, 10012. Many similar museums and attractions are nearby, like the Tenement Museum, Color Factory New York, and the Ghostbusters Headquarters. 

How to get to the Museum of Ice Cream NYC 

Are you driving to the museum? We will help you with some of the best and quickest routes to this museum. The Museum of Ice Cream is just 0.4 miles from Lower Manhattan, and you can get there in less than 4 minutes through Crosby Street or Grand Street. 

If your starting point is downtown Brooklyn, use the Manhattan Bridge or Manhattan Bridge Lower Roadway to get to the museum. It will take 7 minutes to cover the 2.3-mile distance. Similarly, Union Square is only 1.3 miles away via 5th Avenue and Broadway. If you can stay away from heavy traffic, you can get to the Museum of Ice Cream in less than 10 minutes from most places in Manhattan. 

In addition to driving to the museum, you can also use the subway. The Prince Street subway station is also within walking distance of this museum. 

When is the Museum of Ice Cream NYC open? 

Museum of Ice Cream NYC hours will vary for each day of the week. It will stay closed on Tuesdays. The opening hours are between 10 am and 7 pm on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Similarly, the closing time will be 8: 30 pm on both Fridays and Saturdays. 

What are the ticket rates? 

The ticket prices differ for each day at the Museum of Ice Cream NYC. You can get ‘Anytime Tickets’ for $49 per person. Similarly, you can choose from different Daytime Experience passes with guides at the Museum of Ice Cream at different times. The general admission ticket per person during these guide tours will range between $25 and $45 on average. These rates will change depending on the day you visit, and all ticket information is available on the official website.¬†

Museum of Ice Cream parking 

Street parking is the first option you can choose for affordable rates. Many free and metered parking spots are near the Museum of Ice Cream. The nearest street parking spaces are at locations like Prince Street, Crosby Street, Mercer Street, Lafayette Street, Green Street, and others. You can park your vehicles at this location and take a 5-minute walk to the destination. 

But street parking can lead to parking violations. Depending on the severity of parking rule violations, you may get hefty fines, or they may even tow your car. So, it is always better to go for private parking garages in the neighborhood, which offer safety and cheap hourly charges. 

Museum of Ice Cream off-site parking 

Closer to the museum, there are many private parking garages off-site. You can obtain premium amenities like valet parking and covered spaces for a reduced price. Furthermore, off-site garages protect your vehicles with amenities like camera surveillance. We have located the ideal garage for your requirements! 

156 Crosby Street Garage

Near the Angelika Film Center in New York, the 156 Crosby Street Garage lots are secure and provide top amenities like contactless parking. The Angelika Movie Center NYC is about 0.1 miles away, so you may leave your car here and travel there on foot. This garage has covered valet parking available at an hourly charge of approximately $3 per space. 

This parking lot’s entrance is between East Houston Street and Bleecker Street. The New Museum, Washington Square Park, and the Museum of Ice Cream are just a few of the attractions close to the parking lot. You can also park here while visiting Sara D. Roosevelt Park, the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture, and the Angelica Film Center NYC. In addition, In/out privileges and oversized parking are not permitted.¬†

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