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An Introduction to Different Types of Car Washes  

  • Car Wash
  • Renee Martin
  • 5 minutes

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In the modern world, success is often defined by innovation – regardless of whether it is business, science, or economics. There is always a constant competition, a cold war between people who share common aims to come out on top. More often than not, it’s an innovation that edges out and separates them from the rest of the pack. What this has resulted in is the creation of multiple varieties for nearly every business in existence. Things are precisely the same when it comes to car washes. You get an array of different types of car washes to choose from today. However, how many kinds of car washes do you know of? Let’s take a look at some of the different types of car washes available across the country and analyze their pros and cons. 

This blog has been updated on May 3, 2021

An Introduction to Different Types of Car Washes

 Automatic Car Washes  

An Introduction to Different Types of Car Washes

Automatic car washes are one of the most favored forms of car washes and for good reason too. What’s more, they are one of the quickest ways to get your car clean while keeping rates low. Automated car wash systems have a built-in car-bay conveyor belt machine system that sprays soap and water to clean the car. An average automatic car wash would cost you anywhere from $5 to $10. However, it should be noted that some of the automated car washes charge an additional $2 for additional services like waxes and using extra soap. While this may be a quick and affordable option, automatic car wash systems are known to be harsh on the car’s exterior, causing visible scratches and chemical damage. If your car hasn’t been washed for too long, or the dirt is too rough, you might not also get the clean finish you’d typically get from manual types of car washes.  

 Manual Hand Car Wash 

An Introduction to Different Types of Car Washes

If you are worried about automated car washes causing scratches on your car’s bodywork, manual hand car washes have you covered. Handwash options for cars come in many different ways, but most of these methods make sure that scratches are the bare minimum. So how exactly does a hand car wash or manual wash work? Even if you were to use a pressurized foam cannon or buckets and sponges yourself, a professional manual hand car wash will ensure that your car gets clean without accumulating scratches. The only downside to manual car washing is that they cost more than the other types of car washes. An average manual hand car wash typically ranges between $15 – 30. Also, manual hand car washes take a lot of time to get done. So, you might want to schedule your daily routine accordingly, well in advance.  

An Introduction to Different Types of Car Washes

Brushless Automatic Car Wash 

Brushless Car Wash

Still unsure about which option to choose from between automatic and manual car washes? A brushless automatic car wash option is the perfect blend of an automatic and a manual car wash. The advantage of a brushless automated car wash is that the car wash facility uses soft cloth strips instead of brushes or bristles in the conveyor belt machines. They are also available at a price point that’s similar to that of automated car washes. However, it is still not a foolproof method to stay clear from chemical damage and harsh scratches. Soft cloth, which goes through multiple cars before they are changed, can also cause similar scratches that you would get from brushes.  

 Waterless Car Wash  


Are you someone who is not afraid of getting your hands dirty? Do you have enough time to wash your car by yourself? Look no further! A waterless car wash is an ideal option for all your car washing needs. All you need for this type of carwash is to buy a waterless car wash spray and microfiber towels, which can be purchased for below $50. This stock would ideally last you anywhere between six months to a year’s worth of car washes (provided you keep the microfibers clean). All you need to do is spray the product on your car’s bodywork and wipe them out with another microfiber towel, and you are good to go! Do remember that you cannot completely eliminate chemical damage and scratches from this method. For reliable car wash service providers who provide waterless car wash services, you can check out websites like Way.com.

Rest of the Best Methods  

An Introduction to Different Types of Car Washes

While these four make up the most common types of car washes you would regularly encounter, there are still plenty more options like self-washing, rinseless car washes, and touchless car washes. Suppose you choose self-washing servicesYou would have access to all the necessary items required to wash your car like sponges, soap, and pressurized foam cannons. The car wash you are at will also have proper facilities to drain wastewater, and the right microfiber cloths to dry the car after a wash. Rinseless car washes, on the other hand, can be defined as a hybrid between a waterless wash and a hand wash. The primary benefit of choosing a rinseless car was is that you don’t need to rinse, repeat, and rub the solution to get it cleaned up. Rinseless car washing ensures that your car does not get as many scratches as you would get with a waterless wash. Touchless washing, even though it sounds appealing, is not exactly a car wash option favored by many. The primary reason for this comes down to the fact that while it would ensure that scratches are minimized, the cleaning process depends heavily on the usage of chemicals and pressurized air washers, which do more harm than good for the car’s body coating. Yes, you would probably get a car with fewer scratches but at the expense of faded paintwork.  

An Introduction to Different Types of Car Washes
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