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Iowa Driver’s License Renewal: A Complete Guide!

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A driver must undergo three phases to obtain a driver’s license in Iowa. But is that all? No! After some years, you must complete an Iowa driver’s license renewal. After all, In Iowa, a license is necessary for anyone who drives on public roads and streets. 

Driving without a valid license in Iowa is considered a misdemeanor. It can earn you a penalty between $250-$1,500, or you even end up in jail for around 30 days. In addition, depending on age, Iowa drivers must renew their licenses every two to eight years. Suppose you want to get a notice from the state of Iowa about your driver’s license renewal. In that case, you need to sign up for one through the Iowa Department of Transportation. 

You can renew an Iowa driver’s license in many ways. Continue reading our blog to know in-depth about the renewal process! 

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When can you renew your Iowa driver’s license? 

Most drivers should plan their Iowa driver’s license every two to eight years. Remember that you have 180 days before your Iowa driver’s license expires to renew it. Following its expiration, your license is valid for 60 days. After that, you may get a ticket for driving a vehicle with a suspended license. 

The renewal period for an Iowa driver’s license differs based on age. Driver’s license renewal in Iowa for the different age groups is as follows. 

Age group  Renewal period (in years) 
<18  Two 
18-72  Eight 
73  Seven 
74  Six 
75  Five 
76  Four 
77  Three 
78 and above  Two 

What documents do I need to renew my driver’s license in Iowa? 

You must present the following documents for your Iowa driver’s license renewal.  

  • Identity proof 
  • Proofs of birthdate, Social Security Number (SSN), and residence.
  • Payment form 

How to renew an Iowa driver’s license 

You can do an Iowa driver’s license renewal in three ways. 

  • Online  
  • In-person 
  • By mail 

How to renew it online 

You can do your driver’s license renewal in Iowa if you meet the following requirements.  

  • You hold a valid Iowa driver’s license 
  • Your age is between 18 and 70 years 
  • You’re a citizen of the US 
  • The validity of your license expires in less than six months 
  • It is not necessary to have your license name changed 
  • You didn’t renew your current license online 
  • Your license got expired less than a year 

You must first visit the Iowa DOT online renewal platform and follow the instructions. When completing the application, you must provide information found on your driver’s license, so keep it close at hand. Once you’ve completed all the processes, pay the renewal fee. In three weeks, you will get the replacement license by mail.  

How to renew in-person  

The most followed method for Iowa driver’s license renewal is in person at any Iowa driver’s license facility. Do the following to start the process. 

  • Visit a nearby driver’s license issuance location 
  • Produce your current license and necessary documents for renewal 
  • Then pass a vision exam 
  • Complete a written and driving skills test if your license remained expired over a year 
  • Surrender your current driver’s license 
  • Pay the renewal fees 

Requirements to use the self-service kiosk 

  • You’re a US citizen aged between 18 and 70 years 
  • There is no need to change your name or sex 

How to renew it by mail 

Residents of Iowa are not currently eligible for renewal via mail. But you can ask for a temporary extension of up to six months if you are currently out of state or. You can also use this renewal mode if you don’t fulfill the requirements to renew online. An Iowa driver needs to submit this request 30 days before or 60 days following the expiration of the license. 

For this, you must fill out an Application for Temporary Extension of Motor Vehicle License. Then send it to the Iowa DOT’s Driver & Identification Services with your out-of-state address by mail or fax. 

How much is Iowa driver’s license renewal? 

Your Iowa driver’s license renewal will cost you $32, or $4 per year, so the license remains valid. Drivers above 78 will get a license valid for two years and a renewal fee of $8.  

How long does it take for an Iowa driver’s license renewal?  

Ideally, it will take around 21 days to receive your renewed license in the state.  

How long do you have to renew your Iowa driver’s license after it expires? 

You will get a grace period of around 60 days for renewing your license. Your license will be active during this period. You risk receiving a ticket for driving with an expired license. You will need to pass the knowledge and driving tests one year after the expiration date. 

Do I need an appointment to renew my Iowa driver’s license? 

Yes, if you’re planning to do the renewal in person. Contact your county treasurer or schedule an appointment through the Iowa Department of Transportation. 

Where can I renew my driver’s license in Iowa? 

For in-person renewal, you can renew your driver’s license at any of Iowa’s 100 issuing locations. Make an appointment or contact the county treasurer for this. Some drivers can also use the self-service kiosk for renewal if they meet the requirements.  

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