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Is Air Conditioning Electric or Gas?

  • Car Services
  • Sara Sam
  • 5 minutes

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Air conditioning is not just limited to our homes and offices but also extends to our cars. Hot air from your AC would be the last thing you want on any given day. However, one can get slightly confused with what drives an air conditioner. Is Air conditioning electric or gas? Here’s everything you need to know about what powers an air conditioner.  

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Is air conditioning gas or electricity? 

The C is AC could aptly be expanded as comfort. In contrast to popular belief, air conditioners can be powered by gas or electricity. However, in the case of cars, it is powered by gas. Meanwhile, it could be powered by gas or electricity in homes, offices, and commercial spaces.  

Does AC use gas or electricity in a car? 

In gas-powered cars, the air conditioner is fueled by the engine, therefore, uses gas as its source of power. However, in electric cars, the electric motor powers the AC.  

In other words, in a gas-powered car, the alternator, which is powered by gas, powers your air conditioner. Meanwhile, the electric motor powers the air conditioner in an electric car.  

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Do you need gas for AC in your house? 

Based on the company and the models, the energy efficiency of air conditioners varies. However, the air conditioners in your house are usually powered by electricity. In the same vein, there is gas central air conditioning as well. However, this won’t run on electricity alone. There are several components of a gas central air conditioner. In other words, in a gas central air conditioner, the furnace will be powered by gas while the other parts will run on electricity. 

Therefore, an electric air conditioner uses electricity alone, while a gas-powered air conditioner uses gas and electricity. 

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Is gas or electric air conditioning cheaper? 

We mainly look at two factors regarding the affordability of gas and electric air conditioners. 

  • Immediate Costs 
  • Energy Costs 

Firstly, the upfront costs and the maintenance fee are higher for gas air conditioners. This is because fewer companies work on gas-powered air conditioners. In addition, the maintenance costs are high, even if it seems rare. 

Secondly, the cost of natural gas is less than that of electricity. Therefore, the current energy costs associated with operating a gas-powered air conditioning system are lower than an electric-powered system. However, based on the current rates, the expense can differ. 

Is HVAC electric or gas? 

The HVAC, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is essential for residential buildings, apartment complexes, or malls. It controls the temperature and humidity in a closed space. In other words, an HVAC keeps the air circulating in a closed space. 

The HVAC system uses natural gas or electricity to heat or cool a structure. In a gas HVAC system, the air conditioner uses electricity to cool, while the heater uses gas to warm the area. The heating unit may consist of either a furnace or a gas-burning boiler. 

However, due to the low gas price, an HVAC system that runs on gas is cheaper than an electric system.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does the use of AC affect the gas mileage in a car? 

Yes, it does. Since the AC is powered by the engine, working AC in your car will increase the engine load and fuel consumption. However, it will consume less fuel than driving with the windows down at low speeds. 

Does the use of an air conditioner reduce the horsepower in a car? 

Yes, this is experienced in most cars. For example, when you switch on the AC while you’re going up a hill in most cars, you’ll surely be able to feel the temperature difference. If you turn the AC off, you may find that driving up the same hill in the same gear with the same automobile requires less gas pedal pressure than if you have it on. 

Can we use AC without gas? 

Your AC might work without the fuel; however, it will take longer and compromise efficiency. If this continues for longer, it can be damaged in the long run.  

Is gas or electric HVAC better? 

Due to the low gas price, an HVAC system that runs on gas is cheaper than an electric system. However, the upfront costs and maintenance costs, in addition to the price of the gas and electricity in each area, determine its affordability. 

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