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Is it bad to wash your car too much? How often should you wash it

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Washing your car regularly and detailing it is the easiest way to maintain its look. However, many vehicle owners have this question on their minds: is it bad to wash your car too much? The short answer is a big NO 

Your car is your biggest investment and your true companion on the road. And we’re sure you’ll do everything possible to enhance its appearance and performance. Cleaning your car every week without fail can get the job done for you. We’re answering some of the frequently asked questions on car washes in this post. Keep reading the post to know the answers to these questions. 

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How often should you wash your wash vehicle?

Car wash experts partnered with Way.com recommend washing your car at least once every two weeks. However, if you’re someone who drives on dirt-filled roads or you live in an area that contains a lot of snow and road salt, then it’s best to wash your car every week. That’s because the dirt, snow, grime, salt, and other contaminants can damage your car’s paint and clear coat if they are not removed properly.   

Create a car wash schedule and follow it properly to maintain your car better. If you have the necessary equipment and time, wash your vehicle using handwashing techniques. However, if you don’t have the time to do that, visit a touchless or automatic car wash near you. Also, full-service car washes twice a year can help keep your car in the best condition. 

Is it bad to wash your car too much - cleaning car windows

Is it bad to wash your car in the cold?   

It’s best to avoid washing your vehicle when the temperature is below freezing if you’re handwashing it. That’s because if not dried properly, your locks, handles, hinges, and other car parts can get frozen and jammed. Therefore, wash your vehicle only on days when the weather is moderate and friendly. If you’re planning to visit the nearest drive-thru car wash, make sure the location is open and the weather is good enough to head out.   

Is it bad to wash your vehicle in the sun?  

Yes. Avoid washing or detailing your vehicle directly under the sunlight. The heat from the sun can speed up the drying process and cause water spots on your car. So, wash or detail under the shade or on a cool, breezy day.   

Is it bad to wash your car too much?    

No, it’s is not. As we mentioned earlier, regular car washes can make your automobile look great all the time. What’s more, it can increase your car’s resale value and positively impact its performance. However, you need to keep in mind where you will be washing your automobile. By visiting a substandard location that uses poor cleaning products and equipment, you’re going to cause more harm to your vehicle.   

Where can I find the best car wash near me?  

Use the Way.com app (available on iOS and Android) or website to find the best and most affordable car washes near you. Get on the Way website or app and type in your location. Now, choose a car wash near you that best suits your needs and budget. Finally, enter the vehicle details and pay to book. Once you reach the spot, just scan using the app and get your car cleaned. You no longer have to roll your windows down or search for coins and cards.   

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