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Is It Legal to Drive with Flip Flops? Can I Be Pulled Over?

  • Safety Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 3 minutes

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Flip-flops can be super comfy. During summer, you’ll see plenty of folks walking around the beach in them. But some of them even get behind the wheel in flip-flops without knowing if they are legal or not. So is it legal to drive with flip-flops? Can you be pulled over for driving with flip-flops?


As drivers, we must constantly be on the lookout for potential dangers while out on the road. A driver might have to swerve to avoid an accident if, for instance, another car abruptly turns into its lane. Then there are the lane-splitting motorcyclists.

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To sum up, every little thing matters when it comes to driving safely. However, many motorists probably don’t give their footwear any thought. Driving in flip-flops has several potential dangers that you should be aware of.

Is it legal to drive with flip-flops?

As far as we know, no driving laws say people can’t drive while wearing flip-flops. However, it is unsafe to do so.

Even though many driving and safety experts have their own ideas about this, no law says you can’t wear certain footwear on the road. As we’ve mentioned in one of our earlier blogs, even driving barefoot in the United States is perfectly legal!

So, you can wear flip-flops as long as you don’t cause an accident or break the law while you’re driving.¬†This is good news for people who are going to the beach or just like to be laid-back.

Why is driving with flip-flops considered dangerous?

Driving while wearing flip-flops is not against the law, but it is not a good idea for several reasons.

To start with, they can make it physically difficult to drive. For instance, say you’re driving and want to hit the brake, but the strap of your flip-flop catches on the accelerator, and you can’t free it! Though it may seem unlikely, accidents with the same circumstances have happened and have ended tragically.

On other occasions, a driver’s attention may be diverted by the movement of their flip-flops. If a flip-flop becomes caught under the gas pedal, the driver’s attention may be diverted for a moment as they try to free it.

More than one thousand individuals are hurt every day due to car accidents involving distracted drivers, as reported by the CDC. An unexpected event can happen anytime, anywhere. A car going at 60 miles per hour can cover the length of a football field in only five seconds. Damages resulting from an accident caused by the driver’s decisions, which include the driver’s choice of footwear, might be awarded against the driver.


It’s not technically against the law to drive in your flip-flops, but it’s probably not the safest thing you can do. So, are they safe to drive in? That is totally up to your better judgment. But if someone tells you that it’s against the law to drive in flip-flops or without shoes, don’t believe them.

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