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Is LAX the largest airport in the US? 

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The answer might surprise you! Read on to know if LAX is indeed the largest airport in the country. 

Here’s the thing – LAX is and always has been one of the busiest airports in the country. Passenger traffic is picking up steadily after the pandemic badly impacted the aviation industry. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) had total passenger traffic of 5,561,739 in July, i.e., around 1.79 lakh passengers used the airport’s terminals every day. According to OAG’s report in August, LAX is the fifth busiest in the world. You know the utter chaos that LAX is if you live in Los Angeles and often fly out of LAX Airport. Though the airport lacks many facilities, the people of Los Angeles always love to fly out of LAX.

So, is LAX the largest airport in the US?

No, LAX is not the largest airport in the US. In fact, LAX doesn’t even feature in the top ten largest airports in the US. Denver Airport takes the honors for this one! 


Which is the largest airport in the USA? 

Denver International Airport (DEN) is the largest airport in the country, with a surface area of 52.4 square miles. Denver Airport is also the second-largest in the world by surface area after King Fahd International Airport. With annual passenger traffic of around 32 million, the airport was the eighth busiest globally in 2020. 


Is LAX at least the busiest airport in the US?

No, it isn’t. However, it does come a close second to Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which is the busiest airport in the country.


How big is LAX? 

The airport has a total surface area of 5.4 square miles. LAX has nine terminals with around 146 gates built in a horseshoe design. It is located around 18 miles southwest of Downtown Los Angeles. LAX is the busiest airport in the Greater Los Angeles area.  

Parking at LAX Airport

Though LAX handles great passenger volumes, the airport has limited parking options that trouble the passengers. On the other hand, the largest airport in the country has many onsite parking options, which makes finding a parking spot easier compared to LAX. 

Los Angeles Airport parking rates

Central Terminal Area (CTA) Parking and Economy C and E lots are the main onsite parking lots in LAX. The Economy lots are temporarily closed, which limits your onsite parking option to CTA alone. The CTA Parking offers around 7,000 parking spots in eight parking structures located near all the terminals. The lot offers short-term and long-term parking with free parking for the first 15 minutes. Parking for an hour charge you $5. You will be charged $4 for every 30 minutes after the first hour. The maximum daily parking rate costs $40. 

Airport Parking from $5

How to get from downtown LA to LAX Airport

The airport has limited connectivity from downtown LA. You can take a bus or tram, catch a taxi or rideshare, hop on to a shuttle or town car, or drive down. 

LAX isn’t connected directly to a metro service. Taking the Metro Line connects you to the airport at Aviation/LAX Station. Then you need to board a shuttle bus to reach the terminals. Using the Metro and shuttle bus takes around an hour to reach LAX. FlyAway buses have shuttle services to LAX from Union Station and Van Nuys. The routes from Hollywood and Long Beach are temporarily suspended due to the pandemic. 

The airport is almost 18 miles away from the city center, which normally takes around 30-40 minutes to reach if you’re driving. Also, hiring a taxi/rideshare service is sure to drain your wallet. And be aware that driving or hiring a taxi to travel to LAX can take a lot of time during peak hours. And, it is always fair to expect a crowded stretch between the city center and LAX.

Other large airports in the USA 

With a surface area of 27 square miles, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is the second-largest airport in the country. Orlando International Airport (21 square miles), Washington Dulles International Airport (20.3 square miles), and George Bush International Airport (15.6 square miles) are the other largest airports in the US. According to OAG, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Denver International Airport ranks second and third in the world’s busiest airports for August. 

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Some key info 

  • LAX  is not the largest airport in the country. Denver Airport is the largest, with a surface area of 52.4 square miles.  
  • The airport has a surface area of 5.4 square miles. 
  • Several works are underway at LAX at a budget of $14 billion to modernize it. The works are aimed at improving the passenger experience. The LAX Automated People Mover, which is currently under construction, will feature six stations that connect to the Los Angeles Metro.   
  • Currently, only the CTA Parking lot offers onsite parking at LAX. So, the chances are high that the parking spots get filled up fast. It is always better to check the offsite garages and hotel parking near the airport. Always use the Way.com app or website to get cheap and secure Los Angeles Airport parking 


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