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Is the LAX area safe? 

  • Cars Explained
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 6 minutes

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Need to fly out of Los Angeles? Chances are you’ll need to head over to Los Angeles Airport (LAX), one of the busiest airports in the world. However, what’ll give you a headache is the question of where to park your car safely while you travel. Yes, though the Los Angeles Airport boasts some onsite parking lots, getting an onsite parking spot is never easy in one of the world’s busiest airports. If you don’t pre-book a spot at any of the offsite garages (the onsite lots don’t allow pre-booking) you may end up with no place to park your car. What happens then? Some of us have even ended up parking on the streets! Here’s what you should know before opting for a parking spot near LAX Airport! Is the LAX area safe to park in? 

Parking near Los Angeles Airport 

There are several neighborhoods near the airport where you can park your vehicle. For instance, you can park free on most Westchester and Playa del Rey streets for up to 72 hours. These areas are very near to the airport, and people often use them for parking. You can park in most of the areas near LAX Airport. There are even metered parking spaces that you could use if you are on a short trip.  

Is it safe to park near Los Angeles Airport? 

Mostly yes! Often the roads from the city center to the airport experiences heavy passenger traffic. So, the patrolling is strong in these areas as it is a busy stretch. Parking on the streets and roads seems to be a good option if you plan to leave Los Angeles for a short period. Parking your car on the streets, roads, or the LAX airport lots is always risky if you’re flying out for a few days. You may be rushing to the airport, and the crooks will take advantage of this. Be aware that they are always on the hunt for vehicles that are carelessly parked. If you have left open the doors or kept the belongings in plain sight, you are giving a great opportunity for them to steal your possessions!  

The crooks may try to steal tour belongings even if the car is locked. It all happens if you leave your car for a longer period. So, even if you lock your car, make sure that you don’t leave your valuable belongings in it.  

Issues when parked on streets or roads 

Always make sure that the cars are legally parked. You will earn a parking ticket if you park your car in a ‘no parking’ area and will get towed. Be mindful that the parking tickets are sure to drain your wallet. Most of the neighborhoods in LAX allow parking for a few days. Your car is sure to be towed if you park there after the stipulated time. 

Los Angeles Airport Parking

Why do people opt for parking near the LAX area? 

It is because Los Angeles Airport doesn’t have many onsite parking options. And, parking at LAX is expensive! Currently, only Central Terminal Area (CTA) Parking offers onsite parking at LAX Airport. It has around 7,000 parking spaces only. These tend to fill up quickly.  

Also, the public transport connectivity to the airport from the city center is limited. The FlyAway nonstop bus service connects the city center to the airport. Currently, people can board the bus from Union Station and Van Nuys. The routes from Hollywood and Long Beach remain suspended due to the pandemic. Also, the Metro doesn’t connect directly to the airport. You have to use the Green Line and get to the Aviation Station to go to the airport from the Downtown. From there, board a shuttle bus to reach the airport. 

Why offsite parking is better? 

Getting a parking spot at nearby offsite garages or lots is the ideal option if you want secure parking near LAX Airport. The parking is preferable because it comes with many added amenities like camera surveillance, 24-hour security, free shuttle services, and more. Hourly parking starts for as low as $1 per day. And, you can use daily parking for rates starting as little as $6 per day. The offsite parking garages and lots near Los Angeles Airport are always in high demand as the onsite parking spaces get filled up quickly. You can always book via their apps or websites or use the Way.com app or website to book an LAX Airport parking at cheap rates. What’s more, some of the garages offer add-on services like tire checks, car washes, and car detailing so you can see your car in better condition than you left it. 

About Los Angeles Airport 

The airport is located in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles. The LAX airport is around 18 miles southwest of the city center. The airport primarily serves Los Angeles and the surrounding metropolitan areas. It is the busiest airport that serves the Greater Los Angeles area.  

Address: 1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045 

Contact number: (855) 463 5252 

Los Angeles Airport Parking Offers

Tips for parking at Los Angeles Airport 

  • Drive early to the airport if you want an onsite parking spot.  
  • Don’t park your car on the streets or roads if you are leaving Los Angeles for some days. 
  • Offsite garages and lots provide you with secure parking spots. The parking includes amenities like round-the-clock security, camera surveillance, 24-hour lot attendants, free shuttle services, and more. So, you can always have a relaxed flying with your car parked securely. Use the Way.com app or website to book an LAX Airport parking at cheap rates.  
  • Make sure you park your car legally while using the street parking or when you park on the roads to LAX. Illegal parking will earn you a hefty parking ticket, and your car will be towed.  

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