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Jackson Medgar Wiley Evers Airport parking guide 

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 11 minutes

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Jackson is the most populous city in Mississippi and is served by the Jackson–Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport (JAN). With the airport being the busiest in Mississippi, will it be easy to get a JAN parking spot? It will be one thing that perplexes you while planning to fly out from JAN Airport! You can get rid of all your parking worries as our Jackson Evers Airport Parking guide will help you find a perfect parking spot. With JAN Airport turning into one of the busiest in the country, getting a parking spot will get tougher in the coming years. So, it is always safe to have a proper idea of the airport, parking at JAN airport, and JAN parking rates! Know more about that through this Jackson Evers Airport Parking guide. 

JAN Airport parking options 

Onsite JAN parking is available via three main parking lots – Garage Parking, Surface, and Long Term Parking. Garage Parking offers short-term parking at Jackson Airport near the terminal. The Surface Lot is another onsite lot that offers short-term and long-term airport parking. You can locate this lot behind the Garage Parking lot. If you’re looking for long-term parking, then park your car at the Long Term Parking lot. This lot is also adjacent to the terminal and offers shuttle bus services. Garage Parking and Long Term Parking lots have designated spots for accessible parking. Are you looking for free parking at the airport? Then park your car in the Cell Phone Lot located near Garage Parking and Surface Lot. This lot is ideal for parking when you’re at the airport to pick up someone. Keep reading our Jackson Evers Airport Parking guide to know more about JAN parking! 

Where can I park at Jackson Evers Airport? 

You can park at the airport at Garage Parking, Surface, and Long Term Parking lots. Garage Parking and Surface Lot has short-term and long-term parking spots. The Long Term Parking lot features daily parking spots with shuttle service to the terminal. There is also a Cell Phone Lot near the Garage Parking and Surface Lot.  

How much is parking at Jackson Evers Airport? 

The JAN parking rates depend on the lot and the type of parking you choose. Garage Parking and Surface Lot offers short-term onsite parking, whereas long-term parking is available at all three lots. Parking at the airport starts at $3 per hour and can go up to a maximum of $16 per day. Read our Jackson Evers Airport Parking guide to know more about long-term and short-term parking options and rates. 

How much is long-term parking at Jackson Evers Airport? 

All the onsite lots at the airport offer long-term parking spots. The long-term parking rate starts at $10 for a day and can go up to $16 per day. Long Term Parking and Surface lots offer the most economical Jackson Evers Airport long-term parking at $10 for a day. The Long Term Parking lot also has shuttle bus services every 15 minutes that connect you to the terminal. Garage Parking offers the most expensive long-term parking option at the airport, with daily parking costing you $16. The Long Term Parking and Garage Parking lots have designated spaces for accessible parking. Are you looking for long-term parking at JAN Airport for lower parking rates? Then it is always better to check out the parking spots at the nearby offsite garages and hotel parking lots. Most of these offsite lots offer long-term parking spots at cheaper rates than the onsite ones.  

Lot Duration JAN parking rate
Long Term Parking Per Day $10
Surface Per Day $10
Garage parking Per Day $16
Offsite parking near JAN Airport Per Day $4

How much is short-term parking at Jackson Evers Airport? 

The short-term parking rate at JAN Airport depends on the lot you choose for parking. Garage Parking and Surface lots are the two parking lots that offer hourly parking at Jackson Evers Airport. Both these lots are located near the terminal. Parking at the Surface Lot costs you $3 per hour for short-term parking. Getting a parking spot at the Garage Parking lot charges you $4 per hour. The parking rate increases at these lots surge by $3 and $4 every hour till it reaches the daily maximum rate. Do you wish to have affordable short-term parking at the airport? Then book a parking spot at any nearby offsite garages and hotel parking lots while booking the flight ticket. Most of these offsite parking lots have short-term parking spots at lower rates than the onsite ones with many amenities.  

Lot Duration JAN parking rate
Surface Per Hour $3
Garage parking Per Hour $4

About Jackson–Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport  

Jackson Evers Airport is located around six miles east of downtown Jackson. The airport has annual passenger traffic of around a million every year. This city-owned civil-military airport got its name from Medgar Evers. Covering an area of around 3,381 acres, JAN Airport features an L-shaped terminal with two concourses, 19 gates, and two runways. Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Houston-Intercontinental are the busiest domestic routes served from Jackson Evers Airport. JAN Airport is open 24/7 throughout the year. Want to know about getting to the airport and spending your waiting period there? Our Jackson Evers Airport Parking guide has that covered!  

Getting to Jackson Evers Airport 

Most of us prefer to drive to the airport as it is a few miles away from the City of Jackson. Ideally, it takes around 15-20 to reach JAN Airport while you drive from the city. The quickest route to the airport is via the I-20 E. You can also get to the airport via Old Brandon Rd or take the US-80 E route. Always be mindful that the road from the city to the airport can get congested during rush hours or holidays. So, drive early to the airport and always ensure a parking spot in advance.  

There are also rental cars and charter transportation that take you to the airport from the city. What are the other ways by which you can travel to the airport? Our Jackson Evers Airport Parking guide answers you! 

Traveling via taxi/rideshare services 

Using a taxi/rideshare service is the fastest way by which you can reach the airport from Downtown. Jackson Taxi, Citicab Co., Deluxe Cab Co., and Yellow Cab Co. Inc. are the main taxi services that connect you to the airport. Normally, it takes 15-20 for these services to take you to JAN Airport. Expect to shell out between $45 and $60 for a ride.  

Lyft and Uber are the rideshare services that offer service to the airport from Downtown. The rideshare fare varies depending on the ride type and time of travel. Hiring a Lyft service ideally costs you between $20-35. An Uber service normally charges you between $20-42. Be mindful that the rideshare fares can surge heavily during peak hours and seasons. So, ensure to check the fare before booking a ride to Jackson Evers Airport.  

Parking at JAN Airport starts at $4/day

Things to do at Jackson Evers Airport 

Confused about how to spend your time before boarding? Well, don’t worry! The airport has enough options to keep you engaged before the flight. JAN Airport is sure to enthuse you if you’re a music and art lover. You can locate the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame museum at the airport. The inductees include people like B.B. King, Elvis Presley, Bob Pittman, and more. The airport also features art murals of renowned personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Elvis Presley at the East Concourse restroom, Eudora Welty, and Walter Payton at the West Concourse restroom. Also, you can use the free Wi-Fi at the terminal and indulge in a bit of internet surfing. What are the other options that will entertain you at the airport? Keep reading our Jackson Evers Airport Parking guide.  

Dining and shopping at JAN Airport 

The airport has a few restaurants and bars located on the second floor that can freshen you up! Capital City Tavern is a restaurant that pays tribute to Jackson via its special beers, cocktails, artwork, and historical photos. Early morning flights can make you crave a coffee or some light snacks. Head to Cup O’ Joe if you want to start your day with an energizing coffee and freshly baked pastries. How about having some local brews, imported and domestic beers, spirits, and signature cocktails, accompanied by Blues music? Mississippi Blues & Tap is sure to give you such a heavenly experience with a few local dishes.  

Farish Street Market and Hudson News are the two gift shops at JAN Airport. Farish Street Market features Mississippi-made products and also has a full-service coffee bar. It also offers delicious baked goods and pastries, grab-and-go food, and beverage items.   

Where is Jackson Evers Airport? 

JAN Airport is located at 100 International Dr, Jackson, MS 39208.  

Is there free parking at Jackson Evers Airport? 

Yes. Use the Cell Phone Lot located near Garage Parking and Surface Lot to park your car for free. Ensure that you never leave your vehicle unattended. Also, parking at the Surface Lot is free for the first 10 minutes. 

Is there a shuttle service at JAN Airport? 

Yes. The Long Term Parking lot offers shuttle bus services to the terminal. The buses operate every 15 minutes from the lot. The passengers are picked up at the lot and dropped off at the curbside located at the terminal’s second level. All the shuttle buses are ADA compliant.  

How busy is the Surface Lot at JAN Airport? 

The lot can get full quickly during the peak hours on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Use the Garage Parking lot to get a parking spot then.  

How early should I reach Jackson Evers Airport? 

It is better that you reach the airport two hours before the scheduled departure time.  

How can I get cheap long-term Jackson Evers Airport long-term parking? 

Always reserve a parking spot at nearby offsite garages and lots if you want to have cheap long-term parking at Jackson Evers Airport.   

What airlines serve  JAN Airport? 

American Eagle, Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection, Frontier Airlines, United Express, and Southwest Airlines.   

Jackson Evers Airport parking map 

Here’s the airport map where you can find the best onsite parking spots, including JAN Airport long-term parking and cheap JAN Airport parking.  

Jackson Evers Airport parking map
Image courtesy: https://jmaa.com/jan/parking-ground-transportation/

Jackson Evers Airport Parking guide 

Surface and Long Term parking lots offer the most economical long-term airport parking spots at $10 per day. Surface Lot also has short-term parking spots that you can use at $3 per hour. Garage Parking is another lot near the terminal that offers short-term parking at $4 per hour. The Long Term Parking lot offers free parking for the first 10 minutes and has shuttle bus services to the terminal. Are you looking for parking spots at cheaper rates at JAN Airport? Our Jackson Evers Airport Parking guide has that covered for you!  

JAN Airport parking information, coupons, and discounts  

You can imagine how challenging it may be to get a parking spot at the busiest airport in Mississippi. It gets tougher during peak hours and holidays. So, it is always to ensure a parking spot while you book your flight tickets. The Way.com app or website helps you with that. Booking long-term parking via Way gets you a parking spot for parking rates starting as little as $4 for a day. It comes with amenities like round-the-clock security, 24/7 camera surveillance, contactless parking, and more. So, always use Way to get a Jackson Evers parking spot at cheaper rates!  

Jackson Evers Airport Parking guide tips 

  • JAN Airport is located around six miles east of downtown Jackson.  
  • Garage Parking, Surface, and Long Term Parking lots are the main parking lots at the airport. 
  • Garage Parking and Surface lots offer short-term airport parking. 
  • Long Term Parking and Surface lots are the ideal options for getting long-term parking. The Long Term Parking lot offers shuttle bus services to JAN Airport.  
  • Always use the Cell Phone Lot if you want to get free parking at the airport while picking up a passenger.  
  • The nearby offsite garages and lots offer cheaper long-term parking spots when compared to the onsite ones.  

Book JAN Airport parking for rates starting as low as $4/day

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