Jacksonville (JAX) International Airport Parking Guide

Rates and Options for Parking at Jacksonville International Airport

The Jacksonville International Airport parking has innumerable options available on-site. You can find the parking lots open at the JAX International Airport from US$2-$20 a day. However, the prices may vary according to the hourly or daily need for parking spots. In addition, the rates also vary according to the location of the parking lot you park your vehicle in. Before parking your vehicle, be certain to visit the official website to view the updated rates.

Long-Term Jacksonville Airport Parking Rates

The long-term parking garage at the Jacksonville International Airport branches out into two affordable categories: the Daily Surface Parking Lot and the Economy Parking Lot. The Economy Parking Lots—1 and 2— are located to the east of the airport. There are several off-site parking lots and garages that offer safe and secure parking options. These garages offer economical and extremely budget-friendly spots for long-term basis for rates as low as US $5. However, you will have to make an advanced reservation online to secure a parking spot in one of these garages. The off-site airport parking for a long-term basis also provides you with shuttle services to the terminal.

The rates of the hourly and daily off-site parking for a long-term basis are mentioned below:

Long-Term Off-Site W/ Shuttle Rate
Per Day – Book Now! $5
Daily Surface Lot Rate
Per Day $8
Economy Parking (Lot 1 and 2) Rate
Per Day $5
Daily Garage Rate
 Per Day  $15
Hourly Garage Rate
Per Day  $20

Short-Term Jacksonville Airport Parking Rates

The JAX International Airport offers flexibility to its customers when it comes to parking spots. Travelers can find Daily as well as Hourly parking spots in the lots adjacent to the terminals. In addition, each of the garages, including the Hourly Garage and the Daily Garage, are located past the domestic terminal entrance. Other than that, the Daily Surface Lot is situated to the east of the Daily Garage, which makes it an extremely convenient lot for vehicle parking.

Nevertheless, if you simply want to drop someone off or pick up a loved one, then you should go for the Short-Term Parking’s Hourly Garage as your stay will be short and limited. On the other hand, if you need to park overnight (or more than 12 hours), then the Daily/ Economy Parking area is the smarter choice to make.

Hourly Parking Garage Rate 
Per 30 Minutes $2
Daily Max $20

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About Jacksonville Airport

The Jacksonville International Airport is located 13 miles to the north of Jacksonville city’s downtown area and is regarded as one of the most well-facilitated airports in the area. The airport serves the northeastern Florida area, which makes it a well-suited choice of air commute for those looking for less crowded ways of traveling or on-spot ticket purchase availability.

The Jacksonville International Airport or the JAX International Airport is typically used by leisure and business travelers. Although it serves as a civic-military airport, it is also known as the ‘Gateway to a Golfer’s Paradise.’ Surrounded by the gorgeous views of rural-urban life and located on the coast of Florida, Jacksonville (JAX) International Airport offers unparalleled relaxation with its amenities. However, finding an ideal spot within the nearby vicinity is difficult for regular travelers as well as first-timers.

When you’re traveling, the constant paranoia of not being able to catch your flight constantly haunts you. And if you cannot find a safe and secure parking spot in time, the odds can actually turn against you. However, this guide can save you from missing out on flights as it gives a detailed understanding of the different parking lots and spots you can park your vehicle in.

Whether you’re looking for a parking spot close to the airport or a space that is affordable, keep reading this guide to find a plethora of parking options to choose from.

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Information on Premises

Civilian Services

The Jacksonville International Airport is easy to navigate. It is one of the most convenient airbases to fly from as it has only one terminal with dual courses, A and C. This makes traveling a hassle-free experience. The terminal is comprised of two floors and offers a number of different facilities and amenities to the passengers.

Floor# 1

  •         The first floor has a baggage claim area

Floor# 2

  •         The second floor has the main ticketing area

A little farther than the baggage claim area and the main ticketing area is the mezzanine. This is the very hub of restaurants, bistros, shops, etc. The security checkpoints are also situated here.

Military Services

Jacksonville Air National Guard Base serves as a small but resourceful air force base.

The airport has access to the USAF Crash Fire Rescue station provided by the Air National Guard for the airport’s self-defense against an on-premises fire and aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF).

If you have any queries regarding security issues, would like to make complaints or need to contact the Lost & Found office, then take a look at some of the important numbers to contact:

  •  Call (904) 741-2040 to report a crime or acquire medical services
  •  Call (904) 741-2040 for maintenance or facility concerns
  •  Call (904) 380-4069 to contact the Lost and Found office if you have lost your property at the security check post

If you have lost your property at the terminal, then click here to file a complaint. The airport authority will contact you once your lost item has been recovered.

Driving Instructions

If you’re traveling to the Jacksonville International Airport or the JAX International Airport, from the Centre of Jacksonville, then you need to take the Interstate 95 to the Airport Road. Exit from the 363-B then enter the terminal from the westbound route. If you are traveling from St Augustine or Georgia area, then you will have to access the Interstate 95 route.

Public Transportation

There are several ways to reach the Jacksonville International Airport using public transport. This guide mentions each and every method of reaching the airport along with the necessary details. Please note that before you use public transportation, make sure to contact the respective authority in advance to book your seat, get information on the updated rates and avoid any inconvenience.


There are several cab services that you can find near the airport entrance. However, it is unwise to trust an unofficial cab service as they charge high rates depending on the time it takes and the traffic situation. On the other hand, you can contact the Gator City Taxis by calling (904) 999-9999 to avail the airport’s official taxi company. The Gator Taxi City is affiliated with the JAX International Airport and charges around US$25 for one-way fare, from your pickup point to the airport.


The official bus route from the station to the airport is operated by the Jacksonville Transport Authority. The transport authority runs the CT3, which is commonly known as the AirTJA and for being remarkably clean and comfortable. The bus runs frequently and also operates on the weekends. However, the best part about using this bus is that there is no waiting time. Since the bus runs frequently, it immediately picks up passengers. To book your seat in advance, call (904) 630-3100. The bus fares are fixed at US$1.50.


There is an abundance of companies that offer shuttle services to the airport from your destination and vice versa. Particularly, the Go Airport Shuttle service is the most popular one. You can call the service at (844) 787-1670.

If you are looking for cheaper options or have a different route, then you can view the complete list of all the shuttle service providers affiliated with the airport here and make your reservations according to your location and budget.

Terminal Facilities

Jacksonville International Airport is well-furnished with ultra-modern facilities in the terminal that you can access at any time of the day. The airport offers several amenities at your disposal, giving you a unique and luxurious travel experience from Jacksonville to your destination.


There are several ATMs available on both the floors. On the first floor, you can find ATMs a little past the baggage claim and on the second floor, you can find the ATM adjacent to the security check post. All the restaurants accept credit cards as well.


JAX International Airport is the best place to travel from when you wish to experience an easy-going air commute. The vast range of retail stores gives you an unparalleled shopping experience. There is also an abundance of eateries and diners, where you can satisfy your appetite right before your flight.

Some of the most popular diners include:

  • PGA Tour Grill: A full service restaurant located at the Concourse C
  • Burger King: The famous fast food chain offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and is located at the Pre-Security area
  • Chili’s Too: A low-key eatery that provides Tex-Mex styled dining options and is located at the Concourse A
  • Ciao Gourmet Market: A restaurant that offers vegetarian salads of seasonal produces, fresh fruits, sandwiches, chips, premium snacks and drinks and is located at the Concourse A
  • Auntie Anne’s Pretzels: As the name suggests, you can find a wide variety of Pretzels and Snacks for a quick bite. It is located at the Post-Security Food Court
  • The Local: On-the-go styled dining options and beverages
  • Sbarro: A pizzeria with salads and pasta as well. It is located at the Post-Security Food Court
  • Shula’s Bar & Grill: A restaurant that offers scrumptious cuisines from burgers and steaks to salads and appetizers. It is located at the Concourse A
  • Starbucks: America’s favorite go-to coffee house that is located at the Pre-Security area, Post-Security Food Court, and the Concourse C


The Jacksonville International Airport entertains all kinds of needs and wants of the passengers. The airport offers numerous shopping options, where you can splurge.

Some of the top-rated retailers and shopping places are:

  • Amelia Island Marketplace: Provides you with a wide range of apparel and accessory items themed after the Amelia Island. It is located at the Concourse C
  • Best Buy Express: Offers a vast variety of gadgets and devices, making it the perfect spot for a tech junkie.  It is located at the Concourse A
  • Brighton Collectibles: This is the perfect place to find hand-crafted leather belts, bags and accessories such as watches. You can also find jewelry and fragrances for women. It is located at the Concourse A
  • Brooks Brothers: This is a luxury fashion brand for men and women, offering designer shirts, jackets, etc., and is located at the Concourse A
  • CNBC News Stand: This is the very hub of all that is going around and offers newspapers, magazines, etc. You can also find gifts and collectibles here and it is located at Concourse A and C
  •  Insight: This is an upscale optical brand and offers a wide range of latest uni-sex sunglasses. It is located at the Pre-Security area and the Concourse A
  •  PGA Tour Shops: This is the very dreamland of every golfer looking for golf equipment. You can find a variety of items to gift a golfer along with golfing apparel. It is located at the Pre-Security area
  • Sam Snead’s: Flex your muscles with a game of golf here; located at the Pre-Security area


At minimal charges, the airport offers trolleys to transport your luggage. You can also access the JAX Business Centre on the second floor to use the lockers. You can also ask the airport’s customer service agents to hire help for luggage transport.

Other Facilities


The terminal has several restrooms on each floor. Every restroom has at least one stall for disabled people. You can reach out to the airport’s help desk if you cannot find the restroom.

Car Rental

Several car rental companies are affiliated with the JAX International Airport. You can access a vast array of vehicles.

Public Water Fountains

After every few steps, you will find public water fountains to drink water from.

Airport Services

The Jacksonville International Airport is located a little farther than the downtown area of the Jacksonville city. This gives the airport a rather secluded location, which makes it the ideal spot for businessmen looking for a peaceful and quiet destination to host their conferences in. Other than that, the airport takes into consideration the varying needs of different people, allowing you access to some of the most outstanding facilities.

Business Meetings and Conferences

The airport offers a conference hall that is located within the terminal. Equipped with hi-tech facilities, this conference hall accommodates up to 17 persons and allows you to conduct a meeting efficiently. You can access video or teleconferencing in this meeting hall. The conference hall also offers free Wi-Fi facilities. To make a reservation, call (904) 741-2006.

Communication Facilities

The airport offers free Wi-Fi service throughout the terminal building, making communication extremely feasible. You can also access telephones to make calls. Pre-paid cards can also be purchased from the River City Travel Mart. In addition, if you want to send and/or receive files and documents, you can use the postal facilities. From stamp machine to FedEx drop and post box—all are accessible in the JAX Business Centre. You can find the business centre right after the security area.

Special Needs

The Jacksonville International Airport offers facilities for people with special needs as well. It offers elevators that connect both the floors, making it convenient for people on wheelchairs to move about. Adapted toilets and on-flight services are also provided. Make sure to contact your airline 48 hours in advance to make arrangements if you or your loved one requires special attendance.

Car Rentals

Of course, there is a plethora of car rental services that you can choose from for your pick and drop. Some of the renowned and officially affiliated rental services with the airport are:

  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Alamo-National
  • Dollar
  • Enterprise
  • Thrifty
  • Hertz

You can contact these rental services through a phone call. Or, if you’re already at the airport, then you can go to the car hire desks at the lower level of the terminal building.

Where is Jacksonville Airport Located?

Jacksonville Airport is located at 2400 Yankee Clipper Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32218. Jacksonville Airport can also be contacted by calling (904) 741-3900.

JAX Airport Online Parking Reservations

Jacksonville International Airport has a number of different parking lots nearby that can be browsed through the internet. And with the Way.com app and website, you can easily log in and choose your favorite parking spot around.

Discover a plethora of parking options around the JAX Airport and book your favorite sport using the Way

Jacksonville Airport Parking Maps

Jacksonville Airport Parking


Jacksonville Airport Parking Information, Discounts, and Coupons

During the holiday or vacation season, the airport experiences a surge of passengers. While the airport parking lot rates may not be sky-soaring throughout the year, they can rise beyond your budget during the peak season. In such cases, you need to find as many resources as you can to choose the best discounted rates and promo coupons to save up some extra costs and keep your traveling expenses under control.

If you’re looking for such discounted deals, then keep reading this guide as the upcoming half talks about different tools to use in order to score an affordable parking spot.


This is the official terminal parking that you can access on-site. You can visit the airport’s official website to look up the up-to-date parking spot rates and reserve your favorite spot. The airport offers free valet services as well, so you won’t have to park all by yourself. In addition, the shuttle service operates 24/7, helping you move from the parking lot to the terminal.


Way supplies the surplus inventory from parking garages around the JAX International Airport. This basically means that the extra parking spots near the airport are sold at discounted prices, allowing you to save up to 50%! You can also download the application for Android and iPhone.

Jacksonville International Airport Parking Tips

  •         You can avail the parking program that JAX International Airport offers time and again
  •         Travelers can make 10 points per dollar spent and use those points later for free parking days
  •         Every garage has different points’ costs, so make sure to check out the airport site for details
  •         You can also avail the $200/ month pre-paid program

Final Notes on Jacksonville Airport

When you’re traveling to or from Jacksonville International Airport, make sure to view the official website or call in the reception to get hold of the updated information, availability and rates.

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