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Justin Bieber Justice Tour at State Farm Arena, Atlanta: Lineup and parking information 

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Are you a ‘Belieber’? Justin Bieber’s Justice World Tour will hit the city of Atlanta soon. Bieber fans were waiting a long time to see this tour live as it was originally planned to take place in July 2020. Then the organizers had to push the tour to 2021, and since the pandemic was still going strong, it was again rescheduled to kick off in 2022. Read more about the tour, lineup, and parking information for a live concert at State Farm Center.   

What is Justin Bieber Justice Tour?  

The Justin Bieber justice world tour is a series of live concerts by Justin Bieber that will see him perform on five continents. The first leg of Justin Bieber’s events will cover the North American continent, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The Justice World tour will start in San Diego on February 18, 2022, and finish on March 25, 2023.

Justin Bieber Justice Tour parking

The event originally scheduled for 2020 was postponed twice and will support two albums, “Changes” and “Justice.”  

Where is Justin Bieber’s Justice World tour?  

Justin Bieber Justice World Tour 2022

Even though the first concert will occur in San Diego, it will reach Atlanta at the end of the first spell in the United States. Atlanta will be the 13th city to host a Justin Bieber concert in 2022. The State Farm Arena at 1 State Farm Dr will host this concert on both days.  

When is the Justin Bieber Justice Tour 2022?  


You can see the concert on March 21 and March 22,  2022 at the State Farm Arena. You can get more about the schedule and events from the official website. There is no need to worry if you bought tickets for the 2021 event, which was postponed. All tickets will be honored for the rescheduled dates, and you can even get refunds at the purchase points.   

What is the lineup for the Justin Bieber concert?  

Jaden Smith, Eddie Benjamin, and TEO will be the opening acts of Justin Bieber’s live concerts. Harry Hudson will also join the tour for some cities in the United States instead of Eddie Benjamin. 


Both Jaden and Justin have previously performed together in concerts, and the chemistry between both has always been great. At State Farm Arena, you can see opening acts from Jaden Smith, Eddie Benjamin, and TEO.  

How much do the tickets cost?  


Justin Bieber tickets for 2022 concerts in some cities are already sold out. For Atlanta, you can buy tickets ranging from $89 to $200. You can buy either standard tickets or VIP Packages, each of which comes with special perks and a better view. Buy your tickets for Atlanta as soon as possible through the official Justin Bieber Justice tour page or State Farm Arena website 

What are the dates for the Justin Bieber tour in 2022?  

Take a look at the city’s Justin Bieber concert 2022 will visit below. 

Justice Tour Schedule 2022

The schedule is subject to change. You can see the schedule for the worldwide tour here.  

What are the health policies for the Justice Tour?  


The tour will travel through many cities, which means the health regulations might also be different. So, it would help if you researched more about the restrictions imposed by the local governments and the venue itself. The last performance in Milwaukee is part of the Summerfest, so the health policy of the fest will be in practice.  

At State Farm Arena, you may need to produce proof of vaccination or the latest Covid negative test report to gain entry to the Justin Bieber concert. Simultaneously, you can find more information on the official website of the arena. 

How to get to State Farm Arena

You can reach the State Farm Arena via Luckie Street NW and Centennial Olympic Park Drive NW from Downtown Atlanta and this drive will take approximately 4 mins to cover 0.6 miles.

You can also drive through Marietta Street NW or Cone Street NW to reach the venue in less time, and these times may vary depending on the traffic. 

Is there parking at the State Farm Arena?  

The arena has four official parking lots, i.e., Sapphire parking deck, Ruby Lot, Diamond parking deck, and CNN parking deck. Moreover, all of these have different entrances and exits besides the official parking spaces will be different for each event.   

Even though the official parking lots at the Arena are open for parking during NBA games, the parking process will vary during concerts. Parking can be hard to find when a top artist like Bieber comes into town at the State Farm Arena.

You can easily get off-site parking at affordable rates by reserving parking garages near the arena. Particularly, you can use the Way.com website or Way parking app to locate garages closer to State Farm in no time.  

What are parking options near State Farm Arena?  

Certainly, State Farm Arena and the streets surrounding it will be flooding with fans from all over the city. Additionally, the official lots will be in high demand. So, you might want to look into alternatives.

Parking near State Farm Arena

Whether you reach the arena early or book parking at the official lots beforehand, there will be a long line of cars waiting for you outside the arena. If you want to get a guaranteed parking space, then reserve an off-site parking garage in advance. This will save you time and money, especially if you avoid all the trouble. Hence use Way.com to find affordable parking near State Farm on both days of the Justin Bieber concert. 

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