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Kalamazoo Airport parking guide 

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 10 minutes

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Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport (AZO) is the main airport that serves Kalamazoo and Battle Creek cities. Though not the busiest or largest airport in Michigan, AZO Airport terminals can get busy during peak seasons. Also, be aware that Kalamazoo Airport doesn’t have many onsite parking options. So, getting an airport parking spot can get tough at times. Having detailed info on Kalamazoo parking options can be helpful while you fly out. That’s where our Kalamazoo Airport parking guide will help you. Where can you get AZO parking? How much is parking at Kalamazoo Airport? Is it better to park at an offsite lot while flying out of Kalamazoo Airport? What are the ways by which you can travel to the airport? Know in detail about AZO Airport, long-term parking at Kalamazoo Airport, and more through this Kalamazoo Airport parking guide. 

AZO Airport parking options 

Kalamazoo Airport features outdoor parking lots that offer short-term and long-term parking spots. Both the lots offer convenient parking as they are located near the terminal. Payments in these lots are easy as it features a self-serve credit card lane. You can opt for short-term and long-term parking at both lots. Long Term lot also provides weekly parking at Kalamazoo Airport. Be aware that you can park in front of the terminal only to load and unload passengers and luggage. There are designated accessible parking spots in both lots. AZO Airport also features a Cell Phone Lot that provides free parking for a limited time. Though the airport has ample parking spots, many nearby offsite garages and hotel parking lots offer parking at lower rates. Keep reading this Kalamazoo Airport parking guide to know more about AZO parking rates and parking near the airport. 

Where to park at Kalamazoo Airport? 

AZO Airport features two outdoor lots that offer long-term and short-term parking spots. Both these lots have designated accessible parking spots. The Short Term lot also facilitates daily parking. If you’re looking for free parking, park your car at the Cell Phone Lot.  

How much does it cost to park at Kalamazoo Airport? 

The Kalamazoo Airport parking rates depend on the lot and type of parking you choose. Getting a parking spot at AZO Airport can cost you $2 for 30 minutes, and it can go up to $15 for daily parking. Weekly parking at the Long Term lot charges you a maximum of $63.  

How much is long-term parking at Kalamazoo Airport? 

The parking rates for Kalamazoo Airport long-term parking depend on the lot you choose for parking. You can get a daily parking spot at the Long Term and Short Term parking lots. Getting a daily parking spot at Long Term lot costs you $9. At the same time, using a long-term parking spot at the Short Term lot charges you a daily maximum rate of $15. Do you want to book a long-term parking spot at a lower rate? Then it is better to reserve one at any of the nearby offsite garages or hotel parking lots. Most of these offsite parking spots cost you less than the onsite ones!   

Lot  Duration  AZO parking rate 
Long Term  Per Day   $9 
Short Term  Per Day  $15 
Offsite parking near AZO Airport with shuttle  Per Day  $3 

How much is short-term parking at Kalamazoo Airport? 

Both the onsite parking lots offer short-term parking spots. Short-term parking spots are convenient as they are located near the terminal. Parking at the Short Term lot is always better as it offers parking for $2 every 30 minutes. Getting a short-term parking spot at the Long Term lot charges you $4 per hour. The Kalamazoo Airport parking rates surge by every 30 and 60 minutes in these lots till it reaches the daily maximum rate. Are you looking for an hourly parking spot at a cheaper parking rate? Then try booking one at any of the nearby offsite garages or hotel parking lots. Most of these offsite lots provide hourly parking spots at lower rates than the onsite lots. Continue reading this Kalamazoo Airport parking guide to know more about AZO Airport.  

Lot  Duration  AZO parking rate 
Short Term  Every 30 minutes  $2 
Long Term  Every 60 minutes  $4 

About Kalamazoo Airport 

AZO Airport is located around five miles away from Kalamazoo and 20 miles west of Battle Creek cities. Covering an area of around 832 acres, the airport features a two-level terminal and has three asphalt runways. The airport serves nearly 300,000 passengers every year. American Eagle, United Express, and Delta Connection are the carriers that currently operate from Kalamazoo Airport. Detroit, Chicago-O’Hare, and Minneapolis–Saint Paul are the busiest domestic routes served from this airport. The airport also houses the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum, famous as the ‘Air Zoo.’ The first level of the terminal features a baggage claim area, check-in counters, and ground transportation services. The second level consists of the gates, a waiting area, business center, restaurant, and gift shops. Keep reading this Kalamazoo Airport parking guide to know about getting to the airport and spending time before boarding.  

Getting to Kalamazoo Airport 

You can reach the airport from Kalamazoo by public transportation, taxi/rideshare services, and driving. Driving to the airport will be a good option as it is just a few miles away from Kalamazoo city. Normally it takes around 10-15 minutes to reach AZO Airport. The quickest way to reach the airport is by taking the Portage Street route. But, always choose to drive after ensuring a parking spot. Also, be cautious about the traffic on the road to the airport. The road may get heavily congested during rush hours or holidays. What are the other modes of transportation that connect to the airport? Our Kalamazoo Airport parking guide has that covered! 

AZO Airport parking starts at $3/day

Public transportation 

The bus service by Kalamazoo Metro Transit connects between Kalamazoo and the airport. Ride in the Line 12 bus from Rose & Cedar, and the bus arrives at Airport Rd & Portage. Normally, a ride via Line 12 bus takes around 25 minutes to reach AZO Airport. The service operates Monday till Friday every week. 

Taxi/rideshare services 

Hiring a taxi is the quickest way by which you can travel from the city to the airport. ABC Taxi, Bronco Express, and Roberts Taxi are some of the companies that serve the airport. Ideally, it takes you around 10-15 minutes to reach the airport. Expect to pay between $17 and $25 while hiring a taxi service from the city.  

Lyft and Uber are the main rideshare services that offer a ride from the city to the airport. The fare depends on the type or of the ride and your time of travel. Hiring an Uber or Lyft service can cost you between $10 and $20 for a ride. Be aware that the fare can surge during rush hours or holidays. So, always check the fare before you book a ride.  

Things to do at Kalamazoo Airport 

Since AZO is a small airport, there aren’t many options that can engage you before boarding. The airport doesn’t have any lounges. Using the free Wi-Fi at the terminal is one option to keep you engaged before boarding. Tailwind Kalamazoo, LLC is one shop that offers to dine and shop at AZO Airport. The eatery that opens at around 4.30 a.m. offers breakfast and a variety of coffee, wine, beer, and other specialty drinks. Tailwind Kalamazoo is a good option if you’re craving a burger, pizza, sandwiches, or wraps. Don’t try to buy a souvenir when you leave the shop. The airport also features a Business Center and Board Room. You can rent the Board Room on an hourly, half-day, and full-day basis. Do you like to know more about the airport? Read this Kalamazoo Airport parking guide further.  

Where is Kalamazoo Airport? 

AZO Airport is located at is located at 5235 Portage Rd, Portage, MI 49002. 

Where to find the cheapest long-term parking at Kalamazoo Airport? 

The Long Term lot offers the most economical long-term parking at AZO Airport for $9/day. However, if you need long-term parking at much lower rates, try booking one at nearby offsite garages and lots. The offsite long-term parking rate starts as low as $3 per day.  

Is there free parking at Kalamazoo Airport? 

Yes. You can get free parking while you use the Cell Phone Lot. Park your car at this lot when you’re at the airport to pick up someone. Ensure that you never leave the vehicle unattended and is turned off while you park at the lot.  

How much is weekly parking at AZO Airport?  

The Long Term lot offers weekly parking at the airport. Using a parking spot charges you $63 for a week.  

What time does the Kalamazoo Airport open? 

The airport normally opens at 4 a.m and operates till midnight. 

What airlines fly out of Kalamazoo Airport? 

American Eagle, United Express, and Delta Connection. 

What is the closest airport to Kalamazoo, Michigan? 

Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport (AZO) is the closest airport to Kalamazoo. The airport is just five miles away from the city.  

Where to find accessible parking spots at Kalamazoo Airport? 

The Short Term and Long Term parking lots have designated accessible parking spots.  

Kalamazoo Airport parking map 

Here’s the airport map where you can find the best onsite parking spots, including Kalamazoo Airport long-term parking and cheap AZO parking.     

Kalamazoo Airport parking map
Image courtesy: https://flyazo.com/parking/

Kalamazoo Airport parking guide  

Onsite parking is offered via two main outdoor lots – Short Term and Long Term, located near the terminal. Both lots have options for short-term and long-term parking. Long Term lot offers the most economical daily parking at the airport or $9 per day. At the same time, Short Term lot provides hourly parking for $2 for every 30 minutes. Cell Phone Lot provides free parking at the airport for a limited time. Do you want to have affordable parking near Kalamazoo Airport? Our Kalamazoo Airport parking guide has that covered!  

AZO Airport parking information, coupons, and discounts 

The limited parking spots at the airport can make onsite parking challenging at times. There is also no option for pre-booking a parking spot. So, it is safe that you get a parking spot while you’re booking your flight ticket. Booking via the Way.com app or website gets you a parking spot near the airport for rates starting as low as $3 per day. The parking includes amenities like free round-trip shuttle services, camera surveillance, 24/7 security, and more! So, always use Way to book secure and affordable AZO Airport parking 

Kalamazoo Airport parking guide tips 

  • The airport is located around five miles away from Kalamazoo and 20 miles west of Battle Creek cities. 
  • Long Term and Short Term lots are the onsite parking lots at the airport offering parking spots near the terminal. 
  • Both parking lots have accessible parking spots. 
  • Park at the Cell Phone Lot if you want free parking while at the airport to pick up a passenger. 
  • Always check out the offsite garages to get a secure parking spot at cheaper AZO parking rates.  

Get parking at AZO Airport for $3/day

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