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Car Registration in Kansas: Here’s Everything You Should Know

  • Car Registration
  • Sara Sam
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Jazz and wheat may not sound like a great combination, but it might be so in Kansas. Driving through the ‘breadbasket of the world’ with the best music to accompany would be exciting and easy only with prompt car registration. So, how long is the process of car registration in Kansas? What are the requirements for car registration in Kansas? Is it expensive? Read everything you need to know about car registration in Kansas.  

Kansas Car Registration

Where do I register my car in Kansas? 

The Kansas Department of Revenue requires all newly-purchased vehicles, regardless of whether they are new or used, as well as any new residents of the state of Kansas, to register their vehicles. In other words, a car must be titled in both the state and county in which it is kept to be driven on public roads. In addition, cars that have been recently purchased are required to be registered within the first sixty days after the purchase. 

The 105 county treasurers in Kansas are responsible for vehicle registration, tags, and renewals. In addition to processing vehicle titles, treasurers can register vehicles, including personalized license plates. Consequently, you must apply for a certificate of title and registration at the county treasurer’s office in the county where the vehicle is garaged. 

What documents do I require to register my car in Kansas? 

The documents that are mandatory for car registration in Kansas are as follows.  

  • The original title of the car 
  • VIN inspection form or MVE-1 form 
  • Insurance proof 
  • Driver’s identification proof 
  • Bill of sale 

However, situations like inheritance or open liens can arise while registering a car. In such cases, the need for additional documents, like the power of attorney, lien release, certificate of trust, and transfer of on-death affidavit, occurs. For example, a power of attorney might be required if the owners cannot be present for a joint title and registration. Similarly, if the registration happens in the name of a trust, you will need a certificate of trust.  

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How do I register my car in Kansas? 

You can register your car with the Kansas Department of Revenue in person. Here are the steps to follow to register your car in Kansas. 

  • Take your car for a motor vehicle inspection with the Kansas Highway Patrol. 
  • Verify your car’s VIN. 
  • Receive the Motor Vehicle Examination certificate (Form MVE-1). 
  • Apply for the car registration certificate 
  • Visit the local county tag office with the car’s title, Form MVE-1, and proof of insurance. 

Car Title with a Lien 

In addition to the basic requirements, if the car title has a lien, firstly, fax the copy of the title to the county treasurer—secondly, a completed TR-212a, which is the Title and Registration manual application. 

Out-of-state Residents 

It is not necessary to register a vehicle in person for Kansas residents who buy one while staying temporarily out of the state. The owner should designate someone as their Power of Attorney to do this. Consequently, they can carry out the registration process with the person they have authorized the car with, in the state.  

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Temporary Car Registration in Kansas 

Residents of Kansas may request a 60-day permit from their county treasurer to drive their car before applying for permanent license plates. For this, you will require, 

  • Proof of insurance 
  • Car title 
  • Bill of sale 
  • $13 fee payment 

Meanwhile, you cannot extend the 60-day temporary permit in Kansas.


Car Registration Cost in Kansas 

The car registration fees in Kansas are determined according to weight and the type of vehicle. For example, it costs $42.50 to register passenger vehicles that are 4,500 lbs. or less. In the same vein, those more than 4500 lbs cost $52.25.  

How to renew car registration in Kansas 

Kansas car registration certificate is valid for one year. However, for new vehicles, the registrations are valid from the date of purchase until the date of renewal. In Kansas, you can renew your car registration online, in person, or by mail. IKan, the official app of the state, can be used to renew car registrations.  

However, you do not require the renewal notice if you renew in person. You must carry the license plate number and proof of insurance to the county treasurer’s motor vehicle office.  

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How to obtain duplicate vehicle registration in Kansas? 

Since the car registration must be carried at all times, Residents of Kansas who lose their vehicle registration certificate must replace it as soon as possible. Therefore, you must pay $1, along with a completed TR-212a form, to obtain a duplicate car registration in Kansas.  

Kansas Car Registration

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