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Get Cheap Kansas City Chiefs Parking near Arrowhead Stadium

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Kansas City Chiefs are among one of the most consistent teams in the NFL. They have appeared in playoffs continuously since 2015. So far, the Kansas City Chiefs nabbed two wins in the first three games. 

The Chiefs usually show their best form to their thrilled fans. Every season they have massive attendances at the home stadium, especially for the big games. With the September fixtures completed, the Kansas City Chiefs will meet Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the next game.  

Kansas City Chiefs parking

If you are planning to visit the Kansas City Chiefs stadium for the next game, this blog will help you. You can read more about the Kansas City Chiefs players, schedule, tickets, and parking information. 

Who is the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs? 


Andrew Walter Reid or Andy Reid is the current head coach of the Chiefs. He has worked with the Philadelphia Eagles in the past for more than a decade as head coach and even general manager. Between 1992 and 1998, he was with Green Bay Packers as tight ends coach and assistant head coach. In addition, he has 2 Super Bowl wins, one as head coach and the other as an assistant coach. 

What are the upcoming games for the Chiefs? 


After the next game against the Buccaneers, the Chiefs will take on Las Vegas Raiders, Buffalo Bills, and the San Francisco 49ers in October. From Week 9 to Week 14, the opposition includes the Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Chargers, Los Angeles Rams, Cincinnati Bengals, and Denver Broncos. 

                                          Kansas City Chiefs news | Kansas City Chiefs score 

You can get the complete Kansas City Chiefs schedule for the 2022-23 season from the official website. 

What is the current Kansas City Chiefs roster? 

You can find some members of the active squad below.  

  • Nick Allegretti¬†
  • Nick Bolton¬†
  • Dicaprio Bootle
  • Orlando Brown¬†
  • Shane Buechele¬†
  • Michael Burton¬†
  • Deon Bush¬†
  • Harrison Butker¬†
  • Leo Chenal¬†
  • Geron Christian¬†
  • Frank Clark¬†

You can visit the official team website for the complete depth chart, injury report, and Kansas City Chiefs roster. 

How much are the Kansas City Chiefs tickets? 

Ticket charges are subject to change depending on your chosen level and seats. The best seats in the house can cost you more than $1000 per person. Single game tickets for upcoming home games are now on sale at the official Chiefs website.


Season tickets are always in high demand. You will have access to different areas of the game day experience by getting one season pass. Some special privileges include discounts on merchandise, ticket priority for special events, training camp visits, on-field experiences, and other perks. 

Which is the home stadium of the Chiefs? 

Kansas City Chiefs play their home games at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. They moved here from Municipal Stadium in 1972 and have played all season since then. More than 76,400 seats are available at the stadium, and it also has a Bermuda Grass playing surface. 

The stadium made its way to the Guinness World Records twice. First, it is named the loudest stadium in the world, with a 142.2 dB measurement. 

Where is the Kansas City Chiefs home stadium located? 

You can find the Arrowhead Stadium at 1 Arrowhead Drive, Kansas City, Missouri. In addition, the Kauffman Stadium, which is an active MLB stadium, can also be found very close to the home ground of the Kansas City Chiefs.  

How to get to Arrowhead Stadium 

You can get here via multiple routes from downtown Kansas City if you plan to drive. The first is via the I-70 East, which is an 8.6-mile drive that may take around 13 minutes to complete. 

Additionally, you can drive along I-670 East and I-70 East to reach the stadium. You will cover 9.1 miles by taking this route, which may take close to 13 minutes. All the traveling times mentioned above will vary depending on the traffic conditions. 

Metro Area Express bus services operated by the KCATA have routes that can get you to the Arrowhead stadium. Take the Route 47 bus to get to the stadium on game days. 

Is there on-site parking at Arrowhead Stadium? 

Ye. There are different types of parking spaces located around the stadium. These include Red Parking, Gold Parking, Platinum Parking, ADA Parking, and Bus Parking lots. 

You can find Lots A, B, C, and D near Gates 1 and 2. All these lots have both Red and Gold parking spaces. Similarly, Lots O and N are exclusively Red Parking lots that are near Gate 6. Along with these, you can also find parking at Lots F, G, H, and J, of which H is an exclusive Gold Parking space. In addition, Lot L (Red) is located near Gate 3. 

How much is parking at Arrowhead Stadium for the Chiefs games? 

You can pre-purchase parking passes for the on-site lots at Arrowhead Stadium. However, for the upcoming games, you might have to pay more than $47 per parking space at Red parking lots. On the contrary, bus parking passes for a single game can cost around $120 per space.  

You can purchase parking passes from the Ticketmaster website. Depending on who Kansas City Chiefs are playing on a gameday, you can expect the charges to vary. 


Similarly, there are different varieties of parking passes like Valet parking passes, Oversized parking, and Bus/RV parking passes. Each of these passes comes with a different set of rules and parking charges. 

Arrowhead Stadium Seating Chart 

A virtual seating chart for the Kansas City Chiefs games at Arrowhead Stadium is available on the official website. You can navigate to different seating at multiple levels and near different entrances. 

Arrowhead Stadium seating chart
Image Credits: kcchiefs.io-media.com

Can you tailgate at Arrowhead Stadium? 

Yes. Tailgating is allowed at official parking spaces at Arrowhead Stadium. It is one of the highlights of the Kansas City Chiefs fan experience.  

  • But there are some regulations if you are tailgating at Arrowhead Stadium lots. ¬†
  • Tailgating will not be permitted when the game is in progress.¬†
  • Tailgating equipment must not impede other parking lots, roadways, or walkways.¬†
  • All fires and coal must be properly disposed of after use.¬†

You can also have a great time with other fans at the Ford Tailgate District, which will open four hours before the game kicks off. If you want to take it up a notch, private tailgating suites are available with premium features, including a buffet. 

What are the cheap options for parking near Arrowhead Stadium? 

For some of you, on-site parking charges can be quite high. Besides, you have to arrive at the Chiefs stadium hours before the game starts. If not, you will be stuck in a long line of cars waiting to park at these lots.  


Similarly, streets near the stadium can also be used to park your car while watching the game. In addition, there are private parking lots and garages near Arrowhead Stadium that offer cheap parking.  

Is there street parking near Kansas City Chiefs home stadium? 

Finding street parking spaces can be a challenging process. The Arrowhead Stadium is located in a busy neighborhood and is closer to Kauffman Stadium, where MLB’s Kansas City Royals play. ¬†

During a Kansas City Chiefs game day, all nearby streets will be packed with fans and vehicles of all kinds. As a result, all street parking spaces will be occupied hours before the game begins or even before the on-site parking sites open their gates.  

The vacant spots will be miles away from the stadium. Besides, parking violations in street parking spots can be costly. You can get heavy fines and other harsh penalties depending on the severity of the violation. 

Why use off-site parking garages for Kansas City Chiefs games? 

Unlike official parking lots and street parking, off-site parking is more affordable. You can save more on parking charges by choosing a parking garage near the stadium. Also, the safety of your car will be ensured in these private parking spaces. Most of these parking garages near Arrowhead Stadium have camera surveillance, lot attendants, and 24-hour security personnel for added safety. 


At off-site garages near Kansas City Chiefs stadium, you can get premium features for cheap rates. These features include valet parking, contactless parking, ADA/Aisle access, covered parking, paved parking spaces, and more. You can also get assistance from staff members during working hours. 

In addition, the parking process is simple, and you do not have to go through heavy traffic before and after the game. 

How to find cheap parking garages near Arrowhead Stadium 

It is easy to find and book parking at off-site parking garages near Arrowhead Stadium. All you need is an online parking service like Way.com. Using the Way.com website or the Way app, you will be able to locate all nearby garages along with their features and charges. 

Once you choose a garage for your needs, input the entry and exit times. Once you pay the corresponding parking charges, you will have a guaranteed parking space for the Kansas City Chiefs games. Besides, by using Way, you can get special deals and additional discounts on parking charges at these off-site lots and garages. 

Kansas City Chiefs Arrowhead Stadium parking

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