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All you need to know about Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Airport parking

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Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the primary international airport that services the Dallas/Fort Worth area in the state of Texas. It is also one of the busiest airports in the world.  Alternatives are limited for DFW parking, but there are still enough for a traveler to evaluate the best option for them personally. DFW airport parking comprises four on-airport parking situations and a few off-site garages and parking lots near the airport. Based on their unique requirements, travelers can use this guide to evaluate the options and can even save a bit of money in the process.

Where do I park at DFW Airport?

Prepaid DFW Parking

The various DFW airport parking options are long-term parking and short-term parking. Short-term parking tends to have higher rates than long-term parking, so make sure to choose wisely. DFW prepaid parking is also available if you want to book your parking spot online.

Long-term DFW parking

– Long-term DFW parking refers to parking for a period of 1 day or more. There are five options for long-term DFW parking – Express Parking, Remote Parking, Terminal Parking, valet options, and off-site parking options.

 Express parking is situated on the north and south ends of the DFW airport and offers both covered and uncovered parking spaces. Remote parking is also situated on the north and south ends, but is a little further away from the DFW airport than express parking spaces. Terminal parking spaces are located close to each terminal. Valet options will ensure someone comes to pick up your car from the airport and has it curb-side when you touch down.

Parking optionRate
Off-Site Parking (with shuttle bus service)
 1 day$5
Express Parking
1 day – uncovered$10
1 day – covered$15
Remote Parking
 1 day$10
Terminal Parking (A,B,C,D, E)
1 day$27
Valet Parking
 1 day$40

Short-term DFW Parking

Prepaid DFW Parking

– Short-term DFW parking is for those drivers who need a parking space for less than a day. The options for short-term DFW parking are parking at terminal garages, express parking, and remote parking. If you need to pick up and drop someone off, parking at the terminal garage may be the best option for you. However, if you require overnight parking, opt for express parking or remote parking options.

Parking optionRate
Terminal Garages (A, B, C, D, E)
8 minutes to 30 minutes$2
30 minutes – 2 hours$3
2-4 hours$9
4-6 hours$10
6-24 hours$27
Express Parking
Up to 2 hours$2
2-4 hours$3
4-6 hours$4
6-24 hours $18 for covered
Remote Parking
Up to 2 hours$1
2-4 hours$2
4-6 hours$3
6-24 hours$12

How do I book DFW prepaid parking?

There are two options to book DFW prepaid parking –

  • For onsite DFW prepaid parking, you can book on the official DFW Airport website
  • For offsite DFW prepaid parking, try websites like Way.com or their app.

Where can I find DFW parking coupons and discounts?

Travelers can get familiar with various resources for great discounts, packages, and schemes for airport parking. Here are some examples:

Official DFW Airport website

– Visit the parking section of the official DFW airport website to reserve DFW prepaid parking. Entry and exit into DFW are based on whether you have a TollTag on your vehicle. All you have to do is sign up for the TollTag, and the payment is made through your credit card which is on file. If you have a TollTag on your vehicle, you can be assured faster entry and exit to DFW.

Official DFW Airport app

– DFW Airport also has its own mobile application making tracking of all flight-related data, including parking, a breeze.

DFW Valet app

– The concept of valet parking is simple- a valet will pick up your car from the terminal to transport to the parking space and have it back for you when you return, ready to drive home. DFW airport has created a DFW valet app that allows you to make valet arrangements on the go. The app is available on iOS and Android platforms.


– Way.com is a company that ties up with parking operators near the airport to aggregate parking spaces. These parking spaces are often for sale at a discounted rate. Way.com can be accessed through their website or their mobile application, available on iOS and Android platforms. Using Way.com, you can compare rates of vendors to ensure you are getting the best deal.


– You can have your own personal concierge for all things flight-related with FlySmart. FlySmart can also supply real-time information on parking space availability.

Parking garages near DFW airport


– FreedomPark is a company that eliminates the hassle of shuttle bus transport by providing drivers with valets to pick up their car before departure and bring it back when they return. Their valets wear bright red shirts with the FreedomPark logo printed on them, so they are easy to spot. FreedomPark also offers additional car care services like a car wash and fuel top-up, for an extra price.

DFW On-Demand Valet

– DFW can provide a valet on-demand. Drive to the airport, stop at your terminal and a valet will meet you to take your car and park it in one of DFW’s on-site lots.

The Parking Spot

– The Parking Spot is a company that believes airport parking should be easy. With this philosophy in mind, they are committed to a seamless experience with the highest hospitality. They deliver amenities such as complimentary water, fully fenced parking lots, luggage assistance, continuous airport shuttle bus service, and car care services like oil changes and car washes. The Parking Spot website is the place to make bookings

Park ‘N’ Fly

– Park ‘N’ Fly provides the rates to beat and provides facilities with covered parking and car charging stations.

DFW Airport hotel parking

DFW Airport Parking

Many hotels offer Park, Stay, and Fly packages for guests who are taking flights. Under these packages, a guest can park at the hotel, stay the night, and are taken to the airport the next day to catch their flight via the hotel shuttle bus service. The following hotels offer Park Stay and Fly schemes that you can take advantage of. Consider the location and the rate offered before making a decision:

  • Motel 6 Uncovered Self Parking (7800 Heathrow Dr)
    Rate: $7.00/day
  • Embassy Suites Outdoor World Hotel (2401 Bass Pro Drive)
    Grapevine, TX 76051
    Phone: 972-724-2600
    Rate: $7.00/day
  • The Westin DFW (4545 West John Carpenter Freeway)
    Irving, TX 75063
    Phone: 972-929-4500
    Rate: $8.00/day
  • Motel 6 Uncovered Self-Parking (7800 Heathrow Drive)
    Irving, TX 75062
    Phone: 972-915-3993
    Rate: $4.99/day
  • Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Irving Convention Center (333 West John Carpenter Freeway)
    Irving, TX 75039
    Phone: 972-910-0302
    Rate: $5.75/day
  • Four Points By Sheraton (1580 Point West Blvd)
    Irving, TX 75062
    Phone: 469-702-6311
    Rate: $8/day

Tips for DFW airport parking

DFW digital parking guidance system

Electronic parking guidance systems have been installed to help drivers find out whether there are open parking spaces or not. Ultrasonic sensors are installed over each parking space which feeds information to the display at the front of the parking space: red lights for an occupied slot and green lights for an available slot.

Electric vehicle charging

DFW airport has charging stations for electric vehicles at Terminal E. For the time being, this facility has not reached the other terminals yet. There are eight charging stations, and they are located in the garage’s 1-hour parking slots. Four are located near Gate E16 and four located near Gate E33.

Hidden costs

Many parking companies charge rates that are inclusive of hidden costs. Although many companies will sell a complimentary shuttle bus service, it is very likely that it is embedded in the cost. Make sure to check all aspects of the costs and know what you are being charged for.

Choose the right option

If you are new to the airport parking system, you may not realize that short-term parking rates are more expensive than long-term parking rates. Therefore, keep in mind the length of time you need to park your car and choose the right option. This will guarantee the safety of your car and that you are not spending more than you need to. In this way, you can stay worry-free on your trip.

To recap, this guide has covered the various options for DFW airport parking, the rate structure and the various alternative ways that travelers can park their cars before they take their flight. Travelers should try to get a decent rate, but it is also important to ensure that the parking space provider would keep the vehicle safe.

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