All You Have to Know Regarding Parking in Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Know all about LAX Airport Parking

Located southwest of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) serves the whole of southern California cities. Serving a population in excess of 10 million people has allowed the airport to become the sixth busiest in the world. With so many arrivals, departures, and connections, using LAX is a must for many travelers. One of the biggest challenges travelers have is parking at LAX. Parking at this airport can be painful, and if you are not careful, you can be one of the many who misses a flight because of it.

You need to make a prior plan of where you are going to park your vehicle before the flight. This will help you avoid the last-minute rush that might leave you driving around the airport in search of a parking space.

Tip: Book your parking space days before your flight to avoid any last-minute complications.

On average, stopping will cost you $3 for moments parking and $12 a day for LAX long term parking. The charges will likely change, especially during the busy travel periods where the LAX airport parking rates might rise. The information that follows is meant to give you all the available possibilities for parking at LAX. Everything we could find is included from using the airport parking spaces to using the parking spaces of buildings close nearby.

If you are planning to soon go on a vacation, a business meeting, or just a short visit, this information is meant to answer the question, how much is parking at LAX?  It should help you find an affordable parking space at LAX.

Resources for Finding Your Preferred Parking Spaces.

Going into the airport blindly without having secured yourself a parking space will only serve to make your day more complicated, and you will likely spend more money. With the price differing from one facility to another, you need to have a reference point where you can Inquire before making your final decision. The following are sites you can use to find yourself the most favorable rates, commissions, and tokens to make parking at LAX more affordable.

First, visit the official page of the Los Angeles International Airport. There you will find accurate data that you can use when making a decision. They provide information regarding flights and passengers. The LAX parking rates you see here are subject to change, so keep this mind and ensure you check the website before your trip- do not rely on memory.

Second, you can utilize The Way App. For a price ranging from $7 to $12, you can book your parking at the LAX. You can either book online by visiting Way or use the Way app, which is compatible with iPhone and Android- you are likely to receive a discount when you reserve your parking online.

Third, utilize the LAX Airport Status; this application gives you all the information you require about the airport. From an LAX parking map to guide around the airport to the news on all parking areas, the LAX Airport Status is an app you need to have in case you fly regularly. The App is accessible for Android gadgets and gives you information regarding LAX parking rates.

And last, you can use FlySmart. With access to real-time flight schedules and parking rates at LAX, the FlySmart application makes you feel like you are part of the airport staff. It also allows you to choose your preferred flight routes. This application is compatible with iPhones, blackberry, and Androids.

Park at the Airport

If you are planning to drive yourself to the airport, then it would be logical to book your parking space within LAX. The Los Angeles International Airport offers both long term and short time parking at the airport grounds. Parking at LAX will make it easier on you if you return with heavy luggage. All you will need to do is to find a way to get your luggage to your vehicle.

Long-Term Parking

There are two options for long term parking at LAX. Namely, Parking Lot E and the Central Terminal Area Parking. You can also use an off-site parking facility that also offers shuttle services.

Located east of the airport, Parking Lot E offers free shuttle rides to and from the terminal gates. It will cost you $12 per day to use this parking space.

Situated at the center of the airport, The Central Terminal Area Parking at LAX is the most expensive of the three with a price of $30 per day. It is probably this expensive, because of its friendly position that is very easy to access.

The Off-site parking facility with shuttle services goes for $9 a day.

Short-Term Parking

For short-term parking services, The Los Angeles International Airport offers both hourly and daily services. For hourly parking, you can use the central terminal parking garages that a located at various airport terminals. They are suitable for picking or dropping off passengers. For daily parking, you will use Parking Lot E at LAX.

Hourly parking at the Central Terminal Parking Garages goes for $3 and an additional $2 for an extra thirty minutes.

Daily parking services go for $4 per hour with a maximum of $12 per day.

Note that the parking prices at LAX above are not definite and are bound to change after some time. They are meant to give you an estimate of the amount of money you are likely to spend.

Parking Facilities Near LAX

It is complicated to Drive through Los Angeles International Airport. The constant delays will mean you will take more time to reach the terminals. Because of this and to ensure you save on time, you can use the off-site parking slots. Each facility offers different rates for overnight parking at LAX and it is best to check which will fit into your budget before making a decision. The following are off-site facilities around the airport that you can use for parking.

1. The Parking Spot.
Los Angeles International parking operators have two parking sites near the airport. Namely, the Parking Spot Sepulveda and The Parking Spot Century. Both these parking sites near LAX offer closed and opened parking options. It also grants covered valet parking. The prices for the three forms of parking are not equal but range from $4 to $31. Along with its reliable shuttle that’s available every 5-7 minutes, they also assistance you with your luggage, free bottled water, a charging station, and a shuttle tracking application.

2. 105 Airport Parking.
Located close to the airport, this facility offers over 1000 parking slots. From a shuttle that goes to the airport every 25 to 30 minutes to the availability of both covered and uncovered parking near LAX, this facility serves you right.

3. Airport Center Parking.
A well-lit and secure facility located one mile from the airport, the Airport center provides both covered and uncovered parking near LAX at a competitive rate. It also offers shuttle services to the airport every 15-20 minutes. Running for 24 hours a day; 7 days a week; this facility aids you with your luggage to sweeten your parking deal.

4. Joe’s Airport Parking.
Located near the airport, this facility provides you with both self and valet long-term parking. Its parking rates are $15 a day and also gives you shuttle services, car washing, a newspaper, and bottled water.

5. 405 Airport Parking.
Located two miles from the airport, this long-term parking near LAX offers shuttle services to and from the airport every 15 minutes all day long.

6. Sam’s Park LAX.
At a price $10 a day, this is one of the cheapest long-term parking you will find near the airport- combined with its free shuttle services; it is one of the sites you can trust to deliver.

7. Wally Park LAX.
You can book this national airport parking company online to save you some money and time. In addition to its loyalty programs, this long-term parking near LAX also provides corporate rates and a free shuttle service.

8. Airport Spectrum.
A fully operational facility that works nonstop, the airport spectrum provides you with one of the cheapest valet parking at LAX. In addition to the availability of security personal at the site, it also offers free shuttle rides to the airport.

9. Value Park LAX.
Located approximately two miles from the airport, this long-term parking site near LAX operates nonstop. It provides you with services such as aiding you with luggage, free shuttle to the airport, tire inflation in case of a flat and helps you jump start your vehicle. The shuttle goes to and from the airport every 15 minutes.

10. The Part at LAX.
This site offers you overnight parking near LAX with your vehicle parked indoors to ensure its safety. In addition to their experienced valet drivers, it also offers free shuttle services every 15 minutes 24 hours a day. You are also likely to get a discount when you reserve your parking online.

11. Parking Curb Express.
With its 24-hour valet system, this facility provides you with probably the best parking at LAX. Each customer gets his valet driver to drive him to the airport- they also help you with your luggage when you arrive. Your vehicle is also brought to you when you land back from your journey.

12. The CL Parking.
This parking facility near LAX operates nonstop through the week and offers free shuttle services to the airport. It also has a valet driver that will drive you to the terminal for your departure and bring your vehicle to you when you arrive.

Restaurants with Parking Space and Transport to Airport.

The various restaurants around the airport offer parking and transport to the airport. The park, stay, and fly package offered by most of the hotels provide you with all the convenience you need to travel. Drive to the hotel a day before you fly- park your car there, stay the night or day and go to the airport with the shuttle the restaurant provides.
Ensure to call ahead of time to book your parking and confirm the rates, before going to the hotel. Some restaurants that offer such a service include.

• Four Points by Sheraton Los Angeles Airport, at this restaurant you will be charged $17.95 if you use a valet and $18.95 for self-parking.
• Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles hotel, it will cost you a flat rate of $25 daily for parking at this hotel.
• The Westin Los Angeles Airport, it will cost you about $17.99 on a daily basis.
• Courtyard by Marriott LAX, it will cost you a flat rate of $12.75 daily for parking at this restaurant.
• AC Hotel by Marriott South Bay, it will cost you $11 daily to park at this hotel.
• Renaissance Los Angeles Airport, it will cost you $13 if you use a valet and $11 for self-parking.
• Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Airport, it will cost you $17 daily to park at this hotel.
• Embassy Suites South LAX, it will cost you $20 daily to park at this restaurant.

Parking Tips You Can Use.
With the high price of parking, it is only best to consider parking tips that can help you save money. The following are tips that can help you save money when parking at LAX.

·To begin with, if you can avoid driving to the airport, then do it. You can use the buses that pick people from various locations in LA to the airport. This way, you will not have to worry about parking space and fees.

· If you own an electric vehicle, choose a LAX parking terminal with an electric vehicle charging system. At the airport, you can find one at the Terminal Parking Garages and the parking lot E. There you will be able to charge your vehicle with no additional charges incurred.

· If you are an owner of a motorcycle, then you are in luck. The parking at the Central Terminal Parking at LAX Garages provides free LAX parking for all bikes.

· From the lists above, there are off-site parking that offers express valet parking. When picking your parking space, consider this. It will give you the convenience of having a driver at the airport. The valet driver will drive you from the site to the terminal, and after your departure, he or she will return your vehicle to the parking space.


There are very many parking spots you can choose when using the Los Angeles International Airport. With the prices and services ranging from one facility to another, it is only best to choose a site that is affordable but still very reliable. The above information should educate you and help you find the cheapest parking at LAX.

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